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Frommer's: Behind the Guides

  • London 2012 Hotel Availability

    London 2012 Hotel Availability

    Reports yesterday on Day 4 of the Olympics tell the story of a very quiet London. Many companies suggested employees try and work from home, and everyone else seems to be heading towards Olympic Park and many of the other London venues, leaving areas…
    - 1 Aug 12, 1:03pm -
  • Remembering the Wit & Wisdom of "Born to Shop" Author Suzy Gershman: Her Best Quotes

    Remembering the Wit & Wisdom of "Born to Shop" Author Suzy Gershman: Her Best Quotes

    Last week, shoppers around the world lost an expert and an icon. We here at Frommer's lost a colleague and a friend. Longtime “Born to Shop” author Suzy Gershman died in her hometown of San Antonio after a ten-month struggle with brain cancer. Sh…
    - 31 Jul 12, 7:00am -
  • Rip it Up and Start Again
    One of the best things about working on travel guides is putting together first editions. I've worked mostly on these and it's a real pleasure to have all that space (say 50-80,000 words) to weigh up the best approach. Give me a blank page and I get…
    - 19 Jul 12, 10:10am -
  • Firestarter


    Iceland author Lisa Shannen takes a new tour inside a dormant volcano to discover a world benearth the surfaceUnless you happen to be a daredevil volcanologist or a real life Indiana Jones, taking a trip inside a volcano tube is something you would o…
    - 2 Jul 12, 4:57am -
  • Summer Holiday Ideas with 101 Holidays

    Summer Holiday Ideas with 101 Holidays

    With the summer holiday break imminent, it seems there are still a lot of families who have yet to plan where to go and what to do. We asked Mark Hodson, editor of 101 Holidays, to give us some recommendations on the best places to take your kids on…
    - 28 Jun 12, 4:11am -
  • Top Deals for UK Travellers

    Top Deals for UK Travellers

    Top Deals for UK Travellers including Lake Garda, Barbados, Gascony, Tanzania and Reykjavik.By Dinah HatchDeal 1: Lazing by the lakeInghams has sliced a tempting £306 off its Lake Garda holidays for early July and is offering seven nights surroun…
    - 26 Jun 12, 4:55am -
  • Visiting the Riviera Maya

    Visiting the Riviera Maya

    I recently returned from a dizzyingly informative few days at the WTTC Americas Summit in Mexico. At this first-ever regional meeting, Mexican President Calderón, tourism ministers, travel company leaders, and luminaries like Mexican businessman a…
    - 14 Jun 12, 10:13am -
  • Frommer's Checks In: London 2012 Mandeville Hotel

    Frommer's Checks In: London 2012 Mandeville Hotel

    Straddling between the chic French shops and trendy eateries of Marylebone Village and the vast designer department stores of bustling Oxford Street, the independently owned boutique-style Mandeville Hotel allows serious shoppers a luxurious spo…
    - 11 Jun 12, 9:53am -
  • Top Deals for UK Travellers

    Top Deals for UK Travellers

    Top Deals for UK Travellers including the Greek Islands, Tunisia, Egypt and Bulgaria.By Dinah HatchDeal 1: Get with the yacht setTake a five-star cruise along the Greek coastline and discover the islands this June while saving a whopping £3,703. …
    - 24 May 12, 11:33am -
  • Frommer’s Checks in: Luxurious Bermuda

    Frommer’s Checks in: Luxurious Bermuda

    Known for its pink-sand beaches, pastel-colored houses, shipwrecks ringing the island, and sailboats bobbing in its quaint sheltered harbors, Bermuda offers an idyllic island escape. And while many people assume that it’s in the Caribbean, it’s n…
    - 8 May 12, 5:48pm -

New York Times: Frugal Traveler Blog

    San Fran Chronicle: Troubleshooter

    • Travel Troubleshooter: Can expired tickets be unexpired?
      Q: My husband and I paid $3,000 for round-trip tickets on United Airlines last year for a flight from Washington to Zurich. We also took out a travel insurance policy. Because of a post-surgical medical issue, my husband could not travel. At that tim…
      - 6 days ago, 16 Nov 17, 3:20pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Navigating complex EU airline rule
      Q: Our recent Aer Lingus flight from Orlando to Dublin, Ireland, was canceled five hours before departure for no concrete reason. My husband and I are wondering if we have a claim under EU Regulation 261/2004. Aer Lingus says we do not because of “…
      - 20 days ago, 2 Nov 17, 7:36pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Canceled flight delays vacation
      Q: My family and I booked tickets with Norwegian Air Shuttle to fly to Rome via Oslo for our summer vacation. On the day of our outbound flight, Norwegian texted us that the flight was canceled, but offered no assistance to re-book in a timely fashio…
      - 28 days ago, 26 Oct 17, 12:12pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Airline gets on board with refunding fee
      Q: I recently flew from Tucson to Philadelphia on American Airlines. When I booked the trip, I inadvertently paid $56 for priority boarding instead of two checked bags. When I got to the airport, a…
      - 37 days ago, 16 Oct 17, 7:29pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Cheaper option ends up costing flier
      Q: I recently was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Washington, D.C., on Porter Airlines. The flight had been canceled when I arrived at the airport. Porter proposed rescheduling me on a flight two days later. A representative said the airline would p…
      - 44 days ago, 9 Oct 17, 3:51pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Insurer says yes — then no
      Q: I recently flew to New Zealand and back. I purchased a travel-insurance policy through AXA Assistance USA. On my return flight from Christchurch, New Zealand, to San Diego via Auckland and Los A…
      - 62 days ago, 22 Sep 17, 12:00pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Cruise accident not fully covered
      Q: We recently sailed with Celebrity Cruises from New Zealand to Australia. Unfortunately, I was injured on one of the Celebrity-sponsored excursions, a whitewater rafting adventure. Our raft partially capsized in a 23-foot waterfall, ejecting three…
      - 83 days ago, 31 Aug 17, 3:48pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Any compensation for being bumped?
      Isn’t there a rule that Delta should compensate us for being bumped? I noticed that on our return flight, they were offering $600 vouchers for people to give up their seats and take a later flight.If you have a seat on an oversold flight and an a…
      - 4 Aug 17, 12:56pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Waiting for price difference refund
      The representative said I would have to call back after the flight for a receipt.American Airlines should have promptly refunded the money, as promised.[...] it probably shouldn’t have charged you a change fee at all, because you made your chan…
      - 14 Jul 17, 12:38pm -
    • Travel Troubleshooter: Pricier seat declined to recline
      Travel Troubleshooter:In order to reserve a seat prior to 24 hours before the flight, I paid the required 40 pound fee.The airline’s response was that the cabin manager had no authority to offer compensation.British Airways was not prepared t…
      - 5 Jul 17, 5:12pm -

    The Independent: Travel News

    Travel + Leisure: Travel Tips

    I Am Packed

    • GeniusPack Travel Backpack

      GeniusPack Travel Backpack

      submitted by Bernard Capulong Whether you’re commuting to work, traveling to another country, or going to the gym, a quality backpack helps make the trip effortless. The Travel Backpack from GeniusPack isn’t your ordinary backpack—it’s got…
      - 10 May 16, 8:45am -
    • Travelling to Nepal

      Travelling to Nepal

      submitted by Rayyiu RadziMalaysia PassportFilmsSeiko 5Voigtlander Norton 40mm, 28mm, 58mmNatinal Geographic Camera BagNational Geographic Utility BagNational Geographic CapNotebookNepal MoneySebago BootsMoscot Miltzen
      - 9 Mar 16, 11:53am -
    • Travelling to 2 days seminar

      Travelling to 2 days seminar

      submitted by KhairibootsSam’s storyMishka workpantsArtline & pencilmoleskine notebookSketchbookLomo LC-Aa pair of fluffy socks
      - 9 Mar 16, 11:53am -
    • Travelling to Weekend in Las Vegas

      Travelling to Weekend in Las Vegas

      submitted by Matt MLeica M9Swim suit: PatagoniaLoafers: ZaraShirt, shorts, bag: J. Crew
      - 9 Mar 16, 11:53am -
    • Travelling to Las Vegas

      Travelling to Las Vegas

      submitted by Corey WeddingtonLatex Dipped Knuckle DustersRude Magazine Business CardsCannon 60DSketch BookSeaGate 500 Gig Hard DriveLucky Luis Vuitton BeltSony Y SeriesRock Star EnergyRude Republic Scate DeckHTC OneRude Republic StickersThin Sharpie
      - 9 Mar 16, 11:53am -
    Janine Just, Inc.
    Janine Just, Inc.
    Janine Just, Inc.
    Janine Just, Inc.

    Jaunted: Pop Culture Travel Guide

    • We're Taking Off for The Very Last Time

      We're Taking Off for The Very Last Time

      "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”—Seneca, a Roman philosopher but we know this line best from Semisonic’s song, "Closing Time." On Friday, July 31, HotelChatter, Jaunted and VegasChatter will check ou…
      - 31 Jul 15, 3:20pm -
    • The Best Part of Virgin Atlantic's Dreamliner is in the Bathroom

      The Best Part of Virgin Atlantic's Dreamliner is in the Bathroom

      Seating, comfort and food is all well and good when you’re talking about airplanes, and on a recent flight on the Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner, we can confirm they’ve done a good job - particularly in the economy seats, which are far more…
      - 31 Jul 15, 3:05pm -
    • Before You Check In Your Luggage, Pack for a Purpose

      Before You Check In Your Luggage, Pack for a Purpose

      There are trips where you overpack and simply can't stuff a single other sock inside your bag, and then there are those trips where it seems like you could smuggle a dog in your luggage with all the extra space. In both instances, indeed before every…
      - 31 Jul 15, 2:20pm -
    • How Does Your Airport Stack Up When It Comes to Affordability?

      How Does Your Airport Stack Up When It Comes to Affordability?

      Who doesn’t want to reduce travel expenses? (We do! We do!) One way to cut costs is on airfare. Believe it or not, your airport choice may play a big role in how much you save. Cheapflights just released its Sixth Annual Airport Affordability I…
      - 31 Jul 15, 1:00pm -
    • Los Angeles: Inside the New Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX

      Los Angeles: Inside the New Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX

      Back in May, there was much fanfare about the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX’s Terminal 2. Special enough to mark 25 years of service between Heathrow and Los Angeles! Panoramic views! British art! Worthy of the new LAX, not the one all sa…
      - 31 Jul 15, 12:10pm -
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