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Consciously Corporate

  • Featured on The Ladders

    Featured on The Ladders

    Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to have several pieces featured over on The Ladders, a site that offers advice (and job postings) to help you move forward in your career. The current pieces cover languages of appreciation, skills to accelerate your ca…
    - 18 Jan 19, 4:39pm -
  • Speaking at Drift UNCONFERENCE

    Speaking at Drift UNCONFERENCE

    I snuck in one last speaking gig before the end of the year… and guess what? It’s FREE. Head over to UNCONFERENCE, hosted by Drift, to check out my session on adding live streaming to the marketing mix. Proud to be included in such a stellar line…
    - 13 Dec 18, 4:29pm -
  • Speaking at Hubspot Inbound

    Speaking at Hubspot Inbound

    I’m heading to Hubspot Inbound next week to present a session on live video! If you’re coming to the conference, I’d love to see you at my session, check out the details. I’m also attending the other amazing sessions, so if you aren’t headi…
    - 28 Aug 18, 2:36pm -
  • Speaking at B2B Forum

    Speaking at B2B Forum

    I’m honored to present at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in San Francisco in November! If you’re attending the conference, I’d love to see you at my session. I’ll be presenting on live stream video, complete with case studies, filming tips, and…
    - 30 May 18, 4:40pm -
  • Speaking at Women Who Kick Ass

    Speaking at Women Who Kick Ass

      Thrilled to be sharing at a different type of event next week! If you’re local in the Bay Area, I’d love to see you there. I don’t have a silver bullet for getting a ton of interviews, securing multiple offers, or generally being awesome at…
    - 28 May 18, 4:45pm -
  • Published on MarketingProfs

    Published on MarketingProfs

    I’m honored to have another article published on MarketingProfs! I was a slideshare skeptic for a long time, but once I finally changed up my mindset about using it, I had great success. See tips on strategy, execution, and real-world examples in m…
    - 22 Jan 18, 12:49pm -
  • Join Me on MarketingProfs

    Join Me on MarketingProfs

    I’ll be presenting a MarketingProfs Teach Me How Seminar on adding livestream video the to the marketing mix! Check it out live at 9am PST / 12pm EST on Thursday, 10/19, or watch the on-demand recording.
    - 19 Oct 17, 12:22am -
  • Join Me at Seattle Interactive

    Join Me at Seattle Interactive

    I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Seattle Interactive Conference, October 18-19. If you’re planning to attend, I’d love to see you at my session, “How to Add Live-Streaming to Your Marketing Mix.”
    - 24 Sep 16, 10:27pm -
  • Featured on MarketingProfs

    Featured on MarketingProfs

    I’m excited to get back into writing after a rather long absence (building a career is hard work!), and I’m so excited that my first article of the year is on MarketingProfs. I love Ann Handley and the MarketingProfs team, and after a lively disc…
    - 4 May 16, 11:09am -
  • Featured on TIME

    Featured on TIME

    I’m excited to have an article on the TIME website today! My Daily Muse article, “3 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Do” is on TIME today, under the “Business” section.
    - 16 Oct 14, 12:31pm -

Fortune: Ask Annie

    Glassdoor Blog

    New York Times: Jobs

    San Francisco Chronicle: Get to Work

    • newWhat employers look for in your LinkedIn profile?

      What employers look for in your LinkedIn profile?

      Most professionals know presenting your online profile plays a significant role in making networking easy while generating attention from employers who frequently search for top talent. LinkedIn reigns as a strong social platform in helping you conne…
      - 17 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 5:27pm -
    • Things you should avoid saying during a job interview

      Things you should avoid saying during a job interview

      Interviews are often described as the “moment of truth” or being on stage when the curtain rises, all with the same message – it’s your time to impress the interviewer. The fact you are invited for an interview says a lot about you, specifica…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 4:37pm -
    • What should you do with multiple job offers?
      In a job market with an abundance of opportunities, there is a lot of comparison going on with job offers. There’s nothing wrong with receiving multiple offers, in fact offers are compliments to your ability to interview well and show your value. A…
      - 11 days ago, 8 Jul 19, 12:18pm -
    • Follow tips to attract people and start an engaging conversation

      Follow tips to attract people and start an engaging conversation

      Have you ever watched a person who is totally comfortable striking up a conversation with just about everyone they meet?  They seem to have a sense of what to say, timing on how to say it, and keep people interested in talking with them. Then on the…
      - 22 days ago, 27 Jun 19, 4:55pm -
    • Surprising, right? It’s not too late to reach your career goals

      Surprising, right? It’s not too late to reach your career goals

      This year is going by fast, which means it’s a good time to check your career goals. In January, goal setting is everywhere, and it seems easier because you are looking at 12 months of time just waiting for you to accomplish your goals. Now we are…
      - 29 days ago, 20 Jun 19, 12:03pm -
    • Job duties fail to tell the whole story

      Job duties fail to tell the whole story

      Anytime you start a career move, it’s likely you’ll have questions about your skills sets. What do you say when you meet an employer, what do they care about and how do you talk about yourself without sounding like a braggart? Before you jump to…
      - 36 days ago, 13 Jun 19, 3:40pm -
    • Avoid sending the wrong message during an interview
      One of the most important aspects to your career is linked to your communication skills. Earning a degree and pursing credentials will no doubt help you grow but what you might not realize is just how important communication affects your job opportun…
      - 42 days ago, 7 Jun 19, 1:38pm -
    • Honesty builds a good recruiting relationship

      Honesty builds a good recruiting relationship

      Recruiters are often your first contact when you are looking to move your career forward and building a good relationship with them can be well worth your time. In general, recruiters provide valuable information that can help launch your career goal…
      - 49 days ago, 31 May 19, 11:05am -
    • Get the scoop: The secret to summer job searching

      Get the scoop: The secret to summer job searching

      Job searching during the summer can often resemble the holiday season, hoping that employers will be hiring. Even though you might sense that hiring slows down during the summer months, don’t stop your job search and wait until everyone comes back…
      - 57 days ago, 23 May 19, 3:10pm -
    • It’s good to question your beliefs about networking

      It’s good to question your beliefs about networking

      A job candidate brought up a good point about networking that’s worth mentioning because he is not alone when it comes to misunderstanding networking. His challenges with networking happened when he had to change jobs twice in three years. His last…
      - 63 days ago, 17 May 19, 9:48am -

    SUCCESS: Life Balance

      Janine Just, Inc.
      Lux Smiles Dentistry
      Recipe Test Nest

      The Guardian: Work & Careers

      • newMay throws down gauntlet to successor over paternity leave
        PM says she hopes better paternity leave and time off to care for premature infants will be one of her lasting legaciesFor the whole family’s sake, fathers need more paternity leaveTheresa May is throwing down the gauntlet to her successor, pushing…
        - 17 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 5:30pm -
      • newFor the whole family’s sake, fathers need more paternity leave | Theresa May
        A consultation I am launching is the first step towards equalising the roles of men and women at home and in workMay throws down gauntlet to successor over paternity leaveIn the 44 years since statutory maternity leave was introduced to the UK, the e…
        - 17 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 5:30pm -
      • Automatic for the people? Experts predict how AI will transform the workplace
        As artificial intelligence is increasingly introduced into business, an expert panel – hosted by the Guardian – forecast how it will change our working livesWorkplaces should use automation technologies to enhance employees’ jobs rather than to…
        - 1 day ago, 18 Jul 19, 6:01am -
      • How women created some of the world's biggest education tech companies
        The tech industry is dominated by men, but some of the world’s biggest education tech brands have women at the helm. What do these women have in common? They’re all former teachersEverything’s going digital, and that includes education. From ho…
        - 1 day ago, 18 Jul 19, 5:40am -
      • Impostor syndrome is a response to a world that doesn’t believe in women
        New research shows the emotional exhaustion caused by it bleeds into our home life – but women are somehow expected to find a remedy within themselvesImpostor syndrome (originally defined, in 1978, as when “despite outstanding accomplishments, wo…
        - 2 days ago, 17 Jul 19, 12:15pm -
      • UK living standards hit by rising prices and weak wage growth
        Resolution Foundation says households suffering worse than 1990s recessionBritain’s weak wage growth and rising prices have delivered a hit to living standards of a severity normally only seen during a deep recession, a leading thinktank has said.W…
        - 3 days ago, 16 Jul 19, 7:01pm -
      • Why automation is a feminist issue
        Working women are twice as likely as men to lose their jobs to AI, according to a thinktank. Which perhaps isn’t surprising, given that most of that work is menial and badly paidAccording to a new study from the Institute for Public Policy Research…
        - 3 days ago, 16 Jul 19, 12:38pm -
      • UK pay growth strong despite economic slowdown fears
        Unemployment falls by more than 50,000 but jobs growth declinesWorkers’ basic pay is growing at the fastest rate in cash terms for more than a decade as the British labour market continues to defy the slowdown in the economy.Despite some signs of w…
        - 3 days ago, 16 Jul 19, 6:14am -
      • Mid-year burnout: does it exist or are we all just permanently tired?
        Halfway through 2019, Guardian readers report feeling more exhausted than previous summers. What’s behind the malaise?Louise set herself two New Year’s resolutions for 2019: to start yoga, and to keep a journal. She did better than most people, s…
        - 4 days ago, 15 Jul 19, 3:00am -
      • 'I tell a homeless 18-year-old he can't have a council house. I hate this part of the job'
        My job as housing officer for a local authority in London keeps me awake with worry at night. I can see the system isn’t fairI work as a housing officer for a local authority in London. My job is to interview homeless people and try and help them f…
        - 4 days ago, 15 Jul 19, 2:30am -

      U.S. News: On Careers

      WSJ: Careers

      • The Trick to Resisting Temptation
        Dan Ariely answers readers’ questions on personal policies, distracted driving and office overconfidence.
        - 15 Aug 18, 3:00pm -
      • New Uber CEO's First Job: Manage the Board
        Dara Khosrowshahi, the longtime head of Expedia who has been tapped to take over at Uber, would have to work with a board riven by animosity and legal disputes that is still looking for a new chairman.
        - 15 Aug 18, 2:47pm -
      • Working From Home? The Boss Wants You Back in the Office
        Employers are ending or reducing remote-work arrangements as managers demand more collaboration, closer contact with customers—and more control over the workday. But bringing workers back to the office isn’t easy.
        - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
      • Worried Sick About Losing a Job
        Fear of getting laid off or fired naturally makes workers worry about their finances. A lack of job security may put people at risk for numerous health problems, too, according to a new study.
        - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
      • Companies Go Public, and the Board Is a Boys' Club
        Nearly half of the 75 biggest initial public offerings of the last three years involved companies that lacked female directors when they went public, a new analysis found.
        - 15 Aug 18, 1:32pm -
      • Pay Snub? Interns Aren't Making As Much As You Think
        More internships are paid these days, and pay is inching up, though it remains below 2010 levels when adjusted for inflation.
        - 15 Aug 18, 12:54pm -
      • Is Religion at Work Still Taboo? Not Everywhere
        Faith is coming up more often at work, forcing managers and employees to grapple with religious expression in the office. One firm’s solution: a 92-page guide.
        - 15 Aug 18, 12:54pm -
      • Where to Find a $35,000 Job---Without a Degree
        At a time when politicians and pundits decry the end of middle-class jobs, it may come as a surprise that there are 30 million jobs paying more than $35,000 a year for U.S. workers without four-year college degrees.
        - 15 Aug 18, 12:20pm -
      • The Management Fix That Made Firefox Faster
        Mozilla, the company that makes the Firefox web browser, used tangible goals and a spirit of competition to inspire workers to focus on critical issues hurting their product’s performance.
        - 15 Aug 18, 12:10pm -
      • The Angst of Endangered CEOs: 'How Much Time Do I Have?'
        An array of challenges—from increasing impatience on Wall Street and in boardrooms to a corporate landscape rapidly transformed by new technologies and rival upstarts—has made the top job tougher and more precarious than just a few years ago, top…
        - 15 Aug 18, 11:19am -
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