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      • Flying Blind
        Upon returning from the PODi AppForum in Las Vegas, Director of Interactive Marketing Randy Marquis explains why it is important for pilots and marketers alike to avoid disaster by ensuring that the data that guides them is sound...
        - 8 Feb 13, 7:18pm -
      • Ballin’
        Sometimes small changes can yield big results. After watching the Los Angeles Clippers dismantle the Boston Celtics at the Staples Center, Director of Interactive Marketing Services, and Celtics fan, Randy Marquis notes the Celtics fortunes greatly i…
        - 25 Jan 13, 6:51pm -
      • Coffee by Phone
        Happy New Year! 2013 is shaping up to be the Year of Mobile marketing. Randy Marquis, Pace Marketing Communications' Director of Interactive Marketing Services, shares his recent experience paying for coffee with his smartphone and suggests the dawn…
        - 11 Jan 13, 7:40pm -
      • It’s Not Easy Being Green
        Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. Most of us have read similar pleas at the bottom of our e-mail communications. I cut my own marketing teeth in e-mail and naturally thought the metaphysical world of zeros and ones environm…
        - 2 Apr 12, 8:49pm -
      • The Disillusionment of Social Media?
        The latest issue of Connect dives into the deluge of social media and explores how this new marketing media can mature into a vital part of our marketing mix. Also...niche marketing, message timing and a fascinating book review...
        - 1 Apr 12, 9:51pm -
      • The Nature of Nurturing
        The latest issue of Connect covers how marketing automation can create synchronicity between the marketing and sales teams and how loyalty programs and a culture of customer service can create an emotional switching cost for customers. Also...social…
        - 1 Feb 12, 4:38pm -
      • Stop Tracking and Start Engaging
        The only profession more prone to hyperbole than marketer is politician. So when politicians took aim at marketers by proposing “do not track” legislation, the rhetoric was hip deep on both sides. Politicians claimed the privacy of Internet users…
        - 6 Jul 11, 9:00pm -
      • From Paste-up to pURLs
        While the death of print as a marketing tool was greatly exaggerated, it clearly lost its sex appeal as marketing professionals embraced e-mail, social and mobile media as their methods for delivering their message to an increasingly connected audien…
        - 15 Jun 11, 8:26pm -
      • The Challenges of Print 2.0
        As a “former” print rep (and I say “former” because print is now simply one of the tools that helps our clients achieve their communication goals), my role has changed significantly. I am now a combination of evangelizer of new tools, project…
        - 8 Apr 11, 4:53am -
      • The Perils of Going Viral
        It is the dream, the golden ticket for every marketer: a campaign that rapidly spreads across the social landscape, draws traffic to your website and drives a huge spike in awareness (and perhaps sales) of your brand or product. But the dream turned…
        - 21 Mar 11, 5:57pm -

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      • newAllies and accomplices

        Allies and accomplices

        To be an ally means that you won’t get in the way, and, if you are able to, you’ll try to help. To become an accomplice, though, means that you’ve risked something, sacrificed something and put yourself on the hook as well. We need more allies,…
        - 4 hours ago, 14 Nov 19, 4:12am -
      • Tell a better story

        Tell a better story

        Tell a story that is about the listener, not about you. Tell a story that is worth sharing. Tell a story that’s unforgettable. And tell a story that makes things better. Storytelling is a skill. It’s not something you’re born with, it’s not b…
        - 1 day ago, 13 Nov 19, 4:26am -
      • Busy is a choice, productive is a skill

        Busy is a choice, productive is a skill

        Anyone can be busy. All you need to do to feel busy is to try to get two things done at once–or seek to beat a deadline that is stressing you out. Productivity, on the other hand, has little to do with busy. Productivity requires bringing soft skil…
        - 2 days ago, 12 Nov 19, 4:36am -
      • Off stage

        Off stage

        I wonder what Carole King is up to? Did that kid who was in your third-grade class ten years ago get into his first choice of college? How did that couple that had a squabble in your store last week settle their argument? We don’t notice people whe…
        - 3 days ago, 11 Nov 19, 4:05am -
      • Maintainers


        School trains people to work as maintainers. “The sculptures are all here in the gallery, make sure they are still here at the end of the shift… The floor is clean when you start, make sure it’s clean when you finish… The policy manual has se…
        - 4 days ago, 10 Nov 19, 4:09am -
      • The difference between memorization and learning

        The difference between memorization and learning

        In order to learn something, you must understand it. You might become so insightful and facile with the ideas that it appears you’ve memorized them, but that’s just a side effect. Rote memorization can be done in some fields, and you can even rec…
        - 5 days ago, 9 Nov 19, 4:47am -
      • “As a technologist…”

        “As a technologist…”

        If two people are having a discussion about the resilience of the food chain, and one says, “as a farmer…” it’s likely that this statement carries some weight. The same goes for the opinion of an admiral if we’re talking about naval operati…
        - 6 days ago, 8 Nov 19, 4:58am -
      • 741741 — To be seen

        741741 — To be seen

        A few years ago, Nancy Lublin discovered something obvious. Nancy was the CEO of Dosomething.org, the largest teenage charity in the world. In order to keep up with its members, Dosomething shifted their communications from email to texting (yes, tha…
        - 7 days ago, 7 Nov 19, 4:08am -
      • The right tool

        The right tool

        Umbrellas are a fabulous invention. You can use one when you need it, but you shouldn’t confuse it with a grapefruit. Just because something is handy doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the job.
        - 8 days ago, 6 Nov 19, 4:46am -
      • What are the margins for?

        What are the margins for?

        A publisher recently sent me a 1,000 page book. The paper was perfect in its balance between opacity and thinness, but the margins were too small. The production designer made a choice–push the text all the way to the edges, allowing the book to sh…
        - 8 days ago, 6 Nov 19, 4:29am -


      • Thinkshift makes B Lab’s Best for the World list—again!
        For the second year in a row, Thinkshift has earned a place on B Lab’s Best for the World list, announced today. We’re just as proud this year as we were in 2018—especially in light of the illustrious company. Thinkshift was recognized as among…
        - 71 days ago, 4 Sep 19, 2:24pm -
      • Pitch perfect: results from journalism and PR surveys
        The days when a PR representative could pick up the phone and cold-call a journalist—and get more than a cold shoulder—are long gone. But despite the vast preference for email outreach, a couple of recent surveys indicate that media relations is…
        - 23 Jul 19, 10:26pm -
      • 5 things we learned from fellow B Corps at BLD
        B Corp Leadership Development Day—the annual teach-in where Bay Area B’s learn from each other how to be even better businesses—is always good for a dose of inspiration. This year Thinkshifter Anya Khalamayzer served on the programming committe…
        - 5 Jul 19, 4:12pm -
      • Trade-focused thought leadership powers Optimum’s PR breakthrough
        Optimum Energy’s technology saves energy and improves operations by optimizing HVAC systems in large buildings, manufacturing facilities and campuses, delivering typical cost savings of 20 to 50 percent. In 2016, the Seattle-based company tapped Th…
        - 19 May 19, 5:23pm -
      • 4 reasons the best PR plans include a trade outlet strategy
        One year into my first reporting job, at the insurance magazine Property-Casualty360, I interviewed homeowners in Red Hook, Brooklyn, about how their insurers had responded after the Hurricane Sandy catastrophe. Climate change was barely on the radar…
        - 19 May 19, 3:51pm -
      • As a B Corp, we’re a better business—and part of a movement
        When Thinkshift became a Certified B Corporation eight years ago, we were happy to support this path-breaking certification, and we knew it would be important for our business. But we had no idea it would become such a big part of our identity. We la…
        - 21 Mar 19, 2:10pm -
      • B the change: 12 months of B Corp blogs
        We all know an active blog is good communications. It helps customers get to know you. It’s a way to show you’re a sharp thinker with a finger on the pulse of your industry, and posts can feed thought leadership and PR initiatives. For many busin…
        - 6 Mar 19, 8:43pm -
      • Thought leadership gives newcomer Tritium mainstream recognition
        Tritium, an Australian company that makes advanced EV chargers, drove into the U.S. market as a fast-moving outsider whose sleek technology embodies our belief that sustainability should be sexy. They were attractively edgy, but less than a year afte…
        - 25 Feb 19, 7:43pm -
      • Reading the Trust Barometer: pressure rises on business purpose, opening doors for sustainable companies
        The mass population is far more skeptical of institutions than the informed public, only one in five people believes the system is working for them, and large majorities express a sense of injustice and a desire for change. Those findings from the 20…
        - 14 Feb 19, 9:36pm -
      • How B Corps, impact investing can go big without losing brand value
        These are heady times for Certified B Corporations and impact investing—two arenas Thinkshift is deeply involved in. The number of Certified B Corps is growing faster than ever. Impact investment options are expanding. And big brands (such as B Cor…
        - 16 Jan 19, 6:22pm -

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      • The short life of enlightened leadership (and how to extend it)

        The short life of enlightened leadership (and how to extend it)

        Idealistic values and socially admirable practices in business are often effective, but generally short-lived. They rarely survive through more than two successions of company leadership. To break this cycle and leave a legacy of an enlightened com…
        - 11 Feb 19, 1:00am -
      • ROX is the new ROI: Prioritizing customer experience

        ROX is the new ROI: Prioritizing customer experience

        Consumers have more power over your company's success or failure than ever before, and it's time for a new metric that captures the return on your investment in them.
        - 30 Jan 19, 1:00am -
      • E-Sports Is Beating the Competition

        E-Sports Is Beating the Competition

        E-sports has been rapidly evolving into a full-fledged sport. According to a PwC survey of sports leaders, global e-sports revenues are expected to grow 30 percent this year. In recent months, a slew of deals and investments between established med…
        - 24 Jan 19, 1:00am -
      • Digital-Native Retailers Are Giving Physical Stores a Radical Makeover

        Digital-Native Retailers Are Giving Physical Stores a Radical Makeover

        Online brands are opening brick-and-mortar shops and using technology and data-driven customer insights to transform the in-store experience.
        - 18 Jan 19, 1:00am -
      • The Jolly and Folly of Holiday Decor for Retailers

        The Jolly and Folly of Holiday Decor for Retailers

        Christmas displays make shoppers more forgiving of employee mistakes but more judgmental of unfairness.
        - 21 Dec 18, 1:00am -
      • Why the Digital Era Is a Boon for Pop Culture

        Why the Digital Era Is a Boon for Pop Culture

        In his new book, Digital Renaissance, economist Joel Waldfogel argues that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, the digital era is ushering in a golden age for both producers and consumers of entertainment.
        - 12 Nov 18, 1:00am -
      • Best Business Books 2018: Marketing

        Best Business Books 2018: Marketing

        This year's best business books on marketing lay out explicit pathways with which leaders can pursue new and alternative methods to reach customers. In the best of this year's crop, Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company's Futur…
        - 5 Nov 18, 1:00am -
      • The Podcasting Revenue Boom Has Started

        The Podcasting Revenue Boom Has Started

        The podcasting revenue boom has started, and podcasting is poised to become a billion-dollar business. Advertisers are now following listeners to the new medium, as the PWC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook expects worldwide podcasting advertisin…
        - 18 Oct 18, 1:00am -
      • The power of price points

        The power of price points

        Once you understand how the airlines use "basic economy," you can begin to appreciate how customer segmentation can be beneficial to your business.
        - 17 Oct 18, 1:00am -
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