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Consciously Corporate

  • Featured on The Ladders

    Featured on The Ladders

    Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to have several pieces featured over on The Ladders, a site that offers advice (and job postings) to help you move forward in your career. The current pieces cover languages of appreciation, skills to accelerate your ca…
    - 60 days ago, 18 Jan 19, 4:39pm -
  • Speaking at Drift UNCONFERENCE

    Speaking at Drift UNCONFERENCE

    I snuck in one last speaking gig before the end of the year… and guess what? It’s FREE. Head over to UNCONFERENCE, hosted by Drift, to check out my session on adding live streaming to the marketing mix. Proud to be included in such a stellar line…
    - 96 days ago, 13 Dec 18, 4:29pm -
  • Speaking at Hubspot Inbound

    Speaking at Hubspot Inbound

    I’m heading to Hubspot Inbound next week to present a session on live video! If you’re coming to the conference, I’d love to see you at my session, check out the details. I’m also attending the other amazing sessions, so if you aren’t headi…
    - 28 Aug 18, 2:36pm -
  • Speaking at B2B Forum

    Speaking at B2B Forum

    I’m honored to present at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in San Francisco in November! If you’re attending the conference, I’d love to see you at my session. I’ll be presenting on live stream video, complete with case studies, filming tips, and…
    - 30 May 18, 4:40pm -
  • Speaking at Women Who Kick Ass

    Speaking at Women Who Kick Ass

      Thrilled to be sharing at a different type of event next week! If you’re local in the Bay Area, I’d love to see you there. I don’t have a silver bullet for getting a ton of interviews, securing multiple offers, or generally being awesome at…
    - 28 May 18, 4:45pm -
  • Published on MarketingProfs

    Published on MarketingProfs

    I’m honored to have another article published on MarketingProfs! I was a slideshare skeptic for a long time, but once I finally changed up my mindset about using it, I had great success. See tips on strategy, execution, and real-world examples in m…
    - 22 Jan 18, 12:49pm -
  • Join Me on MarketingProfs

    Join Me on MarketingProfs

    I’ll be presenting a MarketingProfs Teach Me How Seminar on adding livestream video the to the marketing mix! Check it out live at 9am PST / 12pm EST on Thursday, 10/19, or watch the on-demand recording.
    - 19 Oct 17, 12:22am -
  • Join Me at Seattle Interactive

    Join Me at Seattle Interactive

    I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Seattle Interactive Conference, October 18-19. If you’re planning to attend, I’d love to see you at my session, “How to Add Live-Streaming to Your Marketing Mix.”
    - 24 Sep 16, 10:27pm -
  • Featured on MarketingProfs

    Featured on MarketingProfs

    I’m excited to get back into writing after a rather long absence (building a career is hard work!), and I’m so excited that my first article of the year is on MarketingProfs. I love Ann Handley and the MarketingProfs team, and after a lively disc…
    - 4 May 16, 11:09am -
  • Featured on TIME

    Featured on TIME

    I’m excited to have an article on the TIME website today! My Daily Muse article, “3 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Do” is on TIME today, under the “Business” section.
    - 16 Oct 14, 12:31pm -

Fortune: Ask Annie

    Glassdoor Blog

    New York Times: Jobs

      San Francisco Chronicle: Get to Work

      • Add some luck to your job search

        Add some luck to your job search

        Luck is often described as being in the right place at the right time, with much of what happens outside of your control.  Being lucky in landing the perfect job can feel like it was destined to happen without much effort on your part.  Job candida…
        - 5 days ago, 14 Mar 19, 5:28pm -
      • Choose the direction you want to go in your career, manage it

        Choose the direction you want to go in your career, manage it

        Lewis Carroll sent a great message in a passage he wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there” and it couldn’t be a more accurate description for those who are keeping their career on auto-pilot. Overseeing yo…
        - 12 days ago, 8 Mar 19, 10:22am -
      • Break free from career procrastination myths
        Dreaming of a fresh start can bring life to a stale routine, but making a new start often comes with doing things that are uncomfortable, such as conducting a job search, when you can find a ton of excuses to postpone moving forward. Even if you are…
        - 26 days ago, 21 Feb 19, 4:38pm -
      • Finding a job you love

        Finding a job you love

        - 32 days ago, 15 Feb 19, 5:05pm -
      • Resumes built around core principles generate attention

        Resumes built around core principles generate attention

        Resumes are not dead even though job candidates often wish they could skip the process of writing one. Yet, out of all the job search tools, your resume is still an important step in helping move your career forward. While resumes continue to evolve,…
        - 47 days ago, 1 Feb 19, 11:06am -
      • Overcoming layoffs during a job search

        Overcoming layoffs during a job search

        A job candidate recently expressed concerns about the way his employment history looked to employers. After 15 years of experience with five different employers — two of them being in the last three years — he wondered if his past was a stumbli…
        - 54 days ago, 25 Jan 19, 12:20pm -
      • Soft-skills are indispensable on the job market
        Some of the latest hiring trends support the need for soft-skills giving an indication that employers are willing to wait on finding the right person who can demonstrate and discuss both their technical and people (soft) skills. In the past, soft-ski…
        - 61 days ago, 18 Jan 19, 12:16pm -
      • Learn the quick ways to renew your job search

        Learn the quick ways to renew your job search

        One of the best things about January is that it brings you a fresh perspective toward renewing your career goals. You aren’t alone if you desire to find something new while, at the same time, are challenged by moving forward without a plan in mind.…
        - 68 days ago, 11 Jan 19, 10:19am -
      • Why do you need the perfect elevator pitch for 2019?

        Why do you need the perfect elevator pitch for 2019?

        Making a strong impression begins with a good elevator pitch, relating to the length of time you have to influence a decision maker. The idea of an elevator speech supposedly started in Hollywood where screenwriters only had a short window of time, 2…
        - 72 days ago, 7 Jan 19, 2:56pm -
      • Exchange old resume beliefs with a new twist

        Exchange old resume beliefs with a new twist

        Starting a successful job search next year comes with some new twists to a traditional way of using your resume to reach employers. The days are gone where you could fill in the blanks using an objective statement template while listing all your empl…
        - 77 days ago, 2 Jan 19, 12:23pm -

      SUCCESS: Life Balance

        Recipe Test Nest
        Recipe Test Nest
        Recipe Test Nest
        Recipe Test Nest

        The Guardian: Work & Careers

        • newPilot, lawyer, medic: meet the people who turned video game careers into real ones
          Games can offer a window on to other jobs as well as other worlds. Three players explain how their favourite games guided working life choicesBack in 2016, the current Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed that his interest in the mana…
          - 59 mins ago, 20 Mar 19, 4:00am -
        • Police begin criminal inquiry into failed training firm 3aaa
          Specialist fraud unit to investigate allegations made by Department for EducationPolice have launched a criminal investigation into allegations of fraud at the UK’s largest government-funded apprenticeship provider.Derbyshire constabulary said its…
          - 2 days ago, 18 Mar 19, 1:11pm -
        • ‘It’s like a family’: the restaurant staff who stay in the same job for decades
          As a photographic project highlights long service in London’s restaurant trade, six stalwarts tell us why they’ve stayed put for all these years“Very seldom are we who work in the catering industry appreciated for what we do,” says Gino Narde…
          - 3 days ago, 17 Mar 19, 8:00am -
        • Bankers should pay their fair share of tax for society’s sake | Letters
          Thoughts on the pay and tax of the rich from Bernie Evans, Chris Hughes and Martin LuntThe fact that more than 3,500 UK-based bankers earn over €1m, at a time when callous austerity policies are still causing hardship and the numbers of homeless an…
          - 5 days ago, 15 Mar 19, 12:11pm -
        • If we want NHS staff to care for us, we need to care for them | Mark Britnell
          Healthcare staff worldwide are quitting due to stress and burnout. But small changes can make a big differenceHealthcare staff in the NHS – and globally – are feeling undervalued, overworked and demoralised. In a survey of 17,000 American doctors…
          - 5 days ago, 15 Mar 19, 4:49am -
        • Junior doctor suicide makes me worry about how I'll cope in the job
          As a medical student, I can get support when I need it. That isn’t the case for junior doctors struggling with mental healthI was four months into my clinical training as a medical student when I first encountered a suicide.It wasn’t a patient. R…
          - 6 days ago, 14 Mar 19, 8:37am -
        • Is this the age of the four-day week? | Robert Booth
          Dozens of firms are trying out shorter working hours – and finding it’s good for workers, customers and the bottom lineIf you try to contact Indy Cube, a provider of workspaces in Wales, after 5pm you receive an automatic message that would make…
          - 7 days ago, 13 Mar 19, 5:30am -
        • String of British firms switch over to four-day working week
          Exclusive: small companies tell the Guardian of the impact of ending ‘Friday fatigue’A string of small British firms have switched their workers over to a four-day week, the Guardian can reveal, amid mounting political interest in the idea that w…
          - 8 days ago, 12 Mar 19, 11:00am -
        • 'My patient was trafficked from Eritrea and raped. She cries, so do I'
          Life as a specialist homeless GP in London involves a lot more than just practising medicine• Guardian Jobs: see the latest vacancies in healthcare There’s nothing more invigorating than being surrounded by inspiring people. I’m at a conference…
          - 9 days ago, 11 Mar 19, 4:00am -
        • 'I feel so much shame': inquiry reveals huge extent of workplace harassment
          To mark International Women’s Day, Australian rights commission details hundreds of submissions detailing everyday nature of behaviour ranging from sexual assault to casual sexism In an office party at an unnamed Australian workplace, a male manage…
          - 13 days ago, 7 Mar 19, 12:00pm -

        U.S. News: On Careers

        WSJ: Careers

        • The Trick to Resisting Temptation
          Dan Ariely answers readers’ questions on personal policies, distracted driving and office overconfidence.
          - 15 Aug 18, 3:00pm -
        • New Uber CEO's First Job: Manage the Board
          Dara Khosrowshahi, the longtime head of Expedia who has been tapped to take over at Uber, would have to work with a board riven by animosity and legal disputes that is still looking for a new chairman.
          - 15 Aug 18, 2:47pm -
        • Working From Home? The Boss Wants You Back in the Office
          Employers are ending or reducing remote-work arrangements as managers demand more collaboration, closer contact with customers—and more control over the workday. But bringing workers back to the office isn’t easy.
          - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
        • Worried Sick About Losing a Job
          Fear of getting laid off or fired naturally makes workers worry about their finances. A lack of job security may put people at risk for numerous health problems, too, according to a new study.
          - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
        • Companies Go Public, and the Board Is a Boys' Club
          Nearly half of the 75 biggest initial public offerings of the last three years involved companies that lacked female directors when they went public, a new analysis found.
          - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
        • Pay Snub? Interns Aren't Making As Much As You Think
          More internships are paid these days, and pay is inching up, though it remains below 2010 levels when adjusted for inflation.
          - 15 Aug 18, 12:54pm -
        • Is Religion at Work Still Taboo? Not Everywhere
          Faith is coming up more often at work, forcing managers and employees to grapple with religious expression in the office. One firm’s solution: a 92-page guide.
          - 15 Aug 18, 12:54pm -
        • Where to Find a $35,000 Job---Without a Degree
          At a time when politicians and pundits decry the end of middle-class jobs, it may come as a surprise that there are 30 million jobs paying more than $35,000 a year for U.S. workers without four-year college degrees.
          - 15 Aug 18, 12:20pm -
        • The Management Fix That Made Firefox Faster
          Mozilla, the company that makes the Firefox web browser, used tangible goals and a spirit of competition to inspire workers to focus on critical issues hurting their product’s performance.
          - 15 Aug 18, 12:10pm -
        • The Angst of Endangered CEOs: 'How Much Time Do I Have?'
          An array of challenges—from increasing impatience on Wall Street and in boardrooms to a corporate landscape rapidly transformed by new technologies and rival upstarts—has made the top job tougher and more precarious than just a few years ago, top…
          - 15 Aug 18, 11:19am -
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