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        IGN: Video Games Reviews

        • newResident Evil 3 Review
          Resident Evil 3 is just as good as its 2019 predecessor. More, please!
          - 3 hours ago, 30 Mar 20, 11:00am -
        • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Review
          Despite some familiar issues, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4's improvements to combat and its large and diverse roster of 40+ playable characters go a long way in alleviating the typical tedium that plagues the musou genre.
          - 3 days ago, 27 Mar 20, 1:31pm -
        • Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC Review
          A solid, but safe, Lovecraftian addition to Borderlands 3's collection.
          - 4 days ago, 26 Mar 20, 5:59pm -
        • Exit the Gungeon Review
          The urge to finish a run with every character, unlock all the NPCs, and try out each and every gun gives Exit the Gungeon some legs.
          - 4 days ago, 26 Mar 20, 12:45pm -
        • Control: The Foundation DLC Review
          Control’s first expansion is as solid as a rock thanks to its focus on amplifying what worked about the base game.
          - 4 days ago, 26 Mar 20, 10:00am -
        • Doom Eternal Final Review
          Hail to the king.
          - 6 days ago, 24 Mar 20, 7:55pm -
        • Doom Eternal Multiplayer Review
          Try something new.
          - 7 days ago, 23 Mar 20, 7:00pm -
        • Half-Life: Alyx Review
          This is what can happen when a world-class developer goes all-in on the new frontier of technology.
          - 7 days ago, 23 Mar 20, 1:00pm -
        • Call of Duty: Warzone Review
          Call of Duty: Warzone's beta remains thoroughly enjoyable even in spite of the serious concessions to depth made in the name of instant gratification.
          - 10 days ago, 20 Mar 20, 4:32pm -
        • Sea of Thieves Review (2020)
          Sea of Thieves presents an endless sea of exciting encounters and fun things to do.
          - 11 days ago, 19 Mar 20, 2:07pm -


        Newsarama: Games

        Retro Gamer

        TechHive: Games

        • Nvidia Shield TV (second generation) review: Still the best media streamer for geeks

          Nvidia Shield TV (second generation) review: Still the best media streamer for geeks

          The Nvidia Shield TV, a $180 Android-based streaming box with lots of processing power, appeals to a scattershot of audiences. It’s the ideal streamer for media hoarders who want to build a cheap a Plex server, for cord-cutters who want to roll the…
          - 28 Jan 19, 6:20pm -
        • Anthem gameplay

          Anthem gameplay

          The first extended look at Anthem, an impressive new game from Bioware.
          - 11 Jun 17, 7:48pm -
        • Shadow of War gameplay

          Shadow of War gameplay

          Say hello to Bruz the Chopper, a massive troll with an Australian accent, in Shadow of War.
          - 11 Jun 17, 7:18pm -
        • Metro Exodus trailer

          Metro Exodus trailer

          Metro Exodus sees you flee the ruins of the Moscow Metro and journey on an epic trip across post-apocalyptic Russia.
          - 11 Jun 17, 7:10pm -
        • Sea of Thieves gameplay

          Sea of Thieves gameplay

          Ahoy mateys! Set sail for treasure-hunting adventures with Sea of Thieves.
          - 11 Jun 17, 6:25pm -
        • The Last Night trailer

          The Last Night trailer

          The Last Night takes you through a cyberpunk world, but you must keep a low profile as you travel and battle.
          - 11 Jun 17, 6:16pm -
        • The Artful Escape trailer

          The Artful Escape trailer

          The Artful Escape, coming to Xbox, is an action adventure game with musical light battles and more.
          - 11 Jun 17, 6:15pm -
        • State of Decay 2 trailer

          State of Decay 2 trailer

          The latest trailer for State of Decay 2, coming in 4K to the new Xbox One X.
          - 11 Jun 17, 5:53pm -
        • Forza Motorsport 7 trailer

          Forza Motorsport 7 trailer

          The first trailer of Forza Motorsport 7, in 4K on the Xbox One X.
          - 11 Jun 17, 5:47pm -
        • Microsoft's E3 Xbox One X unveil

          Microsoft's E3 Xbox One X unveil

          Here it is! Microsoft's newest Xbox, the Xbox One X unveiled at E3 2017. It's coming to stores on November 7.
          - 11 Jun 17, 5:38pm -

        TechRadar: Gaming Reviews

        • Nintendo Switch

          Nintendo Switch

          A hybrid built for both home use and playing on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch is the console we've always wanted.
          - 19 Jul 18, 5:25am -
        • HTC Vive Pro

          HTC Vive Pro

          The HTC Vive Pro improves on the already wonderful Vive VR headset. But does it offer enough of a bump in performance to warrant its substantial increase in price?
          - 17 Jul 18, 2:50pm -
        • Xbox One X

          Xbox One X

          Xbox One X is packing a lot under the hood, but does it put that extra horsepower to good use?
          - 17 Jul 18, 9:19am -
        • PS4 Pro

          PS4 Pro

          Can the PS4 Pro hold its own against Microsoft's Xbox One X powerhouse? Find out here.
          - 17 Jul 18, 9:10am -
        • Xbox One S

          Xbox One S

          Now 40% smaller, the new Xbox One S ditches the power brick and adds 4K and HDR capabilities.
          - 16 Jul 18, 5:05pm -
        • New Nintendo 3DS XL

          New Nintendo 3DS XL

          Nintendo has finally upgraded its already impressive 3DS XL, finally delivering the secondary directional stick we always wanted.
          - 16 Jul 18, 3:45pm -
        • Astro A50 Gaming Headset review

          Astro A50 Gaming Headset review

          The Astro A50 is ready to play with every device in your home theater. Does its bass boom big enough for its $300 price?
          - 9 Jul 18, 11:22am -
        • DualShock 4 controller

          DualShock 4 controller

          As controllers go, the one accompanying the PS4 feels great, but it's not perfect.
          - 6 Jul 18, 9:32am -
        • Nvidia Shield (2017)

          Nvidia Shield (2017)

          Nvidia Shield is getting two new ways to watch 4K movies and TV shows. Want a UHD streamer? Check this out.
          - 6 Jul 18, 8:40am -
        • Sony PS4 (Slim)

          Sony PS4 (Slim)

          The PS4 has received a traditional console slim-down, but is it enough to compete with the Xbox One S?
          - 6 Jul 18, 7:40am -

        The Escapist: Articles

        The Escapist: News

        The Guardian: Game Culture

        • Inspiring culture: 50 works that changed our critics' lives
          The Observer’s reviewers select the shows, recordings, films, buildings and paintings that have shaped their love of the arts Culture special: Rachel Cooke on criticism in 2020 Continue reading...
          - 2 days ago, 29 Mar 20, 2:00am -
        • Rose and Rosie: how video games play a role in our marriage
          YouTubers Rose and Rosie had very different experiences of games growing up – then they fell in love. What happens when one partner loves Sonic, Tetris and GTA but the other doesn’t?Games were never something I was very good at. Relationships on…
          - 21 days ago, 9 Mar 20, 3:00am -
        • Grand Theft Auto mastermind Dan Houser leaves Rockstar Games
          Co-writer of the multimillion-selling series to step down in March, leaving questions over long-awaited sixth instalmentDan Houser, a co-founder of Rockstar Games, is leaving his post in March, according to the developer’s parent company Take-Two I…
          - 54 days ago, 5 Feb 20, 4:00am -
        • Putting controls on your kids' gaming is a key part of being a parent | Keith Stuart
          A new campaign that encourages parents to engage with games is long overdue. It’s time for parents to overcome technophobiaFor three years, I’ve spoken at schools about video games and social media. The small groups of parents who have attended o…
          - 80 days ago, 10 Jan 20, 9:36am -
        • Fortnite has reached The End – changing video game storytelling for good
          Season 10 of Fortnite climaxed in apocalyptic fashion – sucking gamers into a black hole. Whatever the future brings, it has transformed video-game storytellingOn Sunday evening, more than 6 million people gathered online via streaming services suc…
          - 14 Oct 19, 6:24am -
        • 'It's a new golden age': Radio 3 launches video game music show
          Presenter Jessica Curry says she wants to prove it’s not all about soundtracking battle scenes – there are plenty of beautiful, relaxing sounds, tooRadio 3 is launching a new weekly programme dedicated to video game soundtracks. Running from Satu…
          - 9 Oct 19, 2:00am -
        • NHS opens clinic to help child addicts of computer games
          GPs will be able to refer young people, after ‘gaming disorder’ defined as a health problemThe NHS is opening the country’s first specialist clinic to treat children and young adults who are addicted to playing computer games such as Fortnite,…
          - 7 Oct 19, 7:01pm -
        • Death Stranding: will Hideo Kojima’s mystery project redefine gaming?
          It’s the most eagerly awaited game of the year – and it stars everyone from Guillermo del Toro to the Bionic Woman. We tell the inside story of the dystopian thrillerImagine a world where babies are stored in life-support jars, humans are stalked…
          - 4 Oct 19, 7:35am -
        • The 50 best video games of the 21st century
          Want to build worlds, become a crime kingpin, get lost in space, or enter the afterlife? Then our countdown of the 50 best games of the era has something for youMore of the best TV | Film | Albums | Art | ComedyContinue reading...
          - 19 Sep 19, 1:00am -
        • Best games of 2019 so far
          Trigger-happy chaos in Apex Legends, thoughtful exploration in Sunless Skies and witty adventures in Shakespearean London are part of a bumper year for PC, console and mobile gamesMore of the best: TV | Books | Music | FilmA frenetic, over-the-top ac…
          - 29 Aug 19, 3:59am -

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