PopMuse: Stage Play http://popmu.se Musings of stuff en-us Copyright 2007-2020 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ IATI Theater 2021 Cimientos Season https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/iati-theater-2021-cimientos-season.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/iati-theater-2021-cimientos-season.html Wed, 03 Jun 2020 05:29:13 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline: June 30, 2020SUBMISSION FORMThe 2021 Cimientos will consists of two main components:PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel): Playwrights accepted to the program, IATI Theater’s artistic staff and other specially invited theater professionals will converge in workshop meetings to discuss the new works that make up the particular season. Every meeting will be dedicated to a single playwright in the program, the focus being in further advancing the text before it is presented in front of a live audience.SRP (Staged Reading Presentation): Each playwright in the program will be given the opportunity to present their play in a directed, professionally acted staged reading. Thus, the piece will be exposed to a receptive audience that further develops the featured script through a post-reading talkback.There is no submission fee.Submissions that do not adhere to the following guidelines will not be reviewed.The online form is the only method of submission. The button below will be active during June.This program is open to authors from anywhere in the world with original works in English or Spanish who are interested in feedback from a New York audience.The playwright must commit to take part in the PPP (Pal Playwrights Panel) meetings, either in person or video conference. The PPP will meet for ten (10) consecutive weeks.The playwright must commit to participate in their post-reading talk-back, either in person or video conference.Applicant must be the original creator of the submitted work and sole owner of its rights. By submitting their work, applicants grant IATI Theater and its collaborators permission to use the submitted material for the Cimientos Program.The submission must be a completed, new, full-length play that has not had a previous professional production. If the play has undergone a workshop, staged reading or development of any kind, the playwright must state so on the online form.Only one play may be submitted per playwright, per season.Scripts must be between 45–90 minutes in length.The play must have 5 actors or less. Plays that have more than 5 characters and do not provide a clear and stageable double-role explanation will not be reviewed. It must be clearly expressed on the online form.The author’s name(s) should not appear anywhere within the script, any authorship information must not be visible in the play document. Cimientos reads submissions ‘blind’, in an effort to let the quality of the work speak for itself and to keep our judging process as equitable as possible.All documents must be submitted in PDF format.Submissions for the 2021 Season will only be accepted from June 1 to June 30, 2020.� http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Fred Ebb Award 2020 https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/fred-ebb-award-2020.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/fred-ebb-award-2020.html Wed, 03 Jun 2020 04:30:14 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline: June 30, 2020Each applicant must be a composer/lyricist or composer/lyricist team wishing to create work for the musical theatre, and must not yet have achieved significant commercial success.Application Materials:Electronic files of up to four songs from one or more musical theatre pieces, with typewritten lyrics and a description of the dramatic context for each song; andA completed application form.Application Guidelines:All applications will be coded as they arrive. Because all submissions will be reviewed blind, please do not place name(s) of writer(s) on electronic file names, lyric sheets, or description of dramatic context. Names should only appear on the Application Form.MP3, ZIP, and M4A files are preferred, but Dropbox links will be acceptable as well. Dropbox files should not have time limits.Only musical theatre work will be considered.Please do not submit recordings with any audience sound.The applicant(s) must have written all the songs included in the submission. For example, a composer cannot submit one song with her own lyrics, and a second song with lyrics by another writer.No individual may appear on more than one application. You cannot apply as an individual and again as part of a team, or as part of more than one songwriting team.Submission Deadline and Award: Applications will be accepted from June 1st – June 30th.Please submit applications to:fredebbfound@gmail.comThe winner will be selected in November and will receive $60,000.Download the Ebb Award Application 2020. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Call for Submissions: Appalachian State University Department of Theatre and Dance https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/call-for-submissions-appalachian-state.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/call-for-submissions-appalachian-state.html Wed, 03 Jun 2020 04:00:07 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline:��July 15, 2020Boone, North CarolinaWe are seeking a full-length play that explores/utilizes/showcases non-western theatre tradition for our 2021-22 mainstage season.While we continue to work hard to expand the diversity of our university, our student population is predominantly white. We are putting out a call for a play that is castable with our student demographic and performable without cultural appropriation, cultural erasure, or diversity tourism. Additional considerations: � Larger cast sizes (10 and up) are preferable.� Plays that demand extravagant design or numerous set/costume changes may be challenging.� Age appropriate roles – characters in their late teens – thirties – are preferable.� We support and encourage submissions from queer writers, writers of color, and women, trans, and non-binary writers. � We are open to all styles, including plays that require some ensemble input/devising and full-length plays comprising shorter pieces.� Plays with music/musicals may be considered.Logistics:� The play will be included in our 2021-22 season (September – April).o Pending the lifting of isolation mandates, state and University of North Carolina guidelines pertaining to large gatherings, and budget restrictions.o Reserving the right to not choose from any submitted plays or to discuss an alternate time with the playwright.� Playwrights will receive applicable royalties.We are interested in negotiating the possibility of a campus visit and/or class presentations pending budgetary approval and further playwright discussion. Please send complete MS (PDF, doc, or docx please) to grandigl@appstate.edu.Include “Play Submission” in your subject.Submissions accepted until July 15, 2020.We will notify playwrights of selection by April 15, 2021.Questions? Email grandigl@appstate.edu http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Philadelphia Artists Collective New Venture Reading Series Play Festival seeks 10-minute plays https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/philadelphia-artists-collective-new.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/philadelphia-artists-collective-new.html Tue, 02 Jun 2020 04:30:08 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline: August 1, 2020Philadelphia PASUBMISSION FORMTo celebrate PAC’s 10th anniversary season and to celebrate the vitality of classical themes in new work, PAC invites playwrights to submit for consideration for our first ever New Venture Reading Series Play Festival.​The theme for the plays is Transformation.Five plays of no more than 10 minutes each will be selected for a staged reading during our festival taking place February 14-15, 2021 at the Louis Bluver Theatre at the Drake.​The Festival takes place February 14-15, 2021.All submissions must be received by 5pm on August 1, 2020. No exceptions. Only the first 100 submissions will be accepted. Once the 100 cap has been reached, the submission window will close. Submissions that do not meet the guidelines below will not be accepted to make room for others. One submission per writer, please. Make sure everyone can have a chance.The selected plays will be announced November 1, 2020.HOW?For inspiration, take a walk through our website. Read through our mission, our past production and reading history and even take a look at the adaptations and scripts we have worked on over the years. You can find a selection of our scripts and adaptations here.Please be mindful that while the scripts are largely in the public domain, our adaptations are not so please don't use these works for any other purpose without permission.Create a 10-minute play that responds, resonates or retorts the themes, characters and/or essence of the work you discover. Use Transformation as your guide. It may lead to a new verse form or a new language altogether or it may be a direct rebuttal of the themes you encounter. We are looking for creativity and honesty.THE DETAILSBased on the theme of Transformation, please submit a play that:Is in response to, conversation with, or inspired by classical work and ties into Transformation;Is a finished piece with a beginning, middle and end;Is no more than 10 minutes in length;An original, never published or previously produced new workSELECTION CRITERIAEach of the 5 chosen plays will be selected based on:Clearly demonstrated excellence of the work;Relevance to the mission of PAC;Incorporation of theme; andCreative use of language/classical themes/conversation with the classics as outlined in the THE DETAILS section above.DEADLINEThe submission window will open on June 1, 2020. Please submit by 5PM on Saturday, August 1 OR until the cap has been reached. No exceptions or phone calls, please. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT BEFORE JUNE 1. YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Thank you.​IF I GET SELECTED…?​Selected playwrights will receive the following:Two staged readings of their script during the New Ventures Festival on February 14 and 15, 2020 by a core group of incredible Philadelphia-based actors;A dedicated dramaturg and director;A commission fee of $50.00;Final script approval and will be consulted on choices for shared ensemble cast;Submission to National New Play Exchange;The love and admiration of actors, peers, and audiences​MORE DETAILSEach script must be no longer than 10 pages (excluding title page and character list);Font no smaller than 11 point please;When read aloud, play should not exceed 10 minutes;Please submit in PDF format. Name the file as the exact title of your play.We are new to this so please do not ask for comments on your submission.Please submit only through the submission form​Please note: We are unable to provide local housingIn the event we cannot meet in person, the Festival will be transformed (see what we did there?) to an online formatStill have questions? Please contact Charlotte at: charlotte@philartistscollective.org http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Notre Dame Performing Arts New Play Festival https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/notre-dame-performing-arts-new-play.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/notre-dame-performing-arts-new-play.html Tue, 02 Jun 2020 04:00:05 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline: July 15, 2020South Euclid OhioNotre Dame College Performing Arts will host its annual National Playwriting Festival in November 2020, showcasing unproduced plays and musicals for young adults and children.A national search has begun, looking for the best and most promising theatrical works relevant to young audiences today. The two-day festival will consist of 3-5 staged readings of previously unseen theatrical works, and will take place in the Regina Auditorium on the Notre Dame College campus.A winner will be chosen through committee/audience voting and will receive a $500 prize, as well as the opportunity to present fully-staged production during the subsequent NDC Spring Semester.The winner of the 2019 Notre Dame Performing Arts New Play Festival, "MIDNITE" by Rory Leahy and Rena Hardy, received its world premiere production February 2020.Beginning March 15 of each year, the Notre Dame College New Play Festival will begin taking digital-copy submissions of new plays and musicals. The Director of Theatre will ensure the submitted materials follow specified criteria (see below) and will pass the play to 7-person panel who will judge the merits of each work.All playwrights will be notified of the status of their submission in September and promotion about the chosen material will begin thereafter.The festival will take place in late November.The productions will be showcased in a reader’s theatre format open to the public. The winner will be chosen by the selection panel, with consideration given to an audience vote, and announced at a reception upon conclusion of the festival.The winner of each season’s new Playwriting Festival will receive a fully-developed and produced show as part of the NDC Spring Semester.A cash prize of $500 will be awarded to the winner dependent upon funding.Criteria- There is no submission fee for the Notre Dame College New Play Festival- Submission deadline is July 15 of each year. Scripts received after that date will be considered the following year.- 3-5 finalists will be selected on October 1 of that year and their names will be posted to the Notre Dame College website and social media platforms at that time.- Must be a full-length play/musical for children or young adults without a prior production- A brief synopsis must be sent together with a complete digital manuscript. Submission must include a contact phone number and e-mail address on the play’s title page. No hard-copy submissions will be accepted.- The play must be at least 1 hour and no longer than 90 minutes.- The play must be appropriate for audiences of all ages.- Dramas, comedies and farces (with or without music) are welcome.- Only ONE work per author may be submitted each year.- Cast size limited to no less than 4 or more than 22.- The plays selected will be acted by our student actors with a mix of regional artists where necessary. Plays that can be effectively cast within our market will be considered favorably.- Playwrights who are questioning whether or not their play is a good match for the Notre Dame New Play Festival are strongly encouraged to contact Director of Theatre Pierre Brault at theatre@ndc.edu before submitting.- All plays that are not selected for the festival will be held on file for 2 years.- All qualifying submissions will be read by five to seven readers.Be advised that the following are not considered qualifying submissions:Screenplays submitted as theatrical playsPlays with excessive profanity or violence or are inappropriate for youth audience membersNotre Dame College 2020 New Play Festival TimelineMarch 15 – Begin accepting submissionsJuly 15 – Submission deadlineOctober 15 - Finalists announcedNovember - Annual Notre Dame New Play FestivalLength: 60-90 minutesCast Size: 4–24Age Appropriateness: all agesUnproduced Work Only?: Yes http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ We're wrapping up our #StayHomeWriMo initiative! https://blog.nanowrimo.org/post/619749062193938432 https://blog.nanowrimo.org/post/619749062193938432 Mon, 01 Jun 2020 19:12:43 UTC nanowrimohq at National Novel Writing Month When we began #StayHomeWriMo back in March, most of the world was facing stay-at-home directives and we wanted to come together to offer support and connection at a challenging time.�While many are still sheltering in place, others are beginning to see requirements loosen. In recent days, many folks are also venturing out of their homes to protest in support of Black lives and against racism in the United States and beyond. We are so thankful to everyone who’s offered suggestions and shared support in these difficult times. We love you and are so grateful for this community. We’ll be offering new ways to support your well-being as we enter this next phase together!Today’s Well-Being Suggestions:Becoming anti-racist is often hard work. As we continue to follow the news in the United States about the protests around George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many more, here are some resources for you and/or your loved ones.1. The End of Policing is being offered for free as an ebook by Verso Books. It offers history about how modern policing developed, the purpose of our current policing system, and insight into what can replace policing to improve the collective good.2. If you are attending a protest, here are some tips from Elle magazine about how to protest safely during a pandemic. Popular Science has some tips for what to do if you’re exposed to tear gas.3. You can still donate to the Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, the North Star Health Collective, and the Louisville Community Bail Fund. Autostraddle also has a list of bail funds by state, or you can make a donation to be split across 38 bail funds here. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ ALMOST ADULTS PRODUCTIONS SEEKS SUBMISSIONS FOR LGBTQ+ SHORT PLAY ONLINE READING SERIES https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/almost-adults-productions-seeks.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/almost-adults-productions-seeks.html Mon, 01 Jun 2020 18:51:14 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteNo deadlineAlmost Adults Productions, an inclusive theatre company based in Santa Fe, NM, is looking for 10-15 minute LGBTQ+ themed plays for a weekly reading series to be presented on Zoom starting this summer.��Writers do not have to be LGBTQ+ identified but their material should be thematically relevant to the queer community. There is no requirement for premiere status.�Writers will be asked to participate in the production on their reading but Almost Adults can help out wherever needed. At least one rehearsal will be required prior to each reading.��There is no deadline for submissions as they will be accepted on a rolling basis.��Anyone from all over the world is welcome to submit.�No submission or participation fees are required but donations are always accepted to cover the cost of Zoom membership and other expenses which can be sent via Paypal to greg.watson62@yahoo.com.��Whether or not a donation is made will not impact on the decision to have your play read whatsoever.�Send plays as Word or PDF documents to writingcoachsf@gmail.com.�Questions may be sent to this address as well.��Writers may send up to 3 plays and will be notified within one month of submission.�Click here to read more about us or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/almostadultstheatre. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Mixing It Up Productions seeks plays https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/mixing-it-up-productions-seeks-plays.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/06/mixing-it-up-productions-seeks-plays.html Mon, 01 Jun 2020 04:00:04 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDEADLINE: June 12, 2020 Midnight (EST)Mixing It Up Productions encourages playwrights to take this opportunity to showcase their work to professionals in the theatre industry. Our company is always looking for plays that show potential in the commercial market as well as in the performing arts.SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS:(Please note that plays that do not meet these requirements will not be eligible for consideration)Scripts must be original and in English.Adaptations are ineligible.Submissions are limited to one script per playwright.No musicals will be accepted.Scripts that have been produced by Equity or professional companies or published are ineligible.Scripts that have had a workshop or reading are acceptable.Plays may be in any genre i.e. drama, comedy, youth.Entries received after the June 12th deadline will not be considered.SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:The submission must begin with a cover page that includes the work’s title and the playwright’s name, address, telephone number, and email.Scripts must be standard sized in PDF format. (Standard Dramatists Guild format is preferred).A character list and scene breakdown, if applicable, should be included in the attachment.All submissions will be judged with the playwright’s name withheld.No changes or resubmissions may be made once a script has been submitted.SELECTION PROCESS:We will confirm that an initial submission has been received.A panel of judges will consist of writers, directors, producers, and theater enthusiasts.Contest winners will be posted on our website.Each participant will be notified of the results by email.There will be no written or oral critique given on scripts submitted.Winners will be announced by July 30, 2020.PRIZES:SHORT PLAYS (10 to 15 pages)Winner will receive a year subscription to Play Submissions Helper where playwrights are given a huge collection of play opportunities.ONE-ACT (20 to 60 pages)Winner will receive a year subscription of Broadway HD where theatre enthusiasts can stream their favorite Broadway hits at anytime and anywhere.FULL-LENGTH (70 to 100 pages)Winner will receive a 30 minute virtual video meeting with Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer, Tracey Knight Narang plus an award of $100.Please send the requested materials via email to mixingitupprod@gmail.com with thesubject line: 2020 Contest. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival 2021 seeks one-act plays by women https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/05/ivoryton-women-playwrights-festival.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/05/ivoryton-women-playwrights-festival.html Sun, 31 May 2020 05:00:00 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteDeadline: August 30, 2020Ivoryton ConnecticutThe Ivoryton Playhouse has announced its Fifth Annual Ivoryton Women Playwrights Festival. The company is currently seeking submissions of one-act plays by women playwrights.The IWPF provides the 4 writers whose work is chosen paid travel to Ivoryton and housing while here, 3 days of intensive workshops with a director and actors for play development and participation in a staged reading festival in February/March 2021(actual date to be determined). There is also a $500 stipend.Ten minute plays are acceptable, and all plays must run no more than one hour.Completed manuscripts will be accepted by email only until August 30th.Interested playwrights should email a completed manuscript, (for musicals include a script and CD), with name and contact info.The Women Playwrights' Initiative also seeks resumes from directors (CT residents only), and those interested in being readers, both men and women.Play submissions, and resumes from directors and readers should be emailed to Jacqui Hubbard, Artistic Director jhubbard@ivorytonplayhouse.org. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Jeremy O. Harris and The Bushwick Starr provide financial relief for playwrights https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/05/jeremy-o-harris-and-bushwick-starr.html https://www.nycplaywrights.org/2020/05/jeremy-o-harris-and-bushwick-starr.html Sun, 31 May 2020 04:30:08 UTC at NYCPLAYWRIGHTS web siteJeremy O. Harris and The Bushwick Starr are partnering to provide financial relief to playwrights during this period of isolation in response to the COVID-19 pandemicAPPLY HEREThis grant will distribute 152 unrestricted cash awards of $500 each directly to US-based playwrights, of any employment and/or immigration status. To us, a practicing playwright is a person who generates live performance in a theatrical setting through the creation of text and action. Playwrights in need at any stage of their practice or career are encouraged to apply. Grantees will be chosen through a random lottery after submissions have closed.TO APPLY: Playwrights are asked to submit a piece of writing to demonstrate eligibility for this grant, which is designated for playwrights. Shorter plays and texts are acceptable as long it constitutes and translates into an evening of performance. We ask for page numbers denoting an excerpt that you would like us to read. Although the grant process is not merit-based we are always interested in familiarizing ourselves with as many artists as possible, and will attempt to look at all writing that is submitted during summer 2020. Awards will be granted by random lottery. Application will open on Friday, May 29 2020 at 3pm Eastern time and remain open until we receive 1500 submissions. We will then randomly select 152 recipients from the pool of 1500 applicants (10% of the applicant pool). Submissions will be viewed and administered by The Bushwick Starr curatorial staff to confirm eligibility. Grants will be issued in cash by electronic fund transfer or check, we aim to make payments no later than Monday, June 15 2020.You do not need to demonstrate need, skill, or merit to be eligible for funding. However, we hope you will weigh your level of need when considering whether to apply. If your experience of need is not urgent or acute, please consider stepping back and letting those who could most benefit from our limited resources access them first. If you know someone who is eligible and would benefit, please consider inviting them to apply.If you have further questions, please refer to the FAQs. All other questions or concerns from grantseekers may be directed to: grants@thebushwickstarr.org http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/