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Breaking News: Kazakhstan

Gov.uk: Kazakhstan

HRW: Kazakhstan

  • Arvind Ganesan
    Arvind Ganesan is the director of Human Rights Watch’s Business and Human Rights Division. He leads the organization’s work to expose human rights abuses linked to business and other economic activity, hold institutions accountable, and develop s…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Hugh Williamson
    Hugh Williamson, director of the Europe & Central Asia division, oversees the organisation’s work in western and eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia, the south Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He oversees issues including migrat…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Kazakhstan: Trade Union Leader Convicted

    Kazakhstan: Trade Union Leader Convicted

    Expand Larisa Kharkova, President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan (right), and her lawyer, Dina Volkova (left), seated before Khakova gives her closi…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • What Kazakhstan Needs to Hear from German President Steinmeier
    There is little doubt that Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev will roll out the red carpet for his German counterpart when Frank-Walter Steinmeier touches down in Astana for a three-day visit starting on July 11. But these are busy times in th…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • UN Secretary-General Fails to Speak Up for Rights in Central Asia

    UN Secretary-General Fails to Speak Up for Rights in Central Asia

    Expand United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres shakes hands with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev during their meeting at the Ala-Archa state residence in Bishkek, Jun…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Kazakhstan Comes Under Fire for Workers’ Rights Crackdown

    Kazakhstan Comes Under Fire for Workers’ Rights Crackdown

    Expand A worker walks past oil tanks in southern Kazakhstan.  © 2016 Reuters For the third year in a row, Kazakhstan’s woeful record on workers…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Not All that Glitters in Kazakhstan Is Gold
    Kazakhstan’s EXPO 2017, an international exposition featuring the theme of “future energy,” opened with much fanfare on June 9 in Astana, the country’s capital. The large spherical building that houses Kazakhstan’s national pavilion, t…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Joint Letter to the President of Finland
    July 13, 2017Sauli NiinistöPresidentFinlandMariankatu 200170 HelsinkiFinlandOpen letter to the President of FinlandMr. President Sauli Niinistö,On behalf of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and Human Rights Watch, please accept our rega…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Joint Letter to the Confédération Suisse
    June 13, 2017Confédération SuisseEffingerstrasse 273003 BernSwitzerlandOpen letter to the President and Foreign Councillor of the Swiss ConfederationMrs. President Doris Leuthard, dear Mr. Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter,On behalf of…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
  • Central Asia: UN Leader Should Feature Rights on Regional Visit

    Central Asia: UN Leader Should Feature Rights on Regional Visit

    Expand UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addresses the 34th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, February 27, 2017. © 2017 Reuters…
    - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -

IRIN: Kazakhstan

  • Killing us softly

    Killing us softly

    A recent public outcry in China, sparked by a damning documentary about air pollution, was based on well-founded fear:Of the 100 million people who viewed the film on the first day of its online release, 172,000 are likely to die each year from air…
    - 26 Mar 15, 8:00pm -
  • Scale of Vanuatu cyclone disaster complicates aid response

    Scale of Vanuatu cyclone disaster complicates aid response

    The scale of Vanuatu’s cyclone disaster is matched only by the complexity of the required humanitarian response, according to both the government and aid workers arriving on the battered Pacific islands.“The problem is absolutely massive,” Ali…
    - 15 Mar 15, 8:00pm -
  • Vanuatu reeling from impact of cyclone Pam

    Vanuatu reeling from impact of cyclone Pam

    The closure of the main airport in Vanuatu is hampering the humanitarian response to cyclone Pam, which tore through the Pacific island archipelago yesterday, causing colossal damage.The airport in the capital, Port Vila, is still flooded and trees…
    - 13 Mar 15, 8:00pm -
  • Cyclone Pam batters Vanuatu

    Cyclone Pam batters Vanuatu

    As cyclone Pam, a category 5 storm, makes landfall today on the pacific islandsof Vanuatu, humanitarian workers there say the urban poor are especially at risk.High winds and rains are lashing the islands, and news agencies reported that even solid…
    - 12 Mar 15, 8:00pm -
  • Who celebrity advocates are really targeting. And it’s not you.

    Who celebrity advocates are really targeting. And it’s not you.

    This week was a fanfare for celebrity humanitarians: Forest Whitaker appealed for peace in South Sudan alongside UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos; Angelina Jolie opened an academic centre on sexual violence in conflic…
    - 12 Feb 15, 7:00pm -
  • An ambitious plan to end statelessness

    An ambitious plan to end statelessness

    It is now 60 years since stateless people received recognition in international law, and the UN has two conventions (1954 and 1961) dedicated to their protection and the regularization of their situation. Yet an estimated 10 million people worldwide…
    - 6 Nov 14, 7:00pm -
  • Asia's first IDP policy - from theory to practice

    Asia's first IDP policy - from theory to practice

    "Why does it allow them to stay?" the man asked incredulously. "They should be going back to their homes."Afghanistan's internally displaced persons (IDP) policy - finally passed earlier this year after a long delay, but not yet implemented - is a l…
    - 19 Oct 14, 7:00pm -
  • Guide sommaire du droit de la guerre islamique
    Il y a un regain d’intérêt des traductions de textes classiques sur le droit de la guerre islamique qui viennent s’ajouter aux nombreux travaux sur les liens avec le droit international humanitaire (DIH) et la protection des civils. IRIN vous p…
    - 5 May 14, 7:00pm -
  • Rough guide to Islamic rules of war

    Rough guide to Islamic rules of war

    There is a renewed interest in translating classical texts about Islamic rules of war into English, adding to the increasing body of work on the intersections between Islam, international humanitarian law (IHL) and the protection of civilians. IRIN p…
    - 23 Apr 14, 7:00pm -
  • Life-saving hepatitis C drug approved, but cost is high

    Life-saving hepatitis C drug approved, but cost is high

    Following approvals in the US and Europe this month of a new drug to treat hepatitis C, activists are pushing for the medication to be made available in poor countries, a development reminiscent of the activism that forced down HIV/AIDS drug prices a…
    - 22 Dec 13, 7:00pm -

The Economist: Kazakhstan

The Guardian: Kazakhstan News

  • I’ll get my goat: Kazakhstan's ancient sport for modern times
    The sport of kokpar is like blood-drenched polo, with a headless goat as the ball. And even as Kazakhstan tries to forge a modern, high-tech identity for itself, this age-old game is being pushed as a defining part of its culture. By Will BoastThe mo…
    - 3 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 2:45am -
  • Rick Ross reveals his sex-proof business strategy
    The rap mogul worries that women and work do not mix and so has kindly agreed not to hire any in case his libido gets the better of him. Plus, Nicolas Cage’s tour of KazakhstanLet us examine the human resources tenets of rapper Rick Ross, who was a…
    - 21 days ago, 27 Jul 17, 1:35pm -
  • Face/Off? Nic Cage seems more Moonstruck at Kazakh film festival
    Actor’s bizarre garb and expression in photograph inspires internet memeIt’s not always easy being Nicolas Cage. One minute you are donning traditional dress at a film festival, the next a meme mocking your expression has quickly spread across th…
    - 24 days ago, 24 Jul 17, 8:09am -
  • The ‘golden visa’ deal: ‘We have in effect been selling off British citizenship to the rich’
    The little-known immigration arrangement provided British residency in exchange for a £2m investment. Now a fraud case involving a Kazakh billionaire has shed light on how 3,000 wealthy people entered the country under the scheme – with no Home Of…
    - 44 days ago, 4 Jul 17, 2:10pm -
  • Victory Day in Russia and former Soviet republics - in pictures
    Nations of the former USSR commemorate the 1945 defeat of Nazi Germany in the second world war. The Soviet Union is estimated to have lost 26 million people in the war, including 8 million soldiers. Victory Day is Russia’s most important secular ho…
    - 9 May 17, 11:02am -
  • Syrian rebels walk out of press conference as 'safe zone' deal is signed
    Angry delegates leave Astana conference called to announce ‘de-escalation’ plan agreed by Turkey, Iran and RussiaTurkey, Iran and Russia have signed an agreement calling for the creation of four “safe zones” in Syria, a proposal rejected by o…
    - 4 May 17, 1:39pm -
  • Cold catch: the ice fishermen of Astana – in pictures
    Outside the Kazakh capital, Astana, the river snowscape is populated by strange figures. Detroit-based photographer Aleksey Kondratyev investigated and discovered they were ice fishermen, who brave -40C temperatures waiting patiently for their catch…
    - 14 Mar 17, 4:30am -
  • Russia's rare snow leopards find protection in camera traps
    In the remote Altai mountains, cameras traps are shedding light on the secret lives of these elusive animals, enabling researchers to identify individual leopards in the first ever nationwide censusThe snow leopard is so rare and elusive that it’s…
    - 10 Mar 17, 6:55am -
  • We must not turn our backs on journalists who lack our freedom
    Let us not forget that too many reporters, photographers and bloggers around the world lose their liberty, and their lives, simply for trying to do their jobI’m always wary of referring to the west as “the free world”, and of proclaiming that w…
    - 31 Jan 17, 3:00am -
  • Sponsors of Syria talks in Astana strike deal to protect fragile ceasefire
    Russia, Turkey and Iran to set up trilateral commission to monitor breaches of ceasefire that came into effect last monthTortuous efforts to install a credible international body to entrench and broaden the patchwork ceasefire in Syria have partially…
    - 24 Jan 17, 7:44am -
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Janine Just, Inc.
Janine Just, Inc.

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