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  • Portugal's biggest wildfire: 'We all thought we were going to die' – video
    On 17 June, a fire swept through the forests of central Portugal, killing 64 people and destroying more than 480 houses. After a summer of record numbers of wildfires across southern Europe, the Guardian travelled to devastated villages in Portugal t…
    - 5 days ago, 19 Sep 17, 3:00am -
  • Corrupt Brazilian tycoon among applicants for Portugal's golden visas
    Leaked documents also show relatives of an Angolan politician accused of bribery bought access to Europe via PortugalCyprus ‘selling’ EU citizenship to super rich of Russia and UkraineBusiness executives implicated in a Brazilian corruption scand…
    - 6 days ago, 18 Sep 17, 10:00am -
  • Weakest eurozone economies on long road to recovery
    Greece, Portugal and Ireland required bailouts during financial crisis, while Spain and Italy came close. How are they doing now?Jean-Claude Juncker’s hailing of Europe’s economic recovery came in terms that would have been unimaginable at the he…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Sep 17, 11:00am -
  • A two-headed turtle and Andrew Flintoff as Elvis: today's unmissable photos
    A selection of the day’s best images including wildfires in California and a marathon in a Norwegian national park Continue reading...
    - 21 days ago, 3 Sep 17, 8:27am -
  • Madonna moves to Lisbon as son joins Benfica youth academy
    Singer buys house near Portuguese capital after David Banda, 11, who she adopted from Malawi, joins the football teamMadonna has reportedly moved to Lisbon after her 11-year-old son David Banda joined the Benfica football team youth academy.The Portu…
    - 24 days ago, 31 Aug 17, 10:01am -
  • Lessons on austerity from all over Europe | Letters
    Portugal’s PR vote system put it on the right path, says Dee Searle; Greece shows that political perspectives alone don’t cut it, says Elspeth Geronimos; the UK economy was recovering under Labour in 2009-10 but Cameron and Osborne blew it, says…
    - 28 days ago, 27 Aug 17, 12:48pm -
  • Best photos from around the world: snow on Mars as carnival hots up
    A selection of the day’s best images, including monsoon rains in Pakistan, rescued dogs in New York and preparations for Notting Hill carnival Continue reading...
    - 30 days ago, 25 Aug 17, 9:29am -
  • No alternative to austerity? That lie has now been nailed | Owen Jones
    For years we’ve been told that only deep cuts can save our economy. Portugal’s socialist-led government has proved the oppositeEver since the banks plunged the western world into economic chaos, we have been told that only cuts offer economic sal…
    - 31 days ago, 24 Aug 17, 1:00am -
  • Wildfires trap 2,000 people in town in central Portugal
    Flames and smoke surround Mação, making it impossible to enter or leave – the latest in country’s deadliest year for fires Forest fires have cut off a town of 2,000 people in Portugal, as firefighters struggle to control two large blazes in the…
    - 38 days ago, 17 Aug 17, 9:58am -
  • Falling oak tree kills religious festivalgoers on Madeira
    Fall of 200-year-old tree kills at least 12 and injures scores during Celebration of Our Lady of the Mount festival near FunchalAt least 12 people have been killed after a 200-year-old oak tree fell into a crowd at a religious festival on the Portugu…
    - 40 days ago, 15 Aug 17, 1:00pm -
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