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    • Suit seeks a Supreme Court Order (Mandamus) to review FISA order

      - 27 Jul 13, 8:05pm -
    • Brother, can you spare a dime?
      Corpocracy Watch! Consider these staggering numbers and the power they represent. Similar numbers exist for nations worldwide. John Lanchester · Let’s consider Kate: Can we tame the banks? · LRB 18 July 2013 John Lanchester asks what is to be ……
      - 26 Jul 13, 7:54pm -
    • Dürer’s world and use of talent
      Dürer’s world and use of talent Creativity Watch! The person of talent gives to the world around him when he applies that talent. Car mechanics, carpenters, hair stylists–all who work and apply. Magnificently gifts come from those with great tal…
      - 26 Jul 13, 2:58pm -
    • Leaked Pakistani Report on U.S. Drone War
      From Democracy Now! Leaked Pakistani Report on U.S. Drone War Undermines Claims of Low Civilian Toll | Democracy Now! A leaked Pakistani government report has bolstered claims that civilian casualties from U.S. drone strikes are far higher than the O…
      - 23 Jul 13, 4:42pm -
    • Deepa Kumar–American Liberalism and the national security state
      CW! Extract from an opinion and analysis by Professor Deepa Kumar in Al Jazeera American Liberalism and the national security state Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of Media Studies and Middle East studies at Rutgers University. The Obama admini…
      - 23 Jul 13, 1:39pm -
    • Compassion and civic rationality
      Compassion and civic rationality From 900 to 200 BCE humanity experienced an “axial age ” of promise, advance, and defeat. The advances of that age were knowledge and understanding of humanity and how it works collectively.  The defeats were dis…
      - 19 Jul 13, 10:11pm -
    • Email exchange between Edward Snowden and former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey
      Corpocracy Watch! picked this up from the Guardian …Former two-term GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire emailed Edward Snowden yesterday [emphasis added]: Mr. Snowden, Provided you have not leaked information that would put in harms way an…
      - 18 Jul 13, 5:36pm -
    • Asylum–a humanitarian commitment

      - 16 Jul 13, 8:37pm -
    • The Greeks in the Axial Age
      Culture Watch! The Greeks in the Axial Age The Axial Age. Karen Armstrong introduces us to the powerful concept of an Axial Age extending roughly seven centuries. “From about 900 to 200 BCE, in four distinct regions, the great world … Continue re…
      - 14 Jul 13, 3:20pm -
    • Police state
        Police State    We took a brief vacation to the coast for two days this week. One by-product was looking at two hard copy newspapers each morning over coffee, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. I … Continue reading →
      - 13 Jul 13, 2:46pm -

    Dirt Diggers Digest

    • Shattering Myths About Business and Society

      Shattering Myths About Business and Society

      Those who believe that corporate executives are virtuous, government regulators are overreaching, and that we live in a meritocracy have been cringing every time they listened to a newscast in recent days. That’s because two major stories have been…
      - 6 days ago, 14 Mar 19, 4:02pm -
    • Resisting the Trump Organization Business Model

      Resisting the Trump Organization Business Model

      A recent 60 Minutes episode provided further evidence of how the pharmaceutical industry successfully pressured federal regulators to allow excessive prescribing of powerful opioids, paving the way for the ongoing epidemic of fatal overdoses. In rece…
      - 12 days ago, 7 Mar 19, 4:16pm -
    • A Reputation for Purity is Now in Tatters

      A Reputation for Purity is Now in Tatters

      For the tens of millions of baby boomers in the United States, the first large corporation whose products they encountered was probably Johnson & Johnson. That’s because the vast majority of parents in the postwar period used the company’s baby s…
      - 26 days ago, 21 Feb 19, 6:19pm -
    • A Major Rebuke to Corporate Arrogance

      A Major Rebuke to Corporate Arrogance

      New York City’s progressive elected officials, unions and community activists have just delivered what may be the most remarkable rebuke to corporate influence ever seen in the United States. In forcing Amazon.com to drop its plan for a satellite h…
      - 34 days ago, 14 Feb 19, 3:44pm -
    • Trump’s Muddled Class Warfare

      Trump’s Muddled Class Warfare

      Among the various roles played by Donald Trump during his State of the Union address was that of class warrior. He described a divide between “wealthy politicians and donors” living in gated communities while supposedly pushing for open borders a…
      - 40 days ago, 7 Feb 19, 5:10pm -
    • Backlash of the Billionaires

      Backlash of the Billionaires

      Most of those who have thrown their hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race have been met with varying mixtures of enthusiasm and indifference. Howard Schultz is another story. The former Starbucks CEO has engendered a wave of hostility based…
      - 47 days ago, 31 Jan 19, 5:33pm -
    • Mistreating Customers and Workers

      Mistreating Customers and Workers

      For a long time, the corporation that stood out as America’s worst employer was Walmart, given its reputation for shortchanging workers on pay, engaging in discriminatory practices and ruthlessly fighting union organizing drives. Today, Amazon.com…
      - 54 days ago, 24 Jan 19, 4:34pm -
    • Big Business Bias

      Big Business Bias

      The immediate culprits in many workplace discrimination and harassment cases are individual managers or co-workers, but in many situations the worst villain is the employer that fails to stop the abuse or engages in its own unfair practices. The Corp…
      - 64 days ago, 15 Jan 19, 11:01am -
    • Oligopolies and Regulatory Compliance

      Oligopolies and Regulatory Compliance

      There is growing awareness of the dangers posed by Amazon’s ever-increasing market clout, but the concentration of economic power is not limited to that online retailer. More and more U.S. industries have become oligopolies, and in some sectors the…
      - 68 days ago, 10 Jan 19, 5:18pm -
    • Dealing Boldly with Big Pharma

      Dealing Boldly with Big Pharma

      Three days after Donald Trump took office in 2017, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America trade association launched a multimillion campaign to bolster its image in the face of criticism from across the political spectrum of exorbit…
      - 75 days ago, 3 Jan 19, 5:21pm -

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