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  • Macron Preserves China Contracts, Ignoring the Persecuted

    Macron Preserves China Contracts, Ignoring the Persecuted

    Expand French President Emmanuel Macron (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) shake hands during a press conference in Beijing, China, January 9, 2018.  ©…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • France Should Confront China on Rights

    France Should Confront China on Rights

    French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault will arrive in China tomorrow for what will be his last official visit in this country. But he can make it much more than that: it’s an opportunity to publicly express his concern about the serious attack o…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • China: Secretive Detention System Mars Anti-Corruption Campaign

    China: Secretive Detention System Mars Anti-Corruption Campaign

    (Hong Kong) – The Chinese government should immediately abolish a secretive detention system used to coerce confessions from corruption suspects. The Communist Party-run system, known as shuanggui, has no basis under Chinese law but is a key compon…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Provide Genuine Refuge to World’s Displaced

    Provide Genuine Refuge to World’s Displaced

    Expand Asylum seekers behind a metal fence in the ‘Hangar 1’ detention center, in Röszke, Hungary. September 9, 2015. © 2015 Zalmaï for Human Rights Watc…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Asia’s ‘Shoot-to-Kill’ Republic?

    Asia’s ‘Shoot-to-Kill’ Republic?

    Expand The Philippine Daily Inquirer records 265 deaths of suspected criminals and drug users between June 30, the day Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, and July 18.…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Afghanistan: Hazardous Work for Children Widespread

    Afghanistan: Hazardous Work for Children Widespread

    (New York) – The Afghan government is failing to protect tens of thousands of children, some as young as 5, from hazardous conditions in the workplace, in violation of Afghanistan’s labor laws. Expa…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • North Korea's Caste System

    North Korea's Caste System

    When Choi Seung Chol was born in North Korea in 1990, his parents believed that they already knew how his life would unfold. The government would feed him and provide him with free housing, education, and health care. In exchange, the authorities wou…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Thailand: Junta Bans Referendum Monitoring

    Thailand: Junta Bans Referendum Monitoring

    Update 06/23/16: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha on June 20, 2016, raised concerns about stepped-up government repression ahead of Thailand’s constitutional ref…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • India and US should not miss this chance to set a global example
    They have met over a cup of tea, strolled at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and declared Indo-US ties to be stronger than ever before. But when President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi meet on June 7, the messaging should now be…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • India: Stop Treating Critics As Criminals

    India: Stop Treating Critics As Criminals

    (New Delhi) – The Indian authorities routinely use vaguely worded, overly broad laws as political tools to silence and harass critics, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today. The government should repeal or amend laws that are used…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -

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  • Airstrike hits Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan
    A fire is seen after an apparent US airstrike hit a hospital run by Doctors without Borders in Kunduz, Afghanistan on Oct. 03, 2015. Photo by MSF/Pool/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesAn apparent U.S. airstrike wreaked havoc in the embattled Afghan city o…
    - 3 Oct 15, 5:18pm -
  • Wildfires in Russia scorch world’s largest freshwater lake
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioSTEPHEN FEE: On the shores of Lake Baikal, in Russian Siberia, unusually warm temperatures and dry conditions made for dangerous wildfire conditions this summer.At least 1,500 square miles of forest burned until the…
    - 3 Oct 15, 5:13pm -
  • Aid group calls for investigation after hospital hit by apparent U.S. airstrike
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioHARI SREENIVASAN, PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND ANCHOR: The seizure of Kunduz, Afghanistan’s sixth largest city, was the Taliban’s biggest tactical victory since 2001.And fighting with government troops has escalated ther…
    - 3 Oct 15, 3:40pm -
  • News Wrap: Hurricane Joaquin batters the Bahamas
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: In other news, the economy turned in a subpar showing for September. The Labor Department reported today that employers added 142,000 jobs, less than expected, as oil drillers and others cut back on hir…
    - 2 Oct 15, 6:45pm -
  • Free Syrian Army fighters say Russia is punishing Assad opponents
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Russia again launched airstrikes in Syria today in a bid to bolster the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. But, in Washington, President Obama said the U.S. will not cooperate with the Russian campai…
    - 2 Oct 15, 6:35pm -
  • How long can Germany stay welcoming to refugees?
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Refugees from across the Middle East continue to flee civil wars and the threat of ISIS. Germany, among the European nations, has been welcoming them. But in this report from Munich, currently in the m…
    - 2 Oct 15, 6:30pm -
  • Photos: Children are most vulnerable in the refugee crisis
    Migrants stand in a field as they wait for buses to take them to shelters after they crossed the border from Serbia, near Tovarnik, Croatia, on Sept. 24, 2015. Photo by Marko Djurica/ReutersAs countries bordering Syria reach capacity, more and more…
    - 2 Oct 15, 5:07pm -
  • I was a refugee. I’m haunted by today’s images of child refugees
    Rusul Alrubail, left, with her sister and cousin in Baghdad around 1990. Alrubail and her family were forced to flee Iraq when she was in the first grade. Photo courtesy of Rusul AlrubailI was born in Baghdad. My family was well off and we lived in…
    - 2 Oct 15, 4:36pm -
  • Quiz: Taliban takeover to lunar eclipse, test your world news know-how
    The week started with an unusual celestial event and ended with airstrikes in Syria. In between were speeches from world leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly in New York. Take our five-minute quiz on these international events and more.Fol…
    - 2 Oct 15, 10:51am -
  • WATCH LIVE: 2015 U.N. General Assembly speeches
    Watch heads of state speak at the 70th session of the U.N. General Assembly starting at 9 a.m. EDT each day this week. We’ll update this post with highlights.More than 150 world leaders are gathering at U.N. headquarters in New York this week wit…
    - 2 Oct 15, 9:00am -

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