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    • Mixed Housing Data for June

      Mixed Housing Data for June

      Housing Starts and Building Permits for June metrics that are essential for tracking overall domestic economic growth came in mixed this morning The headline read for new 160 Housing Starts 160 reached 1 253 million seasonally adjusted annualized uni…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Jul 19, 12:20pm -
    • Better-Than Expected Retail Sales in June

      Better-Than Expected Retail Sales in June

      Retail Sales 160 in June performed much better than expected with results posted ahead of today s opening bell 0 4 on the headline above the 0 1 expected Stripping out auto sales this number stays 0 4 and ex autos amp gas it balloons up to 0 7 The co…
      - 3 days ago, 16 Jul 19, 1:10pm -
    • Citigroup Opens Bank Earnings on Strong Note

      Citigroup Opens Bank Earnings on Strong Note

      The opening salvo on busy season for Q2 earnings reports was supplied by 160 Citigroup 160 C which outperformed expectations on both top and bottom lines during today s pre market hours Earnings of 1 95 per share easily beat the 1 80 expected and the…
      - 4 days ago, 15 Jul 19, 12:13pm -
    • Marking Time on Monday

      Marking Time on Monday

      Overview:    The new record highs in US equities ahead of the weekend coupled with Chinese data that suggested the economy was gaining some traction as Q2 wound down is helping underpin risk appetites to start the week.  Japanese markets were clo…
      - 4 days ago, 15 Jul 19, 9:18am -
    • Weekly Economic Release Summary: Employment Growth In Decline

      Weekly Economic Release Summary: Employment Growth In Decline

      For months, our interpretation of JOLTS (BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) has been that employment growth will be slowing. JOLTS again this past week continues to reaffirm the slowing growth forecasts. The graph below shows the gener…
      - 7 days ago, 12 Jul 19, 2:30pm -
    • PPI Edges Up in June

      PPI Edges Up in June

      Following a fresh read on June s Consumer Price Index CPI yesterday morning today we see the other side of the coin 160 Producer Price Index PPI also for June and it also came out slightly ahead of expectations 0 1 growth on the headline compared wit…
      - 7 days ago, 12 Jul 19, 1:13pm -
    • Fed Might Act Appropriately and Reduce Interest Rates

      Fed Might Act Appropriately and Reduce Interest Rates

      Yesterday following a 100 likelihood in the Federal Reserve deciding to cut interest rates at the end of this month Fed Chair Jay Powell did nothing to dispel this notion In fact to the extent there is a debate at all on this subject it s whether the…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 12:17pm -
    • Fastenal's (FAST) Earnings Hint at What is To Come

      Fastenal's (FAST) Earnings Hint at What is To Come

      Earnings season is just beginning as companies release their results for Q2 2019, and that will come as a relief for many market watchers. After a few months of trying to read the minds of the Fed and following the Presidential Twitter feed, it will…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 10:42am -
    • Investors Focus on Powell's Testimony

      Investors Focus on Powell's Testimony

      In 160 today s pre market we look forward to a public speech by Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell Discussions will include most prominently whether or not the interest rate cut baked into the stock market currently at a 100 chance is warranted or if t…
      - 9 days ago, 10 Jul 19, 1:13pm -
    • Pepsi Posts an Earnings Beat in Q2

      Pepsi Posts an Earnings Beat in Q2

      In another day of the pre market without any major economic data we look forward to tomorrow s testimony from Fed Chair Jay Powell on the state of the U S economy Three Fed members Bullard Quarles and Bostic will also be making speeches later today P…
      - 10 days ago, 9 Jul 19, 1:08pm -
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    • newFathers face higher penalties for taking parental leave than mothers do
      AN OVERWHELMING number of studies show that working mothers face a motherhood penalty—resulting in lower earnings and poorer evaluations from superiors—while men receive a fatherhood bonus. Stories abound of women struggling to balance motherhood…
      - 24 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 10:52am -
    • newAbortion laws get more attention in the culture wars
      THE DEBATE over women’s reproductive rights revolves around abortion. Planned Parenthood sacked its president, Leana Wen, this week largely because of a disagreement over how to respond to Republican lawmakers’ efforts to make abortion illegal. B…
      - 24 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 10:52am -
    • newTrump supporters need not apply
      FOR APARTMENT-HUNTERS in Santa Ana, California, a city about an hour south of Los Angeles, a $625-per-month sublet recently listed on Craigslist, a classified-advertising website, might seem ideal. The apartment, which is shared among four 20- and 30…
      - 24 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 10:52am -
    • newLow inflation means the Federal Reserve is changing whom it listens to
      HEAVEN HELP anyone who complains of a labour shortage to Neel Kashkari, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. “We just don’t have enough people to build,” said the head of an affordable housing organisation in Aberdeen, South Da…
      - 24 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 10:52am -
    • newAmerica is the only rich country without a law on paid leave for new parents
      THE PRESIDENT’S Commission on the Status of Women was unequivocal in its recommendation: “Paid maternity leave or comparable insurance benefits should be provided for women workers.” That conclusion was reached in 1963, when John Kennedy was pr…
      - 24 hours ago, 18 Jul 19, 10:52am -
    • The 2020 campaign will be more racially divisive than 2016 was
      DONALD TRUMP’S bigotry is such an established part of American public discourse that, in retrospect, one of the most febrile debates of 2016 looks naive. Back and forth it went, in the months before the election, as the Republican candidate issued…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Jul 19, 2:32pm -
    • Remembering third-party presidential candidate Ross Perot
      SANDWICHED BETWEEN Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush on the presidential debate platform in 1992, Ross Perot looked like a grizzled man-child. At five feet five inches tall, he was almost a foot shorter than the thoroughbred Republican president and…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 10:51am -
    • The legalisation of recreational cannabis is weeding out teenaged users
      WHEN JUSTIN TRUDEAU promised to legalise cannabis use across the border in Canada, his main reason for doing so was to protect the young. Cannabis is bad for the developing brain and a worrying number of minors were taking the drug. The counterintuit…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 10:51am -
    • Was Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal fishy?
      Editor’s note: Alexander Acosta announced his resignation on July 12th 2019.THE INDICTMENT of Jeffrey Epstein on charges of sex-trafficking described a pyramid scheme for the sexual abuse of minors. Mr Epstein would pay hundreds of dollars apiece…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 10:51am -
    • America mulls regulating facial recognition
      WHEN THINKING about police use of facial recognition, most Americans probably fall somewhere between two extremes. On one side is the approach taken by San Francisco and Somerville, Massachusetts, both of which earlier this year banned municipal agen…
      - 8 days ago, 11 Jul 19, 10:51am -

    The Guardian: US Economy

    • newGold price hits six-year high as investors await US interest rate cut
      One troy ounce reaches $1,452.60 amid increased US-Iran tensionsGold prices have hit their highest levels in six years as investors brace for an interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve and seek a safe haven amid tensions between Washington and Te…
      - 4 hours ago, 19 Jul 19, 6:29am -
    • Fed chairman hints at first interest rate cut in over a decade
      Shares on Wall Street rose on the comments, with the S&P 500 briefly moving above 3,000 for the first timeThe US looks increasingly likely to cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade, the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, hinted…
      - 9 days ago, 10 Jul 19, 9:36am -
    • 'He pulled the wool over our eyes': workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas
      Trump pledged to stop ‘offshoring’ but manufacturing workers at GE and Carrier say Trump has broken his campaign promiseNext Friday, Eddie Martin will work his last day at the General Electric plant in Salem, Virginia, after working there for sev…
      - 9 days ago, 10 Jul 19, 2:00am -
    • US jobs report beats forecast, but German factory orders slide - as it happened
      Non-Farm Payroll report beats expectations, but wage growth remains tepidLatest: US jobs report beats forecastsAmerican labor force swells by 224kBut wage growth disappointsEarlier:NEWSFLASH: German orders slumped 8.6% y/y in MayAnalyst: This is deva…
      - 14 days ago, 5 Jul 19, 10:18am -
    • US job growth rebounds as economy adds 224,000 jobs in June
      Economy bounces back after disappointing May figuresModerate wage gains could still encourage Fed to cut ratesUS job growth rebounded strongly in June, but moderate wage gains and mounting evidence that the economy was slowing sharply could still enc…
      - 14 days ago, 5 Jul 19, 8:51am -
    • US Senate passes $4.6bn border funding bill – as it happened
      GOP-led Senate passes bill with strong bipartisan support, while Republican senators urge investigation of Trump sexual assault allegationSign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 11.08pm BSTOK everybody, it’s been real. But now it’s…
      - 23 days ago, 26 Jun 19, 6:08pm -
    • Trump criticises Fed chairman Powell for trying to be ‘tough’
      US president adds to his attacks on central bank, accusing it of ‘insane’ policyDonald Trump has launched an extraordinary attack on the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, adding to a barrage of recent criticisms of the central bank, which…
      - 23 days ago, 26 Jun 19, 2:26pm -
    • Climate crisis: global economy needs major upgrade … fast
      Ex-US vice-president says only big solutions can offset impact of systemic shifts and avert disasterAl Gore has said the global economy requires a fundamental upgrade to become more sustainable in order for the world to survive an environmental crisi…
      - 24 days ago, 25 Jun 19, 9:30am -
    • Iran: Trump announces new, 'hard-hitting' sanctions – as it happened
      President at the White House signs executive order that he says will hurt Iran’s economy – follow the latest liveSign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 1.12am BST 12.46am BSTCarrying on in a longstanding tradition of this administr…
      - 25 days ago, 24 Jun 19, 8:12pm -
    • China will not allow G20 to discuss Hong Kong, says foreign minister
      Foreign powers have no right to interfere in ‘internal affair’, says Zhang Jun, as Beijing also calls for trade compromise China has said it will not allow the G20 nations to discuss the Hong Kong issue at its summit this week, assistant foreign…
      - 25 days ago, 24 Jun 19, 12:50am -

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