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Breaking News: Colombia

Colombia Reports

    Gov.uk: Colombia

    HRW: Colombia

    • Arvind Ganesan
      Arvind Ganesan is the director of Human Rights Watch’s Business and Human Rights Division. He leads the organization’s work to expose human rights abuses linked to business and other economic activity, hold institutions accountable, and develop s…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • José Miguel Vivanco
      José Miguel Vivanco, director of Human Rights Watch's Americas division, is a general expert on Latin America. Before joining Human Rights Watch, Vivanco worked as an attorney for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights at the Organization of…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Colombia: Abuses Amid Massive Demonstrations

      Colombia: Abuses Amid Massive Demonstrations

      Expand Police detain an anti-government demonstrator during a nationwide strike in Bogota, Colombia, on November 21, 2019. © 2019 AP Photo/Ivan Valencia…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Colombia: Uphold Women’s Rights in Abortion Case

      Colombia: Uphold Women’s Rights in Abortion Case

      Expand Women organize green cloth banners to be placed on sculptures of Colombian artist Fernando Botero during a protest in Medellin, Colombia on September 28, 2019.…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Amicus Curiae Regarding Access to Abortion in Colombia
      Washington, D.C., January 30, 2020Honorable Alejandro Linares CantilloJustice of the Constitutional Court of ColombiaBogotá, D.C. – ColombiaCase: D-13255Subject: Human Rights Watch amicus curiae briefIntroductionHuman Rights Watch has t…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Colombia/Venezuela: Armed Groups Control Lives at Border

      Colombia/Venezuela: Armed Groups Control Lives at Border

      January 22, 2020Video Colombia/Venezuela: Armed Groups Control Lives at Border Killings, Forced Labor, Child Recruitment (…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Colombia/Venezuela: Armed Groups Control Lives at Border
      Armed groups use brutal violence to control peoples’ daily lives in the eastern Colombian province of Arauca and the neighboring Venezuelan state of Apure.
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • “The Guerrillas Are the Police”

      “The Guerrillas Are the Police”

      SummaryIn the eastern Colombian province of Arauca and the neighboring Venezuelan state of Apure, non-state armed groups use violence to control peoples’ daily lives. They impose their own rules, and to enforce compliance they threaten civilians…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • Colombia


      The 52-year armed conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government officially ended with a peace accord in 2016. Despite an initial overall decline, conflict-related violence has taken new forms and serious abuses…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -
    • The War at the Colombia-Venezuela Border

      The War at the Colombia-Venezuela Border

      Expand Graffiti on the wall of a brothel in Convención in the Catatumbo region, where most women working were Venezuelan exiles. The EPL (Popular Liberation Army) is one of the arm…
      - 31 Dec 69, 7:00pm -

    The Economist: Colombia

    The Guardian: Colombia News

    • 'Coronavirus could wipe us out': indigenous South Americans blockade villages
      Groups in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru withdraw into homes as physicians highlight history of diseases ‘decimating’ communitiesIndigenous groups across South America are blockading their villages and retreating into their traditional forest…
      - 2 days ago, 30 Mar 20, 5:30am -
    • Late-breaking news: there's been a pandemic while you were away
      A full-scale disaster unfolded as we switched our phones back on after nine days of Colombian beaches and junglesYou can learn a lot about yourself in times of crisis, but you learn a hell of a lot more about the person you weather said crisis with.…
      - 4 days ago, 29 Mar 20, 2:00am -
    • Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' show how invasive species can restore a lost world
      Descendants of the drug lord’s pets bear similarities to extinct megafaunaWhen the drug lord Pablo Escobar was shot dead in 1993, he left behind a zoo stocked with wild animals alongside his multibillion dollar cocaine empire. The lions, giraffe…
      - 8 days ago, 24 Mar 20, 5:12am -
    • Colombian death squads exploiting coronavirus lockdown to kill activists
      Three social leaders were killed last week after quarantine measures were introducedDeath squads in Colombia are taking advantage of coronavirus lockdowns to murder rural activists, local NGOs have warned. Related: 'Staggering number' of human rights…
      - 9 days ago, 23 Mar 20, 7:26pm -
    • Colombia's narco-submarines - a photo essay
      For years, they were referred to in hushed tones simply as “Big Foot” – a mythical creature rumored but never seen – but these days, the narco-submarines used by Colombia’s drug cartels have become almost commonplace.Photographs by Luis Rob…
      - 10 days ago, 23 Mar 20, 3:00am -
    • Colombian prison riot over coronavirus fears kills 23
      More than 80 prisoners injured in protests against sanitary conditions in jailCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA prison riot in Colombia’s capital Bogotá left 23 prisoners dead and 83 injured, the country’s justice m…
      - 10 days ago, 22 Mar 20, 2:01pm -
    • Ecosystems the size of Amazon 'can collapse within decades'
      Large biomes can break down like Jenga bricks once tipping point reached, research findsEven large ecosystems the size of the Amazon rainforest can collapse in a few decades, according to a study that shows bigger biomes break up relatively faster th…
      - 22 days ago, 10 Mar 20, 12:00pm -
    • In brief: Girl, Woman, Other; Damascus; Colombia Es Pasion – review
      Bernardine Evaristo’s Booker-winning novel; a brutal exploration of the world of St Paul; Colombian cyclists overcoming the odds Continue reading...
      - 24 days ago, 8 Mar 20, 11:00am -
    • Armed rebels impose brutal rules in Venezuela-Colombia border region
      Human Rights Watch report finds rape, murder and kidnappings on both sides of border, where people are unable to move freelyGuerrilla groups have supplanted state rule on both sides of the lawless border between Venezuela and Colombia, where they imp…
      - 71 days ago, 22 Jan 20, 2:30am -
    • 'Staggering number' of human rights activists killed in Colombia, UN reports
      Despite a peace accord aimed at improving conditions in rural areas controlled by illegal armed groups, 107 defenders died in 2019 The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed alarm at the “staggering number” of social acti…
      - 78 days ago, 14 Jan 20, 3:05pm -
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