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      • The Other Regulators

        The Other Regulators

        When it comes to business regulation, we tend to focus on federal agencies, which for the financial sector means the SEC, the CFPB, the Federal Reserve and the like. Yet there is another world of financial regulation at the state level, which at a ti…
        - 3 days ago, 29 Jun 20, 1:28am -
      • Crime Without Real Punishment

        Crime Without Real Punishment

        The absurdity of the corporate system of justice was on full view this week when the chief executive of Pacific Gas & Electric stood in a California courtroom and pled guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter in connection with a 2018 forest fire blamed o…
        - 14 days ago, 18 Jun 20, 6:55pm -
      • The Real Law and Order Problem

        The Real Law and Order Problem

        Donald Trump’s bombastic campaign to restore law and order is focusing on minor crimes like vandalism while allowing much more serious corporate offenses to go unaddressed. Federal agencies such as OSHA are failing to fulfill their regulatory respo…
        - 28 days ago, 4 Jun 20, 10:56pm -
      • The Battle Over Covid Safety on the Job

        The Battle Over Covid Safety on the Job

        As the country reaches the sorrowful milestone of 100,000 dead from covid-19, there is much discussion of the unequal distribution of fatalities around the country. Instead of focusing only on which cities lost the most lives, we should also be analy…
        - 35 days ago, 28 May 20, 8:17pm -
      • Corporate America Wants Its Own Immunity Passport

        Corporate America Wants Its Own Immunity Passport

        It is unclear at the moment whether Mitch McConnell and other Congressional Republicans are backing off their demand that corporations be given protection from covid-19 lawsuits — or if they are maneuvering behind the scenes in favor of the proposa…
        - 42 days ago, 21 May 20, 10:14pm -
      • Rescuing the Cheaters

        Rescuing the Cheaters

        The federal government has been sending tens of billions of dollars in aid to the country’s hospitals under the Provider Relief Fund created by the CARES Act. That’s all well and good. Yet there is an awkward aspect to this: quite a few of the re…
        - 49 days ago, 14 May 20, 4:12pm -
      • Should Taxpayers Aid Corporate Bad Actors?

        Should Taxpayers Aid Corporate Bad Actors?

        The uproar over the participation of larger companies in the Paycheck Protection Program is a sign that the country will increasingly confront a broader issue about the massive Covid-19 relief effort: does every company deserve assistance during a cr…
        - 56 days ago, 7 May 20, 9:40am -
      • Introducing Covid Stimulus Watch

        Introducing Covid Stimulus Watch

        The furor over some of the companies receiving federal financial assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program represents one of the most remarkable outbursts of anti-corporate sentiment seen for quite some time. A corporation such as Shake Shac…
        - 63 days ago, 30 Apr 20, 12:58am -
      • Corporate-Owned Nursing Homes and Covid-19

        Corporate-Owned Nursing Homes and Covid-19

        It was only a few days ago that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that nursing homes will be required to notify residents and their families when coronavirus cases have been discovered in a facility. This comes many weeks after…
        - 70 days ago, 23 Apr 20, 9:15am -
      • Relying on Drug Companies With Flawed Safety Records to Save Us from Covid-19

        Relying on Drug Companies With Flawed Safety Records to Save Us from Covid-19

        Among the many things that have changed drastically in the past few months is the public perception of the pharmaceutical industry. At the beginning of the year, the main news about Big Pharma was the possibility of a multi-billion-dollar opioid sett…
        - 77 days ago, 16 Apr 20, 10:00am -

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