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  • newSenators trade Brassard to Pens in 3-team deal
    The Penguins acquired center Derick Brassard from the Senators on Friday night in a three-team deal that sent defenseman Ian Cole to Ottawa and forward Ryan Reaves to the Vegas Golden Knights.
    - 16 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 9:36pm -
  • newLeafs' Matthews has MRI on injured shoulder
    Toronto forward Auston Matthews will miss the Maple Leafs' game Saturday against the Boston Bruins because of a shoulder injury.
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 6:42pm -
  • newGary Bettman hits back at NBC's ratings decline claim
    Mark Lazarus, chairman of NBC Broadcasting & Sports, declared that the NHL's absence from the Olympics hurt hockey ratings everywhere. Speaking at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman bristled at the suggestion.
    - 21 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 4:27pm -
  • newTrade grades: Brassard to the Penguins, Cole to Senators, Reaves to Vegas
    Last year, Derick Brassard battled the Penguins in the Eastern Conference finals. Now the center, whom Pittsburgh acquired from the Senators in a three-way deal that sent Ian Cole to Ottawa and Ryan Reaves to Vegas -- will help the Pens try to three-…
    - 22 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 3:23pm -
  • newNHL trade deadline: Trade Grades for every big deal
    Emily Kaplan and Greg Wyshynski grade every major deal leading up to the NHL trade deadline on Feb. 26.
    - 23 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 1:58pm -
  • newIslanders, Bailey agree to six-year, $30M deal
    The New York Islanders and forward Josh Bailey have agreed to a six-year, $30 million deal.
    - 23 hours ago, 23 Feb 18, 1:43pm -
  • Fantasy hockey forecaster: Feb. 26-Mar. 4
    Sean Allen breaks down fantasy hockey matchup data heading into the week of Feb. 26-Mar. 4 and analyzes potential fantasy value among big names on the trading block.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Feb 18, 11:11am -
  • Weekly Reader: Trade deadline X factors
    For different reasons, the Senators and Golden Knights will have an oversized impact on the trade deadline. We preview what could be a wild weekend, along with the Jersey Foul of the Week, a potential Olympic return for the NHL, puck headlines and mo…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Feb 18, 10:35am -
  • Germany upsets Canada, to play OAR for gold
    Germany upset Canada 4-3 in the semifinals of the men's hockey tournament at the Pyeongchang Olympics and will face the Russians for the gold medal on Sunday.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Feb 18, 9:48am -
  • Where should Karlsson, Nash, Pacioretty and more be traded?
    Where should Rick Nash be traded before Monday's deadline? What about Erik Karlsson? Here's your chance to weigh in on the trade destinations for the top stars rumored to be on the block ahead of the Feb. 26 trade deadline.
    - 1 day ago, 23 Feb 18, 7:09am -

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  • Claude Giroux Scores Amazing Goal
    I saw this highlight on Sportscenter, and I had to repost it here. Check out this fantastic goal by dangler Claude Giroux: I’ve got no clue why Johan Hedberg was so far out of the crease on this play – he got way too aggressive with his angles an…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 1:08pm -
  • Islander’s Defenceman Witt Hit by Car; Will Still Play Tonight
    Okay, okay, we get it. Hockey players are tough. I think we are beyond questioning this simple fact, but just in case there is someone out there that is unclear on this, read on. NHL Defenceman for the NY Islander’s, Brendan Witt, was hit by a car…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 1:03pm -
  • Top 10 Most Unusual Items Thrown On An Ice Surface

    Top 10 Most Unusual Items Thrown On An Ice Surface

    Ice. This is the cold, rigid, slippery surface used by hockey players around the world. They skate, shoot a small cylindrical black rubber object from end to end of this aforementioned surface attempting to score goals. The crowd throw their ball cap…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:52pm -
  • NHL officials botch two goal-calls
    This week, the NHL had its referees miss two goals in two separate games. In both of these games, the puck was clearly in the net, but both goals were waived off because of the now infamous ‘intent to blow whistle rule’. The first blown call was…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:50pm -
  • NHL GM’s meet about checks to the head
    We debated a while ago about the hit on David Booth, but after several other questionable hits (and suspensions), the NHL is discussing hits to the head, and whether they should be legal. All thirty of the league’s GM’s met, and discussed what co…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:45pm -
  • Hey Jason Chimera, Faceplant Much?

    Hey Jason Chimera, Faceplant Much?

    Sometimes there is nothing like a good still frame shot to really capture those ‘precious’ moments. This one in particular looks extremely painful for Jason Chimera, left winger of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Maybe Chimera is changing his mind abo…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:42pm -
  • Will the NHL Boycott the 2014 Olympics in Sochi?
    Adam Steevens is a student, author and blogger who has semi-coherent thoughts about the NHL The 2010 Winter Olympics are approaching, and NHL teams and players alike are preparing for the games – although most hockey fans are eying the next tournam…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:32pm -
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs – Forever Losers?
    Jeff Gesner is the owner/operator of a small sports apparel/memorabilia business called “The Stadium”. He spent some time in the scriptwriting business for film. The transition has been satisfying for Jeff being a sports fanatic. Forever losers?…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:29pm -
  • Top 10 Biggest NHL Goalie Bloopers
    Everyone loves to laugh at the guy with cake all over his face, right? There is nothing more embarrassing for an NHL goalie than letting a puck by you that has no business getting by you. The ‘mental mistakes’ as they call them, can cost your tea…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:24pm -
  • The Montreal Canadiens Will Fail
    The Montreal Canadiens have punched their ticket to failure. How is that possible, you’re asking? I’ll give you a few reasons why. Bob Gainey signed every available known player he could, so how does that result in failure? Why don’t you ask Gl…
    - 47 days ago, 8 Jan 18, 12:22pm -

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