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    Creativity, Community, Corporacy

    • Suit seeks a Supreme Court Order (Mandamus) to review FISA order

      - 27 Jul 13, 8:05pm -
    • Brother, can you spare a dime?
      Corpocracy Watch! Consider these staggering numbers and the power they represent. Similar numbers exist for nations worldwide. John Lanchester · Let’s consider Kate: Can we tame the banks? · LRB 18 July 2013 John Lanchester asks what is to be ……
      - 26 Jul 13, 7:54pm -
    • Dürer’s world and use of talent
      Dürer’s world and use of talent Creativity Watch! The person of talent gives to the world around him when he applies that talent. Car mechanics, carpenters, hair stylists–all who work and apply. Magnificently gifts come from those with great tal…
      - 26 Jul 13, 2:58pm -
    • Leaked Pakistani Report on U.S. Drone War
      From Democracy Now! Leaked Pakistani Report on U.S. Drone War Undermines Claims of Low Civilian Toll | Democracy Now! A leaked Pakistani government report has bolstered claims that civilian casualties from U.S. drone strikes are far higher than the O…
      - 23 Jul 13, 4:42pm -
    • Deepa Kumar–American Liberalism and the national security state
      CW! Extract from an opinion and analysis by Professor Deepa Kumar in Al Jazeera American Liberalism and the national security state Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of Media Studies and Middle East studies at Rutgers University. The Obama admini…
      - 23 Jul 13, 1:39pm -
    • Compassion and civic rationality
      Compassion and civic rationality From 900 to 200 BCE humanity experienced an “axial age ” of promise, advance, and defeat. The advances of that age were knowledge and understanding of humanity and how it works collectively.  The defeats were dis…
      - 19 Jul 13, 10:11pm -
    • Email exchange between Edward Snowden and former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey
      Corpocracy Watch! picked this up from the Guardian …Former two-term GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire emailed Edward Snowden yesterday [emphasis added]: Mr. Snowden, Provided you have not leaked information that would put in harms way an…
      - 18 Jul 13, 5:36pm -
    • Asylum–a humanitarian commitment

      - 16 Jul 13, 8:37pm -
    • The Greeks in the Axial Age
      Culture Watch! The Greeks in the Axial Age The Axial Age. Karen Armstrong introduces us to the powerful concept of an Axial Age extending roughly seven centuries. “From about 900 to 200 BCE, in four distinct regions, the great world … Continue re…
      - 14 Jul 13, 3:20pm -
    • Police state
        Police State    We took a brief vacation to the coast for two days this week. One by-product was looking at two hard copy newspapers each morning over coffee, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. I … Continue reading →
      - 13 Jul 13, 2:46pm -

    Dirt Diggers Digest

    • A Not-So-Fond Farewell to Sears

      A Not-So-Fond Farewell to Sears

      The bankruptcy filing, store closings and general uncertainty surrounding the future of Sears have prompted a spate of nostalgic business-page articles about the history of the once dominant retailer. Whether or not the chain survives, it is importan…
      - 4 days ago, 18 Oct 18, 5:16pm -
    • The Belated Revival of Pension Fund Social Activism

      The Belated Revival of Pension Fund Social Activism

      The rich own a large and growing share of the wealth in the U.S. economy, but more than $20 trillion in assets is held by financial entities that represent a much broader portion of the population: pension funds. According to a recent article in the…
      - 11 days ago, 11 Oct 18, 5:02pm -
    • The Not-So-Mysterious Solution to Wage Stagnation

      The Not-So-Mysterious Solution to Wage Stagnation

      Many steelworkers thought they had hit the jackpot. Back in March, Donald Trump announced steep tariffs on metals imported from most of the world, and three months later he added close allies such as Canada and Mexico to the list. As with many of his…
      - 18 days ago, 4 Oct 18, 6:45pm -
    • Corporate Harassment

      Corporate Harassment

      People who are subjected to sexual harassment on the job are too often left to confront their abusers on their own. Those with means can hire high-powered legal help, as Gretchen Carlson did in her lawsuit against 21st Century Fox that resulted in a…
      - 32 days ago, 20 Sep 18, 6:11pm -
    • The Persistence of Bank Misconduct

      The Persistence of Bank Misconduct

      Ten years ago this month, the financial crisis erupted, and within a matter of weeks the banking landscape was transformed. Merrill Lynch was taken over by Bank of America. Lehman Brothers collapsed. AIG had to be bailed out by the federal government…
      - 39 days ago, 13 Sep 18, 7:37pm -
    • DOJ is also Defying Trump on Foreign Bribery

      DOJ is also Defying Trump on Foreign Bribery

      Millions of words have been published about Donald Trump’s feud with the Justice Department over the Mueller investigation. Little is being written about another way in which DOJ is thwarting the president’s will: the ongoing prosecution of forei…
      - 46 days ago, 6 Sep 18, 5:30pm -
    • Trump’s Law and Order Campaign Skips the Workplace

      Trump’s Law and Order Campaign Skips the Workplace

      The Trump Administration has left little doubt that one of its main missions is to roll back the regulatory initiatives of the Obama years, especially the Clean Power Plan and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Although Trump has been less ove…
      - 60 days ago, 23 Aug 18, 6:51pm -
    • Can Large Corporations Be Made Accountable?

      Can Large Corporations Be Made Accountable?

      Kudos to Sen. Elizabeth Warren for introducing a piece of legislation that filters out all the political noise and goes to the heart of one of the most pressing issues of the day: what can be done to change the behavior of large irresponsible corpora…
      - 67 days ago, 16 Aug 18, 4:47pm -
    • Fake Environmental Regulation?

      Fake Environmental Regulation?

      The Trump Administration likes to play with fire. Now it may be playing with a fire-resistant material that is also a deadly carcinogen. After years of receding as a public health threat, asbestos could make a comeback. When Donald Trump joined his f…
      - 74 days ago, 9 Aug 18, 5:25pm -
    • A Brazen Corporate Miscreant

      A Brazen Corporate Miscreant

      The Justice Department and the federal regulatory agencies have been less than energetic in prosecuting corporate crime and misconduct lately, so it was interesting to see the DOJ announcement that it had gotten Wells Fargo to fork over $2 billion to…
      - 81 days ago, 2 Aug 18, 5:15pm -

    Fortune Magazine


    • Netflix: Self-created growth shows no signs of stopping
      In October 2018 Netflix Inc. announced its 2018 Q3 results, showing a continuation of its subscriber volume growth with 5% growth on the previous quarter and 25% growth year-on-year. The company has performed well historically too, with a 500% increa…
      - 3 days ago, 19 Oct 18, 11:55am -
    • Angling Direct: Attempt to consolidate fishing industry
      Angling Direct is the largest specialist fishing tackle and equipment retailer in the UK. The company had humble beginnings, starting as a single tackle shop in the Norfolk Broads. As of 2018, it sells a comprehensive range of over 21,500 fishing tac…
      - 6 days ago, 17 Oct 18, 8:40am -
    • BP back in Libya: British oil major is taking risks returning to chaotic country
      For BP, a company which has suffered following massive bills incurred from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, entering such a market may not immediately appear to be an example of prudent business decision making. Provided BP can d…
      - 6 days ago, 17 Oct 18, 5:32am -
    • New Zealand: New efforts to curb skyrocketing house prices
      New Zealand has the world’s most frenetic property market, with prices in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, now outstripping London. In 2017, New Zealand house prices were the most unaffordable in the world and prices in Auckland have risen b…
      - 27 days ago, 26 Sep 18, 8:06am -
    • US becomes world’s leading oil producer: Expanded oil production changes global industry dynamic
      For a long time the US has been a leading oil player, but the combined might of OPEC was sufficient to reduce the global influence the country could have. However, thawing relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia reveal a decline in the ability of G…
      - 39 days ago, 14 Sep 18, 4:43am -
    • Tesco & Carrefour – Strategic partnership protecting wafer thin margins
      All the big traditional supermarkets are trying to cut costs and improve profitability, as they adapt to an array of pressures and changes which are reshaping the industry. Grocers in Europe have come under pressure in recent years from the expansion…
      - 69 days ago, 14 Aug 18, 2:21pm -
    • Brandless The Procter & Gamble for millennials
      Brandless, a startup e-commerce consumer packaged goods company, wants to set a landing point for consumers who seek quality and transparency, and want to avoid brand loyalty and choice overload typical for the majority of grocery stores. By selling…
      - 89 days ago, 26 Jul 18, 9:19am -
    • Vegan Pet Food: Movement has the right environmental ideas, but might be bad for animal health
      There are big trends in motion in the global pet food market. Customers looking for foods that are healthier for their pets, less damaging to the environment or more premium have been purchasing increasing amounts of products such as raw and vegan pe…
      - 28 Jun 18, 9:31am -
    • Australia Banking sector under misconduct investigation
      Finance is Australia’s biggest industry, and its banks are some of the most profitable in the world. Australia’s “Big Four” – Commonwealth Bank (CBA), ANZ, National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac – collectively hold about 80% of the cou…
      - 21 Jun 18, 7:21am -
    • Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub: A crucial step for the company’s new strategy
      Microsoft’s interest in the open-source community reveals its importance; given the company’s strategic change is some years now towards the embracing of open-source software development. Accordingly, the acquisition of GitHub does not sound surp…
      - 12 Jun 18, 10:21am -

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