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    NOTE: This AUTO, AIRLINES & TRANSPORT feed will soon no longer be updated.

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  • Facing Up to a Four-Generation Society

    Facing Up to a Four-Generation Society

    Until now, few people routinely lived into their 90s. Welcome to the first four-generation world, where adults can expect to know their great-grandparents. The last similar shift, to a three-generation (3-Gen) world, transformed society completely.…
    - 1 Feb 19, 1:00am -
  • Convenience Is Key in Last-Mile Delivery around the World

    Convenience Is Key in Last-Mile Delivery around the World

    Getting consumers their packages when and where they want them in a cost-effective way is a global need, but shipping solutions vary by region.
    - 26 Nov 18, 1:00am -
  • Keeping Cool under Pressure

    Keeping Cool under Pressure

    Lineage Logistics president and chief executive officer Greg Lehmkuhl oversees an unglamorous but critically important kind of supply chain: temperature-controlled vehicles for transporting fresh and frozen food. Bringing this technology up to globa…
    - 21 Nov 18, 1:00am -
  • Best Business Books 2018: Narratives

    Best Business Books 2018: Narratives

    The best business books of the past year in the genre of narrative cover different terrain but also have a great deal in common. Diana Henriques's A First-Class Catastrophe: The Road to Black Monday, the Worst Day in Wall Street History explains how…
    - 5 Nov 18, 1:00am -
  • The Power of Price Points

    The Power of Price Points

    Once you understand how the airlines use "basic economy," you can begin to appreciate how customer segmentation can be beneficial to your business.
    - 17 Oct 18, 1:00am -
  • Business Leaders as Catalysts for Change

    Business Leaders as Catalysts for Change

    Innovation and leadership have always been closely linked. Part eight of s+b's "Inside the Mind of the CEO" series is an interview with the chief executive of a multi-industrial producer of intelligent buildings and energy storage solutions. The in…
    - 4 Apr 18, 1:00am -
  • Can Aerospace and Defense Companies Meet Their Great Expectations?

    Can Aerospace and Defense Companies Meet Their Great Expectations?

    To meet investors' expectations for profitable growth, Aerospace & Defense companies will have to change strategy. Instead of returning capital to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividends, they will have to invest aggressively in profitable…
    - 1 Feb 18, 1:00am -
  • Rewards Cards Test the Limits of Customer Loyalty

    Rewards Cards Test the Limits of Customer Loyalty

    How I liberated myself from points and why it matters to your company.
    - 25 Jan 18, 1:00am -
  • Innovating the Mundane

    Innovating the Mundane

    Space tourism and self-driving cars are exciting to ponder, but what about just making our current systems work better?
    - 31 Oct 17, 1:00am -

The Economist: Transportation

The Guardian: Automotive

  • Aston Martin chief executive faces vote against £1.2m salary
    Andy Palmer’s pay package has drawn criticism amid falling share pricesThe chief executive of Aston Martin faces the prospect of a vote against his pay package as he faces shareholders for the luxury carmaker’s first annual meeting as a listed co…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Jun 19, 7:37am -
  • Carmageddon: it’s killing urban life. We must reclaim our cities before it’s too late | George Monbiot
    Land Rover’s latest ads would have us believe that gas guzzlers contribute to urban culture. They do exactly the oppositeWhat is the best way of wrecking a city? Pour cars into it. Heavy traffic, 50 years of research shows, breaks up communities, d…
    - 4 days ago, 20 Jun 19, 9:10am -
  • Car price war and falling air fares cool UK inflation
    Rise in interest rates unlikely, with CPI down to 2% in May from 2.1% in AprilA fall in transport costs and cheaper clothing brought to an end the recent rise in inflation that threatened to push the Bank of England to increase interest rates.Energy…
    - 6 days ago, 19 Jun 19, 6:08am -
  • Carlos Ghosn's wife urges Trump to support her husband
    Carole Ghosn says she wants US president to talk to Japan’s Shinzo Abe about a fair trial for the former Nissan bossThe wife of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has appealed to Donald Trump for help and rejected suggestions that she was implicated i…
    - 8 days ago, 17 Jun 19, 3:56am -
  • Pendragon warns of annual loss as it slashes prices of used cars
    Share price of Britain’s biggest car dealer plunges almost 23% after announcementPendragon, Britain’s biggest car dealer, said it would remain in the red this year because of a tough market that has forced it to slash prices of used cars.The comp…
    - 13 days ago, 12 Jun 19, 5:03am -
  • Aston Martin opens new factory in south Wales to build SUV
    DBX to be ready for sale next year, with bosses hoping to broaden Aston’s appealJames Bond has appeared behind the wheel of many vehicles: from a Lotus Esprit that turned into a submarine to a rather less glamorous Ford Mondeo. But Aston Martin is…
    - 14 days ago, 10 Jun 19, 1:41pm -
  • The Observer view: Ford is a grim portent of the future for our industries | Observer editorial
    Why would anyone invest in the UK when tariffs and border delays could cause chaos?The car industry is in the early stages of a massive shakeout and the evidence is that Britain will be one of the biggest losers. Ford’s closure of its Bridgend engi…
    - 16 days ago, 9 Jun 19, 1:00am -
  • 'Body blow for area': Bridgend devastated by Ford factory closure
    Plant workers and locals warn carmaker’s decision to shut site in 2020 will hit other businessesFord to close Bridgend factory by September 2020Workers at Ford’s sprawling Bridgend engine factory expressed anger at their employer and voiced fears…
    - 18 days ago, 6 Jun 19, 12:47pm -
  • Ford workers devastated as Bridgend factory closure confirmed - business live
    Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as workers in Bridgend gather to hear the future of Ford’s engine plantBreaking: Ford confirms plant shuts in 2020Ford: We’re still committed to UKUnite: We’ll fight this closurePlaid…
    - 18 days ago, 6 Jun 19, 10:21am -
  • Ford to close Bridgend factory by September 2020
    Major blow to UK car industry as US company confirms closure, with loss of 1,700 jobs ‘Body blow for area’: Bridgend devastated by Ford decisionFord has confirmed that it will close its Bridgend engine plant in September 2020 with the loss of 1,7…
    - 19 days ago, 6 Jun 19, 5:35am -

The Guardian: Low Emission Cars

  • Should I buy an electric car? All you need to know about prices, technology and range
    As big global carmakers electrify their models, we ask experts about how things could shape up in AustraliaOf all the bizarre sideshows on the 2019 federal election trail, the pantomime around electric cars had to be one of the strangest. Scott Morri…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Jun 19, 8:36pm -
  • Russia is not alone in exploiting Africa | Letters
    Tracey Lindner says the scramble for Africa is largely about securing resources that are crucial for military and civilian digital technology. Terry McGinn shines a spotlight on the USForeign involvement in Africa is far from unique to Russia (Leaked…
    - 10 days ago, 14 Jun 19, 11:36am -
  • The Guardian view on net zero emissions: better late than never | Editorial
    Announcing a target to cut greenhouse gases by at least 100% below 1990 levels in 2050 is a necessary step to tackle the climate emergency. But it won’t be enough on its ownOne of Theresa May’s most consequential decisions of her unhappy premiers…
    - 12 days ago, 12 Jun 19, 1:24pm -
  • Jaguar Land Rover teams up with BMW to produce electric cars
    Partnership between UK and German firms created to lower costs for volume productionJaguar Land Rover is teaming up with BMW in a partnership designed to lower costs and try to get ahead in the race to produce electric cars for the mass market.The UK…
    - 20 days ago, 5 Jun 19, 6:22am -
  • Standardise batteries on electric vehicles | Letters
    Richard Snape says drivers should be able to exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged one at a service station. Plus Adrian Townsend questions the wisdom of recommending a new Oxford-to-Cambridge motorwayI think the National Infrastructure Com…
    - 20 days ago, 4 Jun 19, 12:04pm -
  • A 99, sprinkles and no diesel: here come the electric ice-cream vans…
    Battery equipment that can make 600 cones an hour being trialled as concerns over diesel pollution riseThe Mr Whippys of Britain have not had the best start to the year. Ice-cream vans have been facing mounting criticism after campaign groups and par…
    - 23 days ago, 2 Jun 19, 3:00am -
  • Jump-start the electric revolution | Letters
    Bridget Rosewell calls for a national vehicle charging network; Bob Pike thinks it is good news that car production is plunging; David Flint says the Green party has the right ideaYour story “Electric vehicle drivers at risk by charging from home m…
    - 24 days ago, 31 May 19, 12:03pm -
  • Electric vehicle drivers at risk by charging from home mains supply
    Charity urges UK government to expand national network of public charging pointsAn inadequate public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the UK is forcing drivers to take risks by opting for highly dangerous alternatives at home, an elec…
    - 26 days ago, 30 May 19, 1:27am -
  • Eco-friendly modes of transport for all | Letters
    The Nissan Leaf is a cheap, mass market, fully electric car, writes Stephen Emsley. And David Walker remembers South Yorkshire’s subsidised public transport systemChristine Benning is right (Letters, 23 May). We need a cheap, mass-market, fully ele…
    - 26 days ago, 29 May 19, 1:04pm -
  • Fiat Chrysler proposes merger with Renault to reshape car industry
    Deal would create world’s third-largest automaker and ‘save €5bn a year’ by sharing researchFiat Chrysler has proposed a €32.6bn (£28.3bn) merger with France’s Renault that would create the world’s third-largest carmaker and save billi…
    - 29 days ago, 27 May 19, 6:13am -
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