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  • newCuriosity Rover Data Shows Oxygen Behaving Weirdly on Mars

    Curiosity Rover Data Shows Oxygen Behaving Weirdly on Mars

    NASA's Curiosity rover detected oxygen behaving oddly on Mars. (Photo Credit: NASA)Oxygen, a gas important to life on Earth, has a different agenda on the Red Planet, according to data from NASA’s Curiosity rover. For the first time, scie…
    - 47 mins ago, 13 Nov 19, 4:31pm -
  • newTop Gaming and Tech Deals From Meijer’s Black Friday Ad

    Top Gaming and Tech Deals From Meijer’s Black Friday Ad

    Meijer's Black Friday ad features many deals on gaming and tech gadgets. (Photo Credit: Google)There are only two weeks left until Black Friday and Meijer is starting the party early with its Black Friday 2019 ad. If you need to buy gadgets…
    - 2 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 3:18pm -
  • newGeek Pick: Disney+’s Streaming Content Is King

    Geek Pick: Disney+’s Streaming Content Is King

    I have some relatively small issues with Disney+, which I’ll talk about later, but my biggest problem with the newest high-profile contender in the streaming TV services wars is more ethical and philosophical. Amazon, […]The post Geek Pick: Dis…
    - 3 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 2:45pm -
  • newMagic Leap’s Spotify App Switches Playlists As You Change Rooms

    Magic Leap’s Spotify App Switches Playlists As You Change Rooms

    Spotify is now live on Magic Leap World and you can pin recently played artists, albums, or songs to specific spots at home. (Photo Credit: Magic Leap)Magic Leap One and Spotify want to turn your home into a concert venue with the help of s…
    - 4 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 1:29pm -
  • newJapan’s Hayabusa2 Starts Trip Home From Asteroid Ryugu

    Japan’s Hayabusa2 Starts Trip Home From Asteroid Ryugu

    Goodbye, asteroid Ryugu: Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft is heading back to Earth with its asteroid samples. (Photo Credit: HAYABUSA2@JAXA / Twitter)Japan’s Hayabusa2 is saying goodbye to asteroid Ryugu: After a year-and-a-half of analysis,…
    - 5 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 11:58am -
  • newMore Nickelodeon Is Coming to Netflix

    More Nickelodeon Is Coming to Netflix

    Between Marvel superheroes and animated princesses, Disney+ may seem like the only game in town when it comes to streaming TV services that won’t accidentally radicalize your kids like YouTube. But plenty of […]The post More Nickelodeon Is Comin…
    - 5 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 11:54am -
  • new‘Dumb’ Matt Damon Still Regrets Losing Massive ‘Avatar’ Payday

    ‘Dumb’ Matt Damon Still Regrets Losing Massive ‘Avatar’ Payday

    At this point, jokes about how no one remembers anything about Avatar are more memorable than anything actually in Avatar. Despite making nearly $2.8 billion (the highest-grossing movie ever until Avengers: Endgame dethroned it […]The post ‘Dum…
    - 6 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 11:20am -
  • newASICS Reveals Japan-Exclusive Collaboration With ‘Transformers’

    ASICS Reveals Japan-Exclusive Collaboration With ‘Transformers’

    The ASICS x Transformers Gel-Lyte 5 will be available at the end of November. (Photo Credit: Billy's Tokyo / ASICS Corporation) There’s more than meets the eye going on with the latest collaboration popular shoe brand ASICS is putting tog…
    - 6 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 10:55am -
  • new‘Jeopardy!’ Player Wagers Big on Heartfelt Message

    ‘Jeopardy!’ Player Wagers Big on Heartfelt Message

    National treasure Alex Trebek announced he's been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. (Photo Credit: Jeopardy! / YouTube)It’s not often that Jeopardy! brings viewers, let alone host Alex Trebek, to tears. But one contestant’s…
    - 7 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 10:24am -
  • newGoogle Maps Out Thanksgiving

    Google Maps Out Thanksgiving

    Google Maps (Photo Credit: henry perks / Unsplash)The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us. To kick off the holiday season, Google Maps is offering tips, tricks, and trends to help save time (and your sanity) while […]The po…
    - 8 hours ago, 13 Nov 19, 9:35am -

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  • Can failure actually improve innovation?
    Innovators rarely travel a straight path to arrive at a new idea. Failure — lots of failure — often paves the way. At least eight out of every 10 new consumer products that enter the market will fail, according to one estimate. That can be frus…
    - 11 Sep 15, 4:17pm -
  • Trove of fossils from a long-lost human ancestor is greatest find in decades
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioGWEN IFILL: Researchers announced a fossil discovery today that some consider one of the greatest in the last 50 years, and one that could provide an important link in the family tree for all humans.Jeffrey Brown has…
    - 10 Sep 15, 6:25pm -
  • Dwarf planet Ceres seen in mesmerizing new detail
    This image taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, shows Occator crater on Ceres, home to a collection of intriguing bright spots. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDANew images of dwarf planet Ceres show oddly shaped mountains, collapsed crater wa…
    - 10 Sep 15, 3:51pm -
  • Cave divers uncover new humanlike species in South Africa
    Skeleton of the newly discovered Homo naledi. Courtesy of eLife 2015;4:e09560.Paleontologists have discovered an ancient human relative in South Africa thanks to a tricky cave diving excavation that recovered close to 1,550 fossils buried 100 feet u…
    - 10 Sep 15, 11:40am -
  • Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox buys National Geographic media
    James Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox Inc., pauses during a panel session at the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity in Cannes, France, on June 25, 2015. 21st Century Fox and National Geographic announced it would expand its partnersh…
    - 9 Sep 15, 4:04pm -
  • Can Alzheimer’s proteins be spread via medical procedures?
    This computer artwork shows the brain’s neural network represented by lines and flashes. A new study indicates Alzheimer’s markers in the brain may have been spread via a protein. Photo by Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library and Getty ImagesFro…
    - 9 Sep 15, 1:26pm -
  • Can Denmark make energy demand follow renewable supply?
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: The nation of Denmark has been a pioneer in wind energy production. Last year, nearly 40 percent of its electricity came from wind power, and, by 2050, it’s set an ambitious goal of having renewable e…
    - 7 Sep 15, 6:25pm -
  • Sea turtles deliver record nesting seasons in Southeast U.S.
    A loggerhead sea turtle hatchling. This summer’s hatching season has hit new records alongside the Southeast United States coast. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region.Sea turtles have delivered a nesting season for the record b…
    - 7 Sep 15, 4:57pm -
  • Why humanity is essential to the future of artificial intelligence
    Watch Video | Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Now another new addition to the NewsHour Bookshelf. Tonight’s focus is the brave new world of artificial intelligence. Jeffrey Brown has that. JEFFREY BROWN: Is it man against or with machine? Do m…
    - 4 Sep 15, 6:20pm -
  • Did wolves help restore trees to Yellowstone?
    Photo by Arthur Middleton/University of Wyoming/Via U.S. Geological SurveyTwenty years on from their reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park, wolves are still howling. But does their presence spell good or bad tidings for other wildlife?“Si…
    - 4 Sep 15, 3:30pm -

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  • Modern genetics will improve health and usher in “designer” children
    SOMETIME NEXT year, if all goes to plan, a gay male couple in California will have a child. The child in question will have been conceived by in vitro fertilisation. In this case a group of eggs from a female donor are now being fertilised by sperm f…
    - 6 days ago, 7 Nov 19, 11:08am -
  • The answer to livestock that burp methane may be seaweed
    ANCIENT GREEK writings describe livestock eating seaweed, as do Icelandic sagas. And, as the picture shows, sheep on North Ronaldsay, in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, still graze on the stuff. But that is now seen as unusual. It may not be in the f…
    - 13 days ago, 31 Oct 19, 12:02pm -
  • IBM challenges a recent result in quantum computing
    IT WAS HAILED by many, including The Economist, as a landmark result in quantum computing. In September a scientific paper appeared accidentally on a NASA webpage. In it a team of researchers at Google described how they had used a quantum computer t…
    - 13 days ago, 31 Oct 19, 12:02pm -
  • A tale of mistake and retraction shows that science works—eventually
    IN NOVEMBER 2015 a team of psychologists led by Jean Decety of the University of Chicago published an unexpected finding. Based on an experiment involving coloured stickers (trinkets valued by the children who took part) they concluded that youngster…
    - 13 days ago, 31 Oct 19, 12:02pm -
  • A pair of Australian bridges try to cure concrete cancer
    MODERN CIVILISATION is built on concrete and steel. Put the two together, though, and you can generate a problem. Reinforcing concrete with steel rods called rebars is the basis of modern construction. But because water gets in through tiny cracks, t…
    - 13 days ago, 31 Oct 19, 12:02pm -
  • Where was Eden? Perhaps in a sun-baked salt plain in Botswana
    NORTHERN BOTSWANA is a land of strange contrast. Drive west from Francistown, the country’s second city, and you skirt Makgadikgadi, a white, salt-encrusted plain that is bone dry for most of the year, but which blossoms into sudden, abundant life…
    - 16 days ago, 28 Oct 19, 12:21pm -
  • Lithuanians are using software to fight back against fake news
    “PATIENT ZERO” is a medical term that started as a misunderstanding. An early North American victim of AIDS was anonymised in some documents as “Patient O”. The individual in question, Gaëtan Dugas, a Canadian flight attendant, was thought a…
    - 20 days ago, 24 Oct 19, 10:55am -
  • Claims about a treatment for Alzheimer’s should be met with caution
    A DRUG THAT slowed the progress of Alzheimer’s disease would be both a boon to humanity and a cash cow for the firm that developed it. Hence the rollercoaster ride enjoyed by the shares of Biogen, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massac…
    - 20 days ago, 24 Oct 19, 10:55am -
  • Plantation owners profit by not persecuting primates
    PALM OIL is a lucrative business, but not without its problems. Plantations of palms, the fruit of which are crushed to release the oil, are usually there at the expense of rainforest. This does not go down well with environmentalists. Nor does it go…
    - 20 days ago, 24 Oct 19, 10:55am -
  • Why museums’ animal collections favour males
    UNTIL RECENT years, science has been a male-dominated profession. And that bias, it turns out, is reflected not just in its practitioners. A team of researchers at the Natural History Museum in London have carried out a thorough review of the animal…
    - 20 days ago, 24 Oct 19, 10:55am -

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