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Forrester: eBusiness & Strategy

  • newCX SF 2019: Don’t Claim A Good CX Until Customers Say They’ve Succeeded
    Shortly after I joined Forrester’s customer experience (CX) research team, I took a trip out to San Francisco to visit with some of my old friends and contacts in the tech industry. While there, I asked each one a simple question: “What do you do…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 19, 8:48am -
  • newFORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs
    The Great Gender Blur And Its Impact On The Future Of Marketing Marketing stands at the threshold of a monumental cultural shift — the great gender blur. The male-female binary and all its associated tropes that have pervaded brand marketing for de…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 19, 8:47am -
  • newThe Future Of Retail: From Store To Stage
    Did you know that 90 former Toys R Us big-box stores are now Urban Air Adventure Parks? Here at Forrester, we’ve been anticipating that retail, entertainment, and hospitality would ultimately merge. We discussed the trend here and have more researc…
    - 6 hours ago, 19 Aug 19, 8:22am -
  • newReflections On Bosch ConnectedWorld 2019
    Bosch ConnectedWorld — Bosch’s premier customer and partner event held annually in Berlin — has become a destination event for European internet of things (IoT) professionals.
    - 10 hours ago, 19 Aug 19, 4:41am -
  • Revlon’s Cautionary Tale: The Changing Nature Of Influencer Marketing
    A Giant In Trouble: Revlon Considers A Sale Cosmetic giant Revlon is exploring the sale of all or some of its business amid lackluster sales and a crushing debt of $3 billion. The iconic company’s 2016 acquisition of brand Elizabeth Arden apparentl…
    - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 19, 4:27pm -
  • The Insights Beat: The Times They Are A-Changin’
    Come gather ’round, people, wherever you roam And admit that the waters around you have grown And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone If your time to you is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a st…
    - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 19, 12:37pm -
  • Introducing Autonomous Finance: Forrester’s New Research On Algorithm-Based Financial Services
    People’s lives are becoming ever more automated as millions of algorithms make decisions — and, in some cases, take actions on those decisions — on behalf of a consumer. While it’s still early days, the shift toward autonomous services is alr…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 19, 3:52pm -
  • Social Will Be The Fastest-Growing Digital Advertising Channel Globally
    While 2018 was a challenging year for global social media advertising amid the implementation of GDPR, privacy scandals, and brand safety concerns, Forrester forecasts that social will remain the fastest-growing digital advertising channel globally o…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 19, 12:56pm -
  • The Future Of Insurance
    Given the pace of social change and technological innovation, the future of insurance is very interesting! We recently published research on the future of insurance in which we offer perspectives on three central themes: insurance solutions vs. a pro…
    - 5 days ago, 14 Aug 19, 1:19pm -
  • Data Science And Design Collide — There’s A Better Way
    Last August, a tweet from a data scientist reminding colleagues to get out of tables of data and talk to real people — you know, do qualitative research — went viral among these two constituencies. The resulting debate reflected the s…
    - 6 days ago, 13 Aug 19, 5:16pm -

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog

  • 10 ecommerce marketing tactics to increase sales

    10 ecommerce marketing tactics to increase sales

    Regardless of industry, ecommerce marketing strategies that worked a few years ago don’t always hold true today. Now is the time to integrate new sales strategies to save your customers from running to the competition and gain new ones. Here are 10…
    - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • What role do marketplaces play in B2B ecommerce?
    We caught up with Adrien Nussenbaum, Co-founder and CEO of Mirakl Inc. to get his take on channel conflict and how marketplaces impact B2B ecommerce.The post What role do marketplaces play in B2B ecommerce? appeared first on Get Elastic Ecommerce Bl…
    - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • 6 ecommerce UX best practices
    We're offering up six tips to make your website more interactive. Remember that an aesthetically satisfied customer is going to come back. There is nothing more successful than converting a lead into a repeating customer for an online business.The p…
    - 5 days ago, 14 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • 6 Things to Tune TODAY to Prepare Your Mobile Experience for Holiday ’19

    6 Things to Tune TODAY to Prepare Your Mobile Experience for Holiday ’19

    We have only 3 months until Black Friday 2019, and it's expected to be mobile commerce's biggest season ever. While August may be late to invest in new platform features and functionality, you still have 6 levers to pull to be mobile-ready by Novembe…
    - 6 days ago, 13 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • Demystifying text message marketing
    Marketing professionals know that the text message is the "holy grail" of creating action. However, concerns over regulation, the small footprint, general uncertainty about the medium make the text message the most powerful, yet underutilized medium,…
    - 7 days ago, 12 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • Wicked Quick: What’s up with Popupshops.io

    Wicked Quick: What’s up with Popupshops.io

    Barry Goldware, CEO of Popupshops.io explains the criteria needed before venturing into the popup shop space, why it's more than just about location and the current challenges brands face with popup shops today. The post Wicked Quick: What’s up wi…
    - 10 days ago, 9 Aug 19, 4:00pm -
  • B2B industry expert, Brian Beck on what role marketplaces will have in B2B ecommerce [video]
    In the coming months, we're going to see the role of marketplaces increase in B2B. And, it's because marketplaces can bring a variety of products. Brian Beck discusses how manufacturers can take a cue from Amazon, and create consumer-like shopping e…
    - 11 days ago, 8 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • Recommended checklist for a successful ecommerce replatforming project
    Whether upgrading or replatforming your ecommerce solution there are many things to consider during the digital project. Here’s a recommended checklist to keep in mind for a successful ecommerce replatforming project.The post Recommended checklist…
    - 12 days ago, 7 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • Is conversational commerce just hype?
    Although we're in the early days of voice commerce, Google Assistant is now estimated to be a resident on more than 1 billion devices worldwide. Therefore, we need to start measuring voice in commerce across the entire shopping journey. The post Is…
    - 13 days ago, 6 Aug 19, 8:00am -
  • 4 trends to follow for successful ecommerce

    4 trends to follow for successful ecommerce

    Attracting, nurturing, converting and retaining customers are common challenges all ecommerce businesses face. Here are four recommended trends that should not be overlooked. By leveraging data, the cloud and more interactive visuals, brands and bus…
    - 14 days ago, 5 Aug 19, 4:00pm -

Internet Retailer: News

    Practical eCommerce

    • new15 Buzz-worthy Giveaway Contests on Social Media
      A giveaway contest is an enduring promotional tool. A contest attracts and rewards fans, and the item is usually the prize. Here is a list of notable contest examples on social media.The post 15 Buzz-worthy Giveaway Contests on Social Media appeare…
      - 27 mins ago, 19 Aug 19, 2:05pm -
    • newMiva CEO on Thriving in an Amazon-dominant Market
      The rise of Amazon has prompted some observers to suggest independent ecommerce merchants are threatened. Rick Wilson, CEO of Miva, the ecommerce platform, disagrees. His new book "Dragon Proof Ecommerce," offers a roadmap for continued growth. I rec…
      - 5 hours ago, 19 Aug 19, 9:48am -
    • 8-step SEO Crawl Audit for Ecommerce
      Your site won’t rank if search engine bots can’t crawl it. And hidden doors that don’t impact human visitors can lock bots out. Use these eight steps to ensure search bots can access all of your ecommerce site.The post 8-step SEO Crawl Audit f…
      - 1 day ago, 18 Aug 19, 9:49am -
    • Useful (and Useless) Mobile Ecommerce Metrics
      In my experience, there are a few "cuts" of data that matter more for mobile than for desktop. Conversely, there are a handful of traditional metrics from desktops that are not as important on mobile or potentially difficult to optimize.The post Use…
      - 3 days ago, 16 Aug 19, 7:59am -
    • Ecommerce Product Releases: August 15, 2019
      Here is a list of product releases and updates for mid-August from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on augmented reality, subscription billing, fraud protection, product photography, real-time payments, autonomous…
      - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 19, 12:22pm -
    • Ecommerce in Russia: More Players, More Payment Choices, Better Logistics
      I last wrote about the Russian ecommerce market in 2014, in “Ecommerce in Russia: Another Emerging Market?,” where I addressed the limited payment options and primitive logistics infrastructure. Those conditions have gradually improved.The post…
      - 4 days ago, 15 Aug 19, 9:35am -
    • SEO: A Common Sense Assessment of Link Quality
      A quality backlink pleases both humans and search engine algorithms. It is editorial in nature. It comes from a well-respected source, and it is relevant to the topics covered on both the linking and linked websites.The post SEO: A Common Sense Asse…
      - 5 days ago, 14 Aug 19, 9:03am -
    • 10 Ways Bad Data Hurts an Ecommerce Business
      Data is essential for ecommerce businesses. Order quantities, shipping addresses, sales history, marketing performance — all rely on accurate data. Thus missing or inaccurate data can harm a business.  Here are 10 ways that poor data can reduce ec…
      - 6 days ago, 13 Aug 19, 5:14pm -
    • ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ Impacts Ecommerce Businesses
      The California Consumer Privacy Act raises the bar for privacy protection in the United States. The CCPA is a significant step toward protecting consumer data, including the personal information most every ecommerce company collects.The post ‘Cali…
      - 6 days ago, 13 Aug 19, 8:45am -
    • Using Google Analytics’ Learning Resources
      Google Analytics is sophisticated and comprehensive. Getting started — logging in, using the menu, viewing the reports — is straightforward. But interpreting the data can be difficult. Fortunately, Google Analytics offers many learning resources…
      - 7 days ago, 12 Aug 19, 12:48pm -

    The Ecommerce Blog

    • REI breaks the back button

      REI breaks the back button

      Been a while but I came across a usability blunder bad enough I had to share it. REI uses some javascript to do some whacky stuff to the browser history. It’s so bad that on some pages of the site, there were over 30 entries before I could back up…
      - 17 Feb 15, 12:10pm -
    • How not to decline a transaction – ebay and paypal 2013

      How not to decline a transaction – ebay and paypal 2013

      I was amazed today trying to checkout on ebay that ebay and Paypal still haven’t figured out how the transaction flow is supposed to work. If a paypal transaction declines when checking out on ebay, rather than giving an error like reason would sug…
      - 4 Dec 13, 3:17pm -
    • Love your customer and stick it to the repeat buyers, thanks hotels.com

      Love your customer and stick it to the repeat buyers, thanks hotels.com

      Something that I came across today, that for lack of a better description, just flat out pissed me off. I was booking a hotel room on hotels.com, and found some interesting pricing disparaty when I logged into my hotels.com account on another compute…
      - 5 Mar 13, 10:34am -
    • The un-usability of online video
      Just about every news website and blog uses online video as a means of communicating with their audience. Online video started gaining popularity several years ago with the creation of youtube and other video sharing services. Youtube gained immediat…
      - 13 Jan 12, 1:20pm -
    • The importance of hardware consistency
      If you look at any of the posts I’ve done regarding server or computer setups, you’ll find some similarities in the way I set things up. After enough testing myself and reviewing other people’s experience I like to stick with certain brands and…
      - 19 Dec 11, 5:17pm -
    • Call your congress-person, oppose the American Firewall
      In case you haven’t been paying attention to the US political landscape, there is currently a bill in progress dubbed the great American firewall. It is a thoughtless overreaching nightmare’ish bill that claims to be for preventing copyright infr…
      - 17 Nov 11, 11:44am -
    • Who are you sharing your customer data with?

      Who are you sharing your customer data with?

      I see new products and services from large retailers and large online companies all the time. Sometimes these services can be extremely helpful to the ecommerce website owners. Services such as product reviews, facebook or social media widgets, custo…
      - 3 May 11, 1:46pm -
    • SEO for small businesses on a budget
      Taking a break from usability and operations that I normally address. Seobook.com published an outstanding guideline on setting up and marketing a business online on a budget. The guide is straight to the point and offers a ton of good information ab…
      - 11 Feb 11, 12:00pm -
    • Payment method and credit card logo API

      Payment method and credit card logo API

      I just finished a simple credit card logo API which is outlined on my other blog. This offers an easy method of adding credit card logos to an ecommerce website. We designed some very clean icons for each logo. The API supports 2 sizes currently, ful…
      - 12 Jan 11, 9:38am -
    • What is a trust seal actually worth?

      What is a trust seal actually worth?

      I was asked the question this week of what trust seals I would recommend a website use? Trust seals would include services like Mcafee, Truste, the BBB, Verisign SSL, etc. Putting aside any potential real benefits in security, I think that these seal…
      - 28 Oct 10, 11:36am -

    E-Commerce Law

    • 7 Trademark Rules Every Startup Should Know

      7 Trademark Rules Every Startup Should Know

      A trademark or service mark is a brand identifier. Every company offering products or services has at least one. While the name of a product or service tells consumers what it is, the associated mark tells consumers who offers it to the public. The s…
      - 25 May 16, 9:04am -
    • Copyright Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      Copyright Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      In most cases, the value of an early-stage business is based primarily on its intellectual property, such as its rights in inventions, literary and artistic works, and the symbols, images, and names used to identify the business to its prospective cu…
      - 5 May 16, 5:21pm -
    • Virginia Statute Protects Employee Social Media Passwords

      Virginia Statute Protects Employee Social Media Passwords

      On Labor & Employment Law Cocktail, Tim McConville recently discussed a new Virginia law that prohibits employers from requiring current or prospective employees to disclose the user names and passwords associated with their social media accounts.
      - 27 Nov 15, 10:26am -
    • Trademark Selection Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      Trademark Selection Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      After carefully developing an idea for a marketable product or service, many startups and entrepreneurs immediately name it with little thought as to the legal effect of the name chosen. Selecting the brand name of a product or service is an importan…
      - 5 Aug 15, 1:32pm -
    • Copyright Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      Copyright Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs

      My June article on The Rouse, "Copyright Basics for Startups and Entrepreneurs," has proven to be my most popular yet. It has been shared on social media platforms more than 5,000 times since Friday.
      - 24 Jun 15, 8:39am -
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