PopMuse: Vermont News http://popmu.se Musings of stuff en-us Copyright 2007-2020 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Vaccine Politics Take Center Stage In Competitive Democratic Primaries https://www.huffpost.com/entry/vaccine-politics-competitive-democratic-primaries-david-zuckerman-carolyn-maloney_n_5ed1282fc5b6cc54a15476c1 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/vaccine-politics-competitive-democratic-primaries-david-zuckerman-carolyn-maloney_n_5ed1282fc5b6cc54a15476c1 Fri, 29 May 2020 19:01:56 UTC Vermont In Vermont and New York, veteran lawmakers are on the defensive about past vaccine skepticism. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Polar vortex brings May snow and freeze warnings to New York and New England https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/09/polar-vortex-brings-may-snow-and-freeze-warnings-to-new-york-and-new-england https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/09/polar-vortex-brings-may-snow-and-freeze-warnings-to-new-york-and-new-england Sat, 09 May 2020 18:55:50 UTC Associated Press in Boston at Vermont | The Guardian Unseasonable blast felt from Maine to Manhattan Chill coincides with Vermont reopening outdoor pursuitsMother’s Day weekend got off to an unseasonably snowy start in the US north-east on Saturday, thanks to the polar vortex bringing cold air down from the north.Some higher elevation areas in northern New York state and New England reported snowfall accumulations of up to 10in, while traces of snow were seen along the coast from Maine to Boston and as far south as Manhattan. Continue reading... http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Bernie Sanders Drops Out Of 2020 Race https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-drops-out-of-2020-race_n_5e8df1b6e4b0b71b81891950 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-drops-out-of-2020-race_n_5e8df1b6e4b0b71b81891950 Wed, 08 Apr 2020 15:42:18 UTC Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is suspending his 2020 presidential campaign. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Sanders stays, so his movement can live on by dragging Biden leftward https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/11/bernie-sanders-stay-in-drag-biden-left-movement-lives-2020-democratic-election https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/11/bernie-sanders-stay-in-drag-biden-left-movement-lives-2020-democratic-election Wed, 11 Mar 2020 18:25:49 UTC Lauren Gambino and Joan E Greve in Washington at Vermont | The Guardian Bernie Sanders vowed to attend the upcoming Democratic debate after a string of primary losses, and posed questions for his rivalFrom his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, Bernie Sanders got up to speak on Wednesday afternoon, after a disappointing night of watching the results from Tuesday’s primaries roll in.Would he stay or would he go? For now, he stays, determined to fight on and try to drag the Democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden, to the left, so that even as Sanders’ race effectively peters out, his movement goes on. Continue reading... http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Sanders and Warren allies reportedly in talks to push a progressive agenda – as it happened https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/mar/03/super-tuesday-2020-live-news-bernie-sanders-joe-biden-california-texas-primaries-latest-updates https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2020/mar/03/super-tuesday-2020-live-news-bernie-sanders-joe-biden-california-texas-primaries-latest-updates Thu, 05 Mar 2020 01:11:11 UTC Maanvi Singh in San Francisco (now), Joan E Greve in Washington, Adam Gabbatt and Paul Owen (earlier) at Vermont | The Guardian Mike Bloomberg endorses Joe BidenElizabeth Warren campaign team to ‘consider what comes next’Super Tuesday: live results from all 14 statesSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 1.11am GMT Related: Biden sweeps with 'Joementum' – but Sanders shows he isn't done yet 12.54am GMTThe Trump administration has chosen Marshall Billingslea, a former Bush-era official involved a torture program, as his nuclear envoy. The Guardian’s Julian Borger reports: Billingslea is currently the under-secretary for terrorist financing at the US Treasury. His nomination last year for a top human rights job at the state department was stalled by controversy over the extent of his involvement in the torture programme established by the George W Bush administration, in which he oversaw the conditions of detainees in Guant�namo Bay. Related: Trump picks official involved in Bush-era torture program as his nuclear envoy 12.38am GMTUpdate: Symone Sanders, who said she broke a nail yesterday after blocking a protestor who tried to rush at Joe Biden, has gotten herself to the salon. Update: https://t.co/EfGMQ6bY4a Related: The real badasses of Super Tuesday: Joe Biden’s wife and his adviser 12.20am GMTWhile the main focus yesterday was on the race to win the Democratic presidential nomination, some of the down-ballot races were full of drama as well. Related: Jeff Sessions’ run-off and a Bush's loss: Super Tuesday races you may have missed 12.10am GMTSurrogates and allies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are reportedly discussing strategies to unite to push a progressive agenda, the Washington Post reports. The expectation is that Warren, who has persisted despite a series of campaign setbacks, would drop out: The conversations, which are in an early phase, largely involve members of Congress who back Sanders (I-Vt.) reaching out to those in Warren’s camp to explore the prospect that Warren (D-Mass.) might endorse him. They are also appealing to Warren’s supporters to switch their allegiance to Sanders, according two people with direct knowledge of the conversations who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss delicate discussions that are supposed to be confidential.The whirlwind of activity reflects the rapid changes in a Democratic primary that is still very much in transition. As late as Tuesday, many Warren allies believed she would stay in the race until the Democratic convention, despite her poor showing to date in the primaries, in hopes of retaining her clout and influencing the eventual nominee. 11.43pm GMTThe Guardian’s Saad Ejaz was at Michael Bloomberg’s farewell speech earlier today, here’s his report from the room … Michael Bloomberg gave his last public appearance as a presidential nominee today, consoling a room full of staff and supporters at a Manhattan Hotel.Earlier today, Mike Bloomberg took the stage one last time as presidential candidate. Here's what the crowd was like. pic.twitter.com/lwrzrurU6g 11.29pm GMTLindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally, told CNN that Joe Biden would be a tough opponent in the election. Lindsey Graham on Trump facing Biden in a general: "I think he would be tough. I think Joe Biden's got a good reputation and he'd be tough, he'd be more moderate than Bernie, but I still think it's Trump's to lose." pic.twitter.com/WMUzrghILu 11.20pm GMTChuck Schumer’s team has responded to Chief Justice John Roberts’ reprimand. In a rare statement, Roberts described a speech that Schumer delivered as the Supreme Court considered a case that could result in grave new abortion restrictions as “threatening”. 11.05pm GMTAfter his big Super Tuesday wins, Biden just held a very brief press conference at a Los Angeles hotel, making about a dozen supporters and a large crowd of journalists wait over an hour for roughly seven minutes of remarks. He did not speak about Bloomberg’s departure or his remaining rivals in the race, saying:“What we can’t let happen in the next few weeks is let this primary turn into a campaign of negative attacks. The only thing that can do is help Donald Trump ... Donald Trump poses an existential threat to our standing in the world.” “What we cant let happen in the best few weeks is let this primary turn into a campaign of negative attacks. The only thing that can do is help Donald Trump.” - Biden in LA pic.twitter.com/bk6v6pzXc3Lulu Lima, 18, stood behind @JoeBiden today at his LA press conference. Her dad is a union supporter. She said Biden’s recent surge was a reminder to “never lose hope.” She said she avoids talking politics with friends or others her age who are Bernie supporters. pic.twitter.com/ZHA2h4oWUF 10.57pm GMTThe president blamed a federal agency decision during Barack Obama’s administration, which Trump said made it harder to quickly roll out testing for the virus. “The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we’re doing, and we undid that decision a few days ago so that the testing can take place in a much more accurate and rapid fashion,” he told reporters during a White House meeting with airline executives, whom he had called to discuss the economic effects of the outbreak. Related: White House's 'muzzled' coronavirus messaging is dangerous, experts say 10.37pm GMTBernie Sanders admitted he hadn’t been as successful as he’d hoped at galvanizing youth turnout. 10.17pm GMTHi, there! It’s Maanvi Singh, blogging from the West Coast. In a rare statement, Chief Justice John Roberts denounced comments from Senator Chuck Schumer, who spoke at a rally outside the Supreme Court as the court heard oral arguments in a case that could result in new restrictions on abortion access. Related: US supreme court takes up most high-profile abortion case in decades 10.00pm GMTThat’s it from me today. My west coast colleague, Maanvi Singh, will take over the blog for the next few hours.Here’s where the day stands so far: 9.57pm GMTWho were the two “no” votes on the House’s coronavirus bill? Republican congressmen Ken Buck and Andy Biggs. The conservative lawmakers questioned the need for $8 billion in funding to combat the health threat. 9.48pm GMTThe House has passed the $8 billion bill aimed at combatting the spread of coronvirus with a vote of 415 to 2.The bill will now advance to the Senate, where it is also expected to easily pass. 9.40pm GMTSome of congressman Matt Gaetz’s House colleagues teased him about wearing a gas mask on to the House floor to vote on the coronvirus bill.You won’t believe the shoes Matt Gaetz is wearing today. #FloridaMan pic.twitter.com/VmFN7t0fjqAs I just told him, it’s a big improvement in his appearance.UPDATE: still unclear *why* Gaetz is wearing a gas mask on the floor, but I’m told @RepRubenGallego went up to him & informed him he is wearing it wrong. 9.31pm GMT The House is preparing to vote on its $8 billion bill aimed at combatting the spread of coronavirus.Congressman Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican and one of the president’s closest allies, drew attention to himself by wearing a gas mask on to the House floor as he prepared to vote.Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote. pic.twitter.com/wjJ4YY4VZz 9.26pm GMTHere’s a funny addendum to last night’s coverage of the protest that disrupted Joe Biden’s speech in Los Angeles:Symone Sanders, one of the former vice president’s top aides, won Twitter praise after she physically grabbed one of the anti-dairy protesters and dragged her off stage.Y’all see Symone Sanders come off the line like a pro bowl linebacker. Geesh. pic.twitter.com/2Fib5ZqLoNI broke a nail. #SuperTuesdayI made it to the nail shop. pic.twitter.com/TGelw07EaV 9.12pm GMTFollowing a string of losses tied to concerns about coronavirus, US markets surged the day after Joe Biden notched 10 victories in Super Tuesday states.Dow surges more than 1,100 points as market rallies after Biden Super Tuesday win, UnitedHealth Group posts best day since 2008 https://t.co/RfHHB5XY84 pic.twitter.com/JkfrFEIzdaIncredible. Check out that one day move.Healthcare stocks are exploding higher, having their single best day in years after Biden's big night. Just ridiculous amount of relief among investors that Sanders took a hit. https://t.co/Pexg1hnV0H pic.twitter.com/o2uNPPt1Hn 9.04pm GMTIf reports of Steve Bullock’s soon-to-be-launched Senate campaign are accurate, it would shift forecasts for the likely outcome of the Montana Senate race:Crystal Ball would move MT-SEN from Likely R to Leans R if Gov. Steve Bullock (D) challenges Sen. Steve Daines (R) 8.53pm GMTSteve Bullock, the Montana governor and former Democratic presidential candidate, reportedly intends to run for Senate.The decision marks a reversal for Bullock, who spent months resisting Democratic overtures to challenge Republican incumbent Steve Daines. [Bullock] has told Democrats in the last week he is now inclined to run in what would immediately become one of the marquee Senate races of 2020. Mr. Bullock has only a few days to finalize his decision: the filing deadline to run in Montana is Monday. ...Bullock, who is barred by term limits from running for re-election this year, has faced one of the most sustained lobbying campaigns of any would-be Senate candidate — a reflection both of his potential as a candidate and how badly Democrats need to put another seat in play. 8.41pm GMTSenator Kamala Harris appears open to endorsing one of her former presidential primary rivals.Asked by a CBS News reporter on Capitol Hill whether she intended to endorse, the California senator said, “We’ll see.” 8.23pm GMTMike Bloomberg’s emotional address thanking supporters after suspending his presidential campaign came as a surprise to reporters who covered Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor of New York.Mike Bloomberg is tearing up. In twelve years of city hall press conferences, I don't think I ever saw that. 8.21pm GMTGetting a little emotional, Mike Bloomberg expressed his gratitude to supporters who helped power his short-lived campaign.“No matter what happened, this is the best day of my life, and tomorrow will be even better,” the former New York mayor told the crowd. 8.13pm GMTMike Bloomberg addressed supporters after suspending his campaign and endorsing Joe Biden. 7.52pm GMTBernie Sanders said he still believes the presidential candidate with the most delegates should be the nominee, even if that person doesn’t win a majority of pledged delegates.The Vermont senator made a similar comment during last month’s debate in Las Vegas, but he was the undisputed frontrunner at the time. 7.37pm GMTBernie Sanders appeared surprised by the news that Mike Bloomberg had dropped out of the presidential primary earlier today."Has he stepped out? ... that's the first I heard about that" -- Bernie Sanders just learned that Bloomberg dropped out during his news conference pic.twitter.com/oPJyezbsjd 7.33pm GMTBernie Sanders said he had talked to Elizabeth Warren earlier today, as the Massachusetts senator faces some calls to drop out of the race.Sanders said Warren had not made any decisions about the future of her campaign after she failed to win a single state on Super Tuesday. 7.29pm GMTBernie Sanders previewed the attacks he will unleash against Joe Biden now that the Democratic primary has effectively become a two-candidate race.Sanders cited Biden’s support for international trade deals, opposition to Medicare for all and donations from billionaires as areas where the former vice president was vulnerable to criticism. 7.22pm GMTBernie Sanders opened his remarks to reporters in Vermont by thanking his supporters who delivered him victories in four states yesterday.Sanders predicted he and Joe Biden would be “pretty close” in the race for the nomination after California’s 415 pledged delegates were allocated.NEW: Bernie Sanders on state of race after Super Tuesday: "My guess is that after California is thrown into the hopper, it's going to be pretty close...I think we go forward basically neck and neck." https://t.co/Q3fPEwmdNX pic.twitter.com/YdXOpbqVFe 7.14pm GMTThe AP has now called every Super Tuesday race, and the final tally is: 7.07pm GMTJoe Biden has been declared the winner of the primary in Maine, a state that was considered Bernie Sanders’ to lose just days ago.With 95% of precincts reporting, Biden leads Sanders by just 1 point and a little over 2,000 votes. 7.03pm GMTTrump addressed conerns about coronavirus while speaking at the Annual Latino Coalition Legislative Summit.“We’re using every resource at our disposal,” Trump told the crowd. “The heath and safety of our people is our first priority.” 6.45pm GMTAs expected, the chair of the House homeland security committee is asking for an immediate review of whether Democratic presidential candidates merit Secret Service protection.Chairman Bennie Thompson wrote in a letter to congressional leaders and the acting secretary of the department of homeland security that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders appear to meet the criteria for a Secret Service detail.New - Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson calls on Hill leaders and DHS to "immediately undertake" the process to determine whether candidates need U.S. Secret Service protectionThompson says Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders "appear to satisfy several of these criteria” pic.twitter.com/xvQLy64IMH 6.35pm GMTBernie Sanders will deliver an update on his campaign in about 30 minutes from his headquarters in Burlington, Vermont.It’s unclear what update the Vermont senator will offer, but a former top aide to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign predicted Sanders would come out swinging against Joe Biden after the former vice president’s strong Super Tuesday performance:The day-after playbook for Sanders in spring of '16 usually entailed:1. Leaking strong fundraising #s from past 24 hrs2. Sharpening attacks on opponent3. Naming upcoming state as a 'showdown' to focus narrative on particular contests vs. delegate mathhttps://t.co/tPXjSc1rNI 6.28pm GMTHouse Democrats are reportedly requesting Secret Service protection for presidential candidates, after two protesters ran onto the Los Angeles stage where Joe Biden was delivering his speech last night.Congressman Cedric Richmond, a co-chair of Biden’s campaign, told reporters that Democratic lawmakers are “worried” about the safety of the candidates."Let Dairy Die" protesters interrupt Joe Biden #SuperTuesday speech. pic.twitter.com/0g5rrjpxUR 6.10pm GMTThis is Joan Greve in Washington, taking over for Adam Gabbatt.Elizabeth Warren is facing calls to drop out of the race, after the Massachusetts senator failed to win a single Super Tuesday state.That is, the Warren supporters who really like Bernie (or Biden) will probably go to to Bernie (or Biden) *whether or not she drops out*. Many of them likely already have, in fact. 5.57pm GMTDonald Trump held a meeting with airline chief executives earlier, where he claimed the coronavirus is “probably” boosting some US businesses.“A lot of people are staying in our country and they’re shopping and using our hotels in this country, so from that standpoint I think probably there’s a positive impact,” Trump said. He did not provide date for this claim.President @realDonaldTrump and Vice President @Mike_Pence met with airline CEOs earlier to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on air travel. pic.twitter.com/JEQP8E0tvO 5.29pm GMT•Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race, and endorsed Joe Biden. “After yesterday’s results, the delegate math has become virtually impossible – and a viable path to the nomination no longer exists,” Bloomberg said in a statement.•The billionaire former mayor of New York City spent about $500m on his campaign, but won just 44 delegates on Super Tuesday. Bloomberg said he would now work to elect Biden, who: “Has fought for working people his whole life”. 5.08pm GMTAs we follow the tumult of the Democratic campaign, there is serious business going on in Washington DC, where the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in case that could result in grave new restrictions on abortion access.My colleague Lauren Aratani is covering the case of June Medical Service LLC v Russo, the first major abortion case to be heard by the new conservative majority supreme court. The conservatives Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh were appointed to the court by Donald Trump.The case stems from a state law in Louisiana that requires doctors to be registered to a state-authorized hospital within 30 miles of an abortion clinic in order to be permitted to perform abortions. The state law is meant to heavily restrict access to abortion.Chief justice John Roberts has set himself up to be a key decider in the case as one of the only potential swing votes on the court. The main question Roberts seemed to be hung on is the similarity of this case versus one the court ruled on in 2016 (which struck down an identical law in Texas). #SCOTUS has finished oral arguments in challenge to Louisiana law requiring abortion providers to have right to admit patients at nearby hospitals. Key vote likely to be Chief Justice John Roberts, who focused on how to apply 2016 decision striking down similar TX law.Roberts repeatedly asked how the admitting privileges requirement could benefit Louisiana women HERE if it didn’t benefit Texas women in WWH. Asked a variation on that question several times. Louisiana didn’t give a good answer. Also Louisiana’s solicitor general was awful. Related: Supreme court hears first major abortion case since Trump appointees joined bench – live 4.41pm GMTMike Bloomberg, we hardly knew ye. 4.03pm GMTSenator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is planning to assess the candidate’s path forward, following a disappointing performance in the set of primary contests that voted on Tuesday. In the email to staff, obtained by the Guardian, Warren’s campaign manager Roger Lau wrote: “We are obviously disappointed, and we are going to announce shortly that Elizabeth is talking to the team to assess the path forward. All of us have worked for Elizabeth long enough to know that she isn’t a lifetime politician and doesn’t think like one. She’s going to take time right now to think through the right way to continue this fight.” 4.00pm GMTSome hot takes are coming in on Bloomberg’s drop out. One thing that’s clear is his current total of 44 delegates, per Associated Press, didn’t come cheap.By my reckoning – and I have an A-level in Mathematics – Bloomberg’s ~$500m expenditure equates to at least $11.3m per delegate.Bloomberg spent $500 million, won American Samoa and dropped out.$500 million.For context, the federal Summer Food Service Program, which served roughly 2.7 million kids each day in 2018, costs $480 million a year. pic.twitter.com/QxrEbbER6gSpending $500m for Bloomberg is the equivalent of about $800 bucks for the median US household, so it's not like he'll have to skip his next vacation and cancel a streaming subscription or something. But damn, that is a historic spending spree for a handful of delegates.Whether you love or loathe Bloomberg, his money and support will help beat Donald Trump and hopefully help Democrats retake the Senate—and Democrats should all unequivocally embrace that. 3.27pm GMTWell that was quick – moments after we learn that Mike Bloomberg has dropped out, we discover the billionaire has thrown his weight behind Joe Biden.“I’ve always believed that defeating Donald Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden,” Bloomberg said in a statement announcing the suspension of his campaign.Three months ago, I entered the race to defeat Donald Trump. Today, I'm leaving for the same reason. Defeating Trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. It's clear that is my friend and a great American, @JoeBiden. pic.twitter.com/cNJDIQHS75 3.09pm GMTMike Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is suspending his presidential campaign, according to reports.Axios reports that Bloomberg will make the announcement today. He has spent more than $500m on his campaign, but failed to make a breakthrough on Super Tuesday. 2.48pm GMTUS stocks jumped more than 2% this morning, according to Reuters: “As investors cheered Joe Biden’s surprise lead in the Democratic primaries.” Moments after markets opened, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose about 620 points, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were up by 1.6%. Biden’s performance boosted stocks of health-care companies such as UnitedHealth, one of the largest health insurers in the United States and whose equity is sometimes viewed as a bellwether during political debates around the industry. The stock rose 10 percent in extended trading Tuesday night. 2.26pm GMTThe self-help guru and former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is not happy about last night’s results. Early this morning she described Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday performance as the result of “a coup”.Williamson endorsed Bernie Sanders in February, and has some advice for any fellow supporters feeling disappointed today.When things are disappointing on the outside, the key to transforming them lies on the inside. Anger and fear can be aroused by external events, but if we feel the sadness and ask how we might be even better going forward then they can make us even stronger than we were before. 2.07pm GMTBernie Sanders has pumped out a cheeky ad this morning linking himself to Barack Obama.“Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes. Great authenticity, great passion, and is fearless,” Obama intones in the campaign advert, over video of the former president palling around with Sanders.Notable this morning: As Biden makes gains, Sanders links himself to Obama in one of his new ads https://t.co/oyQc2ibTD9 1.51pm GMTIf you’re waking up in the US after a late-night tracking the Super Tuesday results, here’s a summary of probably the most consequential night of the 2020 presidential race so far. 1.16pm GMTForgive and forget doesn’t really seem to be in Trump’s vocabulary. Here’s how he greeted the news that his former attorney general Jeff Sessions failed to win back his Alabama Senate seat in one fell swoop and will instead face a run-off:This is what happens to someone who loyally gets appointed Attorney General of the United States & then doesn’t have the wisdom or courage to stare down & end the phony Russia Witch Hunt. Recuses himself on FIRST DAY in office, and the Mueller Scam begins! https://t.co/2jGnRgOS6h 12.20pm GMTOne of America’s most enthusiastic political commentators has swung in with his early-morning take on the Super Tuesday results. Donald Trump continued with his attempts to make the case that the Democratic establishment is ganging up to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination – a suspicion shared by many of Sanders’ supporters. The Democrat establishment came together and crushed Bernie Sanders, AGAIN! Even the fact that Elizabeth Warren stayed in the race was devastating to Bernie and allowed Sleepy Joe to unthinkably win Massachusetts. It was a perfect storm, with many good states remaining for Joe!So selfish for Elizabeth Warren to stay in the race. She has Zero chance of even coming close to winning, but hurts Bernie badly. So much for their wonderful liberal friendship. Will he ever speak to her again? She cost him Massachusetts (and came in third), he shouldn’t! 12.07pm GMTElizabeth Warren must also be considering her future, especially after coming third in her home state of Massachusetts.But her campaign was certainly putting on a brave face last night, firing out a bullish email that said: “Here’s the bottom line: There are six more primaries just one week away, and we need your help to keep up the momentum.”The campaign also has financial constraints that come with a unionized staff of over 1,000 people — the largest field operation in the race besides Mike Bloomberg’s — even after raising $29 million in February. With a payroll at over $6 million per month, the campaign likely needs to keep at least several million dollars on hand to cover paychecks, benefits, and other assorted shutdown costs to avoid going into debt. Warren was able to raise a significant amount of that money with her strong debate performances, but there is not another debate until March 15. 11.50am GMTAxios has more on what Bloomberg might do today as he licks his wounds following last night’s ultra-expensive electoral flop.Look for Bloomberg to drop out as soon as this morning, and try to save face by promising to spend a helluva lot more to defeat President Trump with someone other than him.Bloomberg returned to New York after speaking in West Palm Beach last night. Sources expect him to address staff at his headquarters today. 10.45am GMTNot all of Mike Bloomberg’s $500m went to waste. He won the US territory of American Samoa, with 49.9% of the vote. The chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific has a population of around 56,000 and provides six delegates for the Democratic race.Our incredible team in American Samoa, who calls themselves "Protectors of the Earth," not only got out the vote but took time out of their day to clean up a park. Together, we will elect a president who believes in climate change. Thank you all for all that you're doing. pic.twitter.com/xDZRtTVMgi 8.33am GMTMaine is the last state to due to be called by AP. With 81% reporting, Biden is ahead by a whisker with 34% to Sanders’ 33%. The state has only 24 delegates up for grabs though.Meanwhile people are still voting in California and Texas, which have been plagued by long lines and delays. In California and Texas anyone in line at the time polls close must be allowed to vote.The last voter at Texas Southern University has walked out of the voting booth. It took Hervis Rogers nearly 7 hours to vote tonight. #supertuesday2020 pic.twitter.com/kEQ0HgPZHg 8.18am GMTHere’s more on what would probably be a nightmare for Democrats: a contested convention.This is basically when no candidate gets a majority on the first ballot, and party bigwigs (“superdelegates”) get to swing in and take part in another round of voting. Related: What is a contested convention? Divided Democrats may face scenario 8.08am GMTWe’re in the middle of the race to decide which Democrat will face Donald Trump in the US presidential election in November. Each state gets a vote, and yesterday a big group of states – including two of the largest, California and Texas – got to have their say. 7.30am GMTOliver Laughland has just left the Texas Democratic party headquarters in Austin after a long night, just as Joe Biden declared a major victory for his campaign there. Texas is the second largest state to vote on Super Tuesday with 228 pledged delegates at stake here. It’s worth noting that while Biden has been declared the victor this evening, it’s the margin of victory that really matters as that will determine (via a number of complicated processes) just how many delegates Biden picks up. Fernando Miranda, 19 y.o finance major was just turned away from the polls. He got here just after 7 but had previously queued for 1.5 hours earlier in the day but had to leave for class: pic.twitter.com/gsyVIIOZVZ 7.20am GMTThis is Paul Owen taking the reins after the Super Tuesday Democratic primaries – probably the most consequential night of the 2020 presidential race so far. 7.03am GMTJoe Biden has officially been declared the winner of the Texas primary, narrowly edging out Bernie Sanders in the delegate-rich state.The AP called the race moments ago, about five hours after most of Texas’ polling places closed.Kinda willing to bet that as goes TX tonight, so goes the Democratic nomination. 6.50am GMTJoe Biden declared victory in Texas, even though the AP has not yet called the state.The former vice president celebrated the Texas results in a tweet that parodied the logo of the popular burger chain Whataburger, where Biden stopped with former rival-turned-endorser Beto O’Rourke last night:Call it a W. Thank you, Texas. pic.twitter.com/iXFI1ys9wi 6.46am GMTLooking ahead to the next contests: six states will hold primaries next Tuesday, March 10.Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington will head to the polls and collextively award 352 pledged delegates. 6.36am GMTBernie Sanders is also losing a key argument for his candidacy tonight: that he can increase turnout more than any of his competitors.The state of Virginia, where Joe Biden won decisively, offered a harsh reality check on Sanders’ talking point tonight. 6.16am GMTJoe Biden’s team pointed to his victories tonight as evidence of his popularity among Democratic voters.When asked how the former vice-president had managed to win in states he had paid almost no attention to, like Tennessee, deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told CNN, “It is the power of Joe Biden. It is the fact that people know him.”How did @JoeBiden win tonight? @KBeds lays it out >>"It is the power of @JoeBiden. It is the fact that people know him. They know his heart. They are craving the kind of leadership that Joe Biden brings to the table." pic.twitter.com/t16UP0kBiGOne potential loser tonight is campaigns. Like, in general. Joe Biden had ONE field office in Virginia. Was outspent 7-to-1 by Sanders and almost 100-to-1 by Bloomberg in all super Tuesday States. Had barely campaigned in any states. And yet... 5.57am GMTThe blog has already covered how Joe Biden’s senior aide, Symone Sanders, won Twitter praise for jumping up to confront an anti-dairy protester who ran onto the stage tonight as the former vice president addressed supporters in Los Angeles. But it should be noted that former second lady Jill Biden also confronted one of the protesters who rushed the stage, as the below photo vividly demonstrates.Say what you will, Dr. Jill Biden crushed it tonight. pic.twitter.com/ub7ufbc8SZ 5.47am GMTSome voters in Texas have been waiting for five hours to cast their ballots, as the state’s primary remains too close to call.This is INSANE. These people have been waiting in line to vote for five hours at TSU. Polls closed 4.5 hours ago. pic.twitter.com/PLEJxixiniThe stories of insanely long lines EVERY ELECTION are a reminder of how much voter suppression is just priced into results and the news coverage. It's purposeful. It's indefensible. The next Democratic president should make voter access a top priority. 5.38am GMTFormer presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, who has endorsed Bernie Sanders, described tonight’s results as a “coup” in a now-deleted tweet.Williamson deleted the tweet, but for posterity: pic.twitter.com/kdjCs5te3g 5.27am GMTThe Guardian’s Maanvi Singh reports from San Francisco:The mood has been a bit confused here in San Francisco. At Manny’s – a local bar and gathering place - many patrons cheered as soon as it became clear that Bernie Sanders would win the state. Kyle Schmolze said he was feeli “all the emotions” as Sanders was declared a winner in California, but with less of a lead than he’d hoped. pic.twitter.com/n89ez98nxG 5.16am GMTJoe Biden has taken a narrow lead in Texas, where 228 pledged delegates are up for grabs.With 63% of precincts reporting, Biden is at 30%, leading Bernie Sanders by 1 point and about 18,000 votes. 5.07am GMTHere’s some non-presidential primary news: Jeff Sessions, Trump’s former attorney general, has advanced to a runoff for his old Senate seat in Alabama. 4.56am GMTCongresswoman Ilhan Omar appeared to criticize Elizabeth Warren for not dropping out of the race as Joe Biden notched several victories in Super Tuesday states:Imagine if the progressives consolidated last night like the moderates consolidated, who would have won? That’s what we should be analyzing. I feel confident a united progressive movement would have allowed for us to #BuildTogether and win MN and other states we narrowly lost. https://t.co/lAj2mhI3GR 4.41am GMTThe Guardian’s Lauren Gambino reports from Los Angeles:An ebullient Joe Biden bounded on stage in Los Angeles, accompanied by his wife, Jill, and his “little sister,” who he mixed up before quickly correcting himself. 4.40am GMTProtesters rushed the stage at Joe Biden’s event in Los Angeles, raising concerns about security for the leading presidential candidates.Two anti-dairy protesters, who have disrupted other candidates’ events in recent days, ran on to the stage and had to be dragged off by some of Biden’s staffers.security at the Biden event is a bit lax pic.twitter.com/Bj5yzYcgEQY’all see Symone Sanders come off the line like a pro bowl linebacker. Geesh. pic.twitter.com/2Fib5ZqLoNI broke a nail. #SuperTuesdayDonald Trump received Secret Service protection in November 2015. It’s March 2020, and protesters rushed onto the stage of a major Democratic candidate — and his wife and staff had to act as security. 4.29am GMTHere’s how the AP was able to call the California primary so quickly for Bernie Sanders:News outlets conduct exit polls of voters to get a sense of which way a race is leaning. 4.22am GMTBernie Sanders’ victory in California marks an incredible comeback for the Vermont senator, who lost the state to Hillary Clinton in 2016.Clinton defeated Sanders in California by 7 points in 2016, giving her a 33-delegate advantage in the state. 4.14am GMTExit polls indicate Bernie Sanders has about a 15-point lead in California, the most delegate-rich state of the entire Democratic primary.If Sanders can maintain that lead, it will help him to counteract the post-South Carolina bounce that Joe Biden has clearly been enjoying tonight. 4.05am GMTThe polls just closed in California, but the AP has already called the state for Bernie Sanders, giving the Vermont senator a much-needed boost tonight.Sanders had been favored to win in California, where 415 pledged delegates were up for grabs. 4.00am GMTIt is 11 pm ET, so the polls have officially closed in California, the biggest prize of the night.Bernie Sanders is still favored to win in California, where 415 pledged delegates are up for grabs. 3.59am GMTThe Guardian’s David Smith reports from Charlotte, North Carolina:Democratic Congresswoman Alma Adams was celebrating at a watch party for Joe Biden supporters in Charlotte, North Carolina, where each state victory was greeted with cheers.At Joe Biden supporters watch party in Charlotte. Congresswoman Alma Adams: “We know Joe... We trust him, we love him and so that’s why we vote for him.” pic.twitter.com/VR6Z51lFxJ 3.55am GMTJoe Biden has won the primary in Massachusetts, the home state of Elizabeth Warren where Bernie Sanders was favored to win just days ago.With 59% of results in, Biden was at 34%, leading Sanders by 7 points and Warren by 14 points. 3.49am GMTThe Guardian’s Mario Koran reports from San Diego:Like many California cities, San Diego has in recent years been losing its black residents, who now make up just 6.5% of the population. In Southeast San Diego's historically black neighborhood, Bakir and his wife aren't excited about any candidates. "At this point, it's more about who you take out than who you put into the White House," Bakir says, referring to Trump. pic.twitter.com/cXD1pviD6k 3.47am GMTTrump’s reelection campaign released a statement saying the Super Tuesday results will create “more chaos” for Democrats. “The results only increase the likelihood that no candidate will have enough delegates for a first ballot victory at their convention, which only means more chaos!” said campaign manager Brad Parscale. 3.44am GMTThe Guardian’s Lois Beckett reports from Fresno, California:Erica Sanchez, 48, and her mother, Maria Sanchez, 68, both voted for Joe Biden today in Fresno, California, a diverse city of half a million people in California’s Central Valley. Erica Sanchez, 48, and her mother, Maria Sanchez, 68, both voted for Biden today in Fresno. It was a vote for “normalcy,” Maria said. “He’s been there before,” Erica said. “He knows how to get the job done.”Bloomberg is their #2 choice, for his track record of leadership pic.twitter.com/uV0GOF0tLs 3.38am GMTBernie Sanders has won the primary in Utah, where polls closed about half an hour ago.With 36% of results in, Sanders is at 32%, putting him 13 points ahead of Mike Bloomberg and 17 points ahead of Elizabeth Warren. 3.33am GMTTrump is reveling in Mike Bloomberg’s disappointing performance tonight, saying the former New York mayor had thrown hundreds of millions of dollars “down the drain.”The biggest loser tonight, by far, is Mini Mike Bloomberg. His “political” consultants took him for a ride. $700 million washed down the drain, and he got nothing for it but the nickname Mini Mike, and the complete destruction of his reputation. Way to go Mike! 3.25am GMTThe Guardian’s Maanvi Singh reports from San Francisco: At a watch party in San Francisco, the gasps and shrieks cut through the din as results from Colorado, Vermont and Texas come in. “I’m just holding these for people!” says Ilonah Pelaez, 29. Bernie Sanders’ rally is blaring on the TVs here and supporters are cheering along. pic.twitter.com/T75jAZyECZ 3.20am GMTJoe Biden will undoubtedly see a fundraising bump from his victories tonight, and one of his donors may come as a bit of a surprise.George Conway, who is married to senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, tweeted that he had donated the individual maximum to Biden.pic.twitter.com/gA6kn8X9xs 3.16am GMTThe Guardian’s Lois Beckett reports from Fresno, California:I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything as perfectly, beautifully American as the drive-thru polling station today in downtown Fresno, California. Honestly, Drive-Thru Voting — I love it! Here in Fresno, California. pic.twitter.com/SyVq8aapl3 3.13am GMTBernie Sanders has taken the stage at his rally in Burlington, Vermont, as results indicate Joe Biden has won at least seven Super Tuesday states.Bernie Sanders tells supporters in Vermont: "Tonight, I tell you with absolute confidence, we are going to win the Democratic nomination and we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country" https://t.co/dejxP1swQq pic.twitter.com/5J8h5dXuFa 3.06am GMTThe Guardian’s Sam Levine and Oliver Laughland report:Texas voters in some parts of the state waited in extremely long lines Tuesday, some for several hours, to cast a ballot in the state’s primary elections. I’m at the Peter T. Flawn Academic Center, part of the University of Texas at Austin. Students are still queuing up to vote here, some have been waiting 1hr and a half, and there’s another 45 min wait. pic.twitter.com/jDRFBxdPft 3.04am GMTMike Bloomberg reportedly intends to reassess the future of his campaign tomorrow, as Super Tuesday results indicate a disappointing showing for the former New York mayor.Bloomberg spent $500 million advertising and building field operations in states like Virginia and North Carolina, where Biden won decisive victories. 2.59am GMTThe AP has just called Arkansas for Joe Biden as well, marking his seventh victory of the night.With 19% of results in, Biden led Bernie Sanders by 11 points and Mike Bloomberg by 12 points. 2.51am GMTJoe Biden has won the primary in Minnesota after receiving a last-minute endorsement from former rival Amy Klobuchar, one of the state’s two senators.Just days ago, it looked like Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders were locked in a dead heat for Minnesota’s 75 pledged delegates. 2.46am GMTThe Guardian’s Dominic Rushe reports from a Bernie Sanders watch party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:Though Pennsylvania isn’t voting in its own primary until April, about 100 people turnout out here for the viewing party in East Liberty. This is 2020’s Obama HOPE poster. And it rocks #pittsburghforbernie pic.twitter.com/osXjj2y5Ms 2.44am GMTIt’s still early in the night, and the two biggest prizes -- California and Texas -- have not yet been called.That being said, early results indicate Joe Biden may have done what no other candidate could: recreate the Obama coalition.The funny thing is college white voters cycled through several other candidates - Harris, Warren, Pete, and (for like a week in February) Klobuchar - for the last year only to end up at Biden when it counted. Politics! 2.39am GMTThe Guardian’s Aben� Clayton reports from Richmond and Oakland in California:In Oakland and Richmond, two San Francisco Bay Area cities with majority Black and Latino populations, voters appeared split between frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. First time voter Troy Hesel, 31 of Richmond says that he “still soaking it all in” but is glad he glad his Uncle Troy brought him out. His uncle is voting for Biden because he “has had a foot in the game for a while.” pic.twitter.com/P5XDqMHQLh 2.33am GMTJoe Biden has won the primary in Tennessee, where most polls closed about an hour and a half ago.With 56% of the results in, Biden was at 36%, leading Bernie Sanders by 12 points. 2.31am GMTThe Guardian’s Lois Beckett reports from Manteca, California:Towns in California’s Central Valley often don’t get a lot of love from presidential candidates. When Pete Buttigieg visited the area earlier this year, a local Democratic congressman complained, “This is the first time for many people in this room to have ever seen a presidential contender.” Manteca: Carolyn and David Croyle. She voted for Sanders, he (a former Republican who voted for George W. Bush) voted for Warren, who he sees as “a little less demagogue-y” than Bernie. “I will vote for a bucket of rocks over Trump,” he said. pic.twitter.com/DKuDKtZzAg 2.28am GMTMike Bloomberg’s campaign has put out a rather vague statement on the future of his candidacy.“Tonight, only one-third of delegates will be allotted,” campaign manager Kevin Sheekey said. “As Mike said tonight, ‘No matter how many delegates we win tonight, we have done something no one else thought was possible. In just three months, we’ve gone from just 1% in the polls to being a contender for the Democratic nomination.’“Our number one priority remains defeating Donald Trump in November.” 2.18am GMTThe Guardian’s Sam Levin reports from Los Angeles:At Skid Row, the epicenter of the homelessness crisis in LA, voters living in shelters and on the street are able to cast ballots inside the Union Rescue Mission. Kevin Wilkerson, 52, Skid Row resident, just voted for Joe Biden. “I’m sick and tired of where this country is going and I’m sick and tired of this president.” pic.twitter.com/TeaCTtsASr 2.15am GMTThe AP has called Oklahoma for Joe Biden, about an hour after the polls closed in the Sooner State.The former vice president is running about 12 points ahead of second-place Bernie Sanders, with 53% of the vote in. 2.10am GMTThe Guardian’s Richard Luscombe reports from Mike Bloomberg’s (very short) rally in West Palm Beach, Florida:Barely 10 minutes after taking the stage in West Palm Beach, Mike Bloomberg is done, after delivering a largely flat address to supporters, perhaps reflecting the dawning reality that things are not going the way he had hoped on Super Tuesday, and that a big decision for his campaign is now looming. 2.05am GMTBernie Sanders has won the Colorado primary, his first victory of the night besides winning his home state of Vermont.Sanders had been expected to win Colorado, where 67 pledged delegates were up for grabs. 2.01am GMTIt’s 9 pm ET, so the polls have officially closed in Colorado, Minnesota and Texas.Texas is the second-biggest prize of the night after California, with 228 pledged delegates up for grabs.Dallas County, TX (early vote):Biden 27%Sanders 25%Bloomberg 20%Warren 11%Buttigieg 9%If Biden won the early vote there, it's a good omen for his prospects statewide. 1.58am GMTThe Guardian’s Lauren Gambino reports from Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday event in Los Angeles:It’s 70 degrees with a gentle breeze at golden hour in Los Angeles – the picture perfect backdrop to what is already a very good night for Joe Biden. Crowd at Joe Biden’s event breaks into a “Let’s go Joe,” chant after they’re informed he is projected to win North Carolina pic.twitter.com/XMvxPbf3uo 1.56am GMTThe schedule of tonight’s voting has put Bernie Sanders at a bit of a disadvantage, as Joe Biden performs well in southern states.Sanders is predicted to do well in western states like Colorado, Utah and California, which is the biggest prize of the night. 1.48am GMTThe Guardian’s Maanvi Singh reports from San Francisco:At Manny’s - a bar/bookstore/event space in San Francisco’s Mission district, people are anxiously sipping their wine and munching their crudit�s as they watch the first results and projections trickle in.There are lots of Sanders and Warren supporters here tonight. Stephanie Smith, 31, and Ryan prior, 30, were debating whether votes for Warren would cost Sanders a decisive victory in California. pic.twitter.com/G6wu942axw 1.42am GMTThe Guardian’s Oliver Laughland reports from Corsicana, Texas:Navarro College, in Corsicana, Texas, became world famous this year after the success of the Netflix documentary Cheer, which followed the college’s champion cheerleading squad as they fought to defend their national title last year.And I met Monica Aldama, the famous head coach. She was running frantically between buildings carrying a large box full of cheerleading costumes as team prep for the national championship next month. She said to planned to vote later today, but wouldn’t tell me who for. pic.twitter.com/94fZRpCwMV Related: Cheer coach offers advice at Texas polls: 'We can love each other no matter our backgrounds' 1.32am GMTThe Guardian’s David Smith reports from Charlotte, North Carolina:“Bullshit!” “No way! Already?” These were the cries at a watch party for Bernie Sanders supporters in Charlotte, North Carolina, when TV screens flashed the news that Joe Biden is projected to win the state.At a Bernie Sanders supporters watch party in Charlotte. Cries of “Bullshit!” and “No way! Already?” as TV announces Joe Biden is projected to win North Carolina. pic.twitter.com/tRmzzkuDKO 1.30am GMTIt’s 8:30 pm ET, so the polls in Arkansas have now closed.Considering Joe Biden’s sweep of southern states so far, the former vice president looks poised to do well in Arkansas. 1.26am GMTThe Guardian’s Richard Luscombe reports from Mike Bloomberg’s rally in West Palm Beach, Florida:Mike Bloomberg is preparing to take the stage in West Palm Beach to address supporters who are well refreshed by the range of luxurious free nibbles and sips on offer at his election night party, including goat’s cheese bites, mini-burgers, spinach flatbreads and a selection of beers and fine wines paid for by the billionaire’s expansive war chest. 1.20am GMTIt’s still early in the night, but so far, it appears Mike Bloomberg’s $500 million gamble on Super Tuesday has been a bust.The former New York mayor looks poised to receive no delegates in Virginia, where he spent nearly $18 million on advertising. 1.14am GMTElizabeth Warren’s home state of Massachusetts is too close to call, but exit polls indicate a close three-way race between Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.If Warren cannot carry her home state, it could deliver a fatal blow to the senator’s struggling campaign. 1.04am GMTPolls just closed in Alabama, but the AP has already called the state for Joe Biden, continuing the former vice president’s sweep of southern states.The immediate call for Biden points to a large margin of victory in Alabama, where 52 pledged delegates are up for grabs. 1.00am GMTIt is 8 pm ET, so the polls have closed in five states: Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee.Alabama appears to be a likely win for Joe Biden, considering the former vice president’s success in southern states so far. 12.54am GMTThe Guardian’s Richard Luscombe reports from Mike Bloomberg’s rally in West Palm Beach, Florida:Victoria Van Pelt was a Democratic delegate for Barack Obama in the 2012 election and loves Joe Biden, but thinks the vice president is too damaged by the impeachment scandal to be a viable candidate. So she is throwing her weight behind Mike Bloomberg.Victoria Van Pelt was an Obama delegate in 2012 and loves Joe Biden but thinks the Vice President is too damaged by the impeachment inquiry to be a viable candidate. Next best she says at Bloomberg rally in Florida is #MikeBloomberg2020 pic.twitter.com/j20WDlh7EO 12.49am GMTAP has called it, which means it’s official: Joe Biden has won the North Carolina primary.BREAKING: Joe Biden wins the Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina. #APracecall at 7:45 p.m. EST. #Election2020 #NCprimary https://t.co/lGfinjTqT4 12.43am GMTElizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg are struggling to hit viability in Virginia and North Carolina, according to exit polls.The two candidates had hoped to clear the 15% threshold required to pick up delegates, even if they did not win either state. 12.34am GMTThe polls have closed in North Carolina, where 110 pledged delegates are up for grabs.Joe Biden’s apparently decisive victory in Virginia had raised expectations for the former vice president in North Carolina, and immediately after polls closed, television networks called the state for Biden. 12.29am GMTThe Guardian’s Daniel Strauss reports from Richmond, Virginia:Immediately after polls closed, Virginia was called for former vice-president Joe Biden and Vermont was called for Senator Bernie Sanders. 12.27am GMTJoe Biden said he felt “optimistic” about his chances after learning of his victory in Virginia.“Feels good,” Biden told reporters in California of his Virginia win. “I don’t know what the actual results are, but it feels good and we’re optimistic. We’re going to do well in some other states as well.” 12.25am GMTVermont exit polls indicate Joe Biden cleared the 15% threshold to win delegates in the state.Bernie Sanders easily won his home state tonight and will collect the vast majority of Vermont’s 16 pledged delegates. 12.20am GMTJoe Biden’s victory in Virginia spells trouble for Mike Bloomberg, who spent about $18 million in advertising there.Bloomberg is counting on his $500 million campaign investment to propel him to delegate wins across the country tonight. 12.15am GMTA huge roar has just gone up at Bernie Sanders’ Super Tuesday rally in his home town of Burlington, Vermont, with chants of “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”.Huge roar at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Burlington, VT as polls close and victory declared here in his home state pic.twitter.com/IuXaEVDVpM 12.12am GMTExit polls show African-American voters in Virginia went for Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders by more than 40 points, which could indicate the former vice president is in for a very good night in southern states like Alabama and Tennessee.Folks: If @AP is calling Virginia a second after the polls close @JoeBiden is going to have a big night in the South Fairfax Co, the largest jurisdiction in Va, is famous for not reporting until very late. But this Biden margin has apparently made that moot 12.05am GMTThe polls in Vermont and Virginia have just closed, but both states have already been called because of the results of entrance polls.Bernie Sanders has won his home state of Vermont, as expected, but Joe Biden has surprisingly already been declared the winner of Virginia. 12.00am GMTIt is 7 pm ET, so the polls have officially closed in Vermont and Virginia.Vermont is considered a guaranteed win for Bernie Sanders, who has represented the state in the Senate since 2007.Virginia Democratic Primary Poll March 1-2 (n=510):Biden 45%Sanders 25%Warren 13%Bloomberg 10%Klobuchar 4%** Poll conducted mostly before Klobuchar dropped out. 11.52pm GMTPolls haven’t even closed yet in Super Tuesday states, but candidates are already looking ahead to the next contests.Elizabeth Warren has just announced she will travel to Michigan, Arizona and Idaho this weekend. 11.43pm GMTMike Bloomberg is showing no signs of dropping out of the race, as the billionaire candidate faces his first test with voters tonight. 11.30pm GMTSome Tennessee polling places are staying open later because of the tornadoes that swept through earlier today.The Tennessean reports: A Davidson County judge Tuesday afternoon ruled that polls can remain open until 8 p.m. CT at all sites across Nashville.Polls were originally set to close at 7 p.m. CT. Five polling sites will remain open until 10 p.m. CT. ... 11.12pm GMTThe biggest prize tonight is California, which has 415 pledged delegates up for grabs.Bernie Sanders is favored to win the state, but the margin of his potential victory will be crucial in determining whether the Vermont senator can secure a substantial delegate lead coming out of Super Tuesday. Even if a presidential candidate is declared the ‘winner’ of the California primary this week (or month), we probably won’t know how many delegates that or other candidates won until county election officials complete their vote counts and audits in April. 11.01pm GMTEarly exit polls indicate a signficant portion of Super Tuesday voters made their decision in the past few days, which could be good news for Joe Biden.According to the CNN exit polls, nearly half of Virginia voters said they made their decision in the past few days, and nearly 3 in 10 North Carolina voters said the same. 10.45pm GMTFourteen states across the country are voting today. Here’s when each state’s polls close, which is when results will start being reported: 10.30pm GMTHappy Super Tuesday, live blog readers!Voters in 14 states have been heading to the polls all day to decide which Democratic presidential candidate should face off against Donald Trump in November. Continue reading... http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Bernie Sanders stays upbeat but concerns grow after difficult night https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/04/bernie-sanders-super-tuesday-joe-biden https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/04/bernie-sanders-super-tuesday-joe-biden Wed, 04 Mar 2020 17:29:45 UTC Ed Pilkington in Burlington at Vermont | The Guardian Despite promising signs in California and among Latinos, there are several reasons for the Vermont senator to worryWhen Bernie Sanders came out to face his supporters in his home town of Burlington, Vermont, on Tuesday night he projected no signs of self-doubt. “We are going to defeat Trump because we are putting together an unprecedented grassroots multi-generational, multi-racial movement,” he boomed, thumping the podium. Related: Mike Bloomberg drops out of 2020 race as Elizabeth Warren 'to assess path forward' – live Related: How Elizabeth Warren destroyed Mike Bloomberg's campaign in 60 seconds Continue reading... http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Super Tuesday results: follow the votes live https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2020/mar/03/super-tuesday-results-primaries-democratic-delegates-live https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2020/mar/03/super-tuesday-results-primaries-democratic-delegates-live Wed, 04 Mar 2020 02:33:56 UTC Juweek Adolphe, Peter Andringa, Seán Clarke, Niko Kommenda and Enjoli Liston at Vermont | The Guardian More than a third of available delegates are up for grabs in Democratic primaries, with potential for one candidate to claim frontrunner statusSuper Tuesday: follow for live updatesContinue reading... http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ Fox News Host Mark Levin Says Bernie Sanders Is Racist Because He Lives In Vermont https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mark-levin-bernie-sanders-racist_n_5e43d76cc5b61b84d342b754 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mark-levin-bernie-sanders-racist_n_5e43d76cc5b61b84d342b754 Wed, 12 Feb 2020 12:01:18 UTC Vermont The staunch Trump defender went off on Sanders, who won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ The hardest decision of my life: to end a pregnancy because I had no paid leave https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/05/pregnancy-vermont-paid-parental-leave-abortion-difficult-decision https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/05/pregnancy-vermont-paid-parental-leave-abortion-difficult-decision Wed, 05 Feb 2020 06:00:02 UTC Charlotte Sullivan at Vermont | The Guardian Despite my job at a college and my husband’s job at a grocery store, neither of us would get paid parental leave. So we made a difficult choiceTell us what it’s like to be pregnant in the United StatesIn the summer of 2018, I was 34 years old. I lived with my husband-to-be in a one room apartment in rural New England. After spending almost a year underemployed, I was ecstatic to be offered a full-time job with benefits at a liberal arts college. I began working there a month before our wedding, a small ceremony we had carefully designed for months. A week after we were married, I found out I was pregnant.The pregnancy was unplanned; I was four weeks in. This new reality was disorienting. Looking at our wedding photos, I realized there were not just two lives present but three. I was cognizant of my age and wondered, what if this is my only chance? I am someone who takes comfort in color-coded to-do lists and calendars – an approach that often clashes with that of my more spontaneous husband. Was having the baby with extremely limited funds, in a small apartment, actually a romantic way to start a family? Related: Maternity leave: US policy is worst on list of the world's richest countries The US is the only one of the world’s 41 richest countries to offer no national paid family leave.We’d like you to help us understand more about the economic realities of pregnancy and childbirth in America. Please share your story with us. 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