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IHS Chemical Week: Industry News

    Phys.org: Chemistry

    • newResearchers discover new enzymes central to cell function
      Doctors have long treated heart attacks, improved asthma symptoms, and cured impotence by increasing levels of a single molecule in the body: nitric oxide.
      - 13 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 2:02pm -
    • newProtein designed entirely from scratch functions in cells as a genuine enzyme

      Protein designed entirely from scratch functions in cells as a genuine enzyme

      A dawning field of research, artificial biology, is working toward creating a genuinely new organism. At Princeton, chemistry professor Michael Hecht and the researchers in his lab are designing and building proteins that can fold and mimic the chemi…
      - 14 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 12:39pm -
    • newArmy researchers make explosive discovery

      Army researchers make explosive discovery

      Scientists from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory found a solution to a significant challenge in making high-energy explosives. They safely improved the overall chemical yield derived from diaminoglyoxim…
      - 14 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 12:09pm -
    • newA new polymer raises the bar for lithium-sulfur batteries

      A new polymer raises the bar for lithium-sulfur batteries

      Lithium-sulfur batteries are promising candidates for replacing common lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles since they are cheaper, weigh less, and can store nearly double the energy for the same mass. However, lithium-sulfur batteries become u…
      - 15 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 11:57am -
    • newDetecting chemical agents with confidence

      Detecting chemical agents with confidence

      The Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) has become an important defense tool on battlefields and in war-torn cities over the last few years. About the size and shape of a VHS tape or a hardcover bestselling novel, JCADs sound an alarm and begin to l…
      - 18 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 9:00am -
    • newLooking to the sun to create hydrogen fuel

      Looking to the sun to create hydrogen fuel

      When Lawrence Livermore scientist Tadashi Ogitsu leased a hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2017, he knew that his daily commute would change forever. There are no greenhouse gases that come out of the tailpipe, just a bit of water vapor.
      - 19 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 7:23am -
    • newResearchers make advances in control of chameleon-like material for next-generation computers

      Researchers make advances in control of chameleon-like material for next-generation computers

      Researchers from Texas A&M University report significant advances in their understanding and control of a chameleon-like material that could be key to next-generation computers that are even more powerful than today's silicon-based machines.
      - 19 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 7:22am -
    • newThe early bits of life

      The early bits of life

      How can life originate before DNA and genes? One possibility is that there are natural processes that lead to the organisation of simple physical objects such as small microcapsules that undergo rudimentary forms of interaction, self-organisation and…
      - 20 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 6:51am -
    • newPopular tool for drug discovery just got 10 times faster

      Popular tool for drug discovery just got 10 times faster

      Researchers at Purdue University just made high throughput screening, a process often used in drug discovery, 10 times faster than previous methods.
      - 20 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 6:37am -
    • newThe chemical evolution of DNA and RNA on early Earth

      The chemical evolution of DNA and RNA on early Earth

      RNA was probably the first informational molecule. Now, chemists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have demonstrated that alternation of wet and dry conditions could have sufficed to drive the prebiotic synthesis of the RNA nucleos…
      - 21 hours ago, 18 Jan 18, 5:50am -

    Scientific American: Chemistry

    The Guardian: Chemistry

    • Tetrodotoxin: the poison behind the Japanese pufferfish scare
      The accidental sale of potentially deadly fugu in Japan has sparked a health scare – and the same poison is now found in European speciesGamagori city in Japan was put on alert this week after toxic fish went on sale in a local supermarket. Pufferf…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Jan 18, 8:28am -
    • Breakthrough brings non-addictive opioid alternatives a step closer
      Key discovery around brain’s receptor proteins could help develop painkiller substitutes, raising hopes of an eventual end to global opioid addiction crisisThe prospect of a non-addictive alternatives to morphine and other opioids has moved a step…
      - 15 days ago, 4 Jan 18, 12:00pm -
    • We need to talk about Rudolph: sex, drugs and aerodynamic reindeer
      Ever since Rudolph first starred in a 1939 story, we’ve been getting him all wrong. Or should I say her? Let’s look at the science behind the world’s favourite reindeerIt is coming up to Santa’s busy time. Last minute preparations are being m…
      - 29 days ago, 21 Dec 17, 2:00am -
    • End of the smashed phone screen? Self-healing glass discovered by accident
      New type of polymer glass that can mend itself when pressed together is in development by University of Tokyo after a student discovered itJapanese researchers say they have developed a new type of glass that can heal itself from cracks and breaks.Gl…
      - 32 days ago, 18 Dec 17, 6:17am -
    • Cheap fizz or luxury champagne: can you hear the difference?
      The sound of bubbles forming in a glass of fizz might reveal their size – often linked to quality – but choice of receptacle also plays a part, research suggestsWith the bubbly flowing freely over the festive period, you may well wonder if you ar…
      - 45 days ago, 5 Dec 17, 8:00am -
    • Kidney disease patients should keep taking their medicines | Letters
      Diet alone is not usually enough to reduce chemicals like potassium or phosphate that can build up in your body, so medicines to help do this are important, writes Fiona Loud, director of policy at Kidney Care UKWe are concerned that the headline on…
      - 49 days ago, 1 Dec 17, 1:56pm -
    • Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge review – sex and science in turn-of-the-century Europe
      Soapy biopic of the Nobel prize-winning chemist which focuses more on her spicy personal life than her groundbreaking workDirector Marie Noelle’s biopic about Marie Curie, the Polish-born chemist who was the first woman to win the Nobel prize, is s…
      - 56 days ago, 24 Nov 17, 3:00am -
    • Frederick Kurzer obituary
      My friend Frederick Kurzer, who has died aged 95, was reader in chemistry at the Royal Free hospital school of medicine and a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry for more than 70 years.The son of Jacques Kurzer, a dealer in oriental rugs, and hi…
      - 64 days ago, 16 Nov 17, 1:03pm -
    • Untried and unethical: why Nevada's new lethal injection crosses a line
      As more drug companies prevent sales of their products for execution, some US states have seized on new, untried drug combinations – raising big ethical issuesToday, Scott Raymond Dozier was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Nevada’…
      - 66 days ago, 14 Nov 17, 8:50am -
    • 'The Devil's element': the dark side of phosphorus
      It glows and burns and is associated with glowing skulls, graveyard ghosts and spontaneous human combustion – not to mention painful and fatal illnessI would like to tell you about phosphorus, my favourite element in the periodic table. Phosphorus…
      - 80 days ago, 31 Oct 17, 9:37am -

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