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    • New drug uses immune system to wipe out deadly bacteria
      Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are among those targeted by new ‘immunobiotic’Scientists have created a new drug that hunts down and eliminates deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria by engaging the body’s natural defences.Researchers at Lehigh Uni…
      - 11 days ago, 5 Jul 18, 11:06am -
    • Scientists develop thermal camouflage that can fool infrared cameras
      Invention can make an object appear to have the same temperature as its backgroundScientists have developed a thin, lightweight and flexible film that can outfox infrared cameras, allowing hot bodies to appear cool and cold items to appear warm. The…
      - 19 days ago, 27 Jun 18, 8:20am -
    • NHS preparing to offer ‘game-changing’ cancer treatment
      Health service chief calls for affordable access to CAR-T, which modifies immune system to destroy cancer cellsThe NHS is preparing to fast-track a “game-changing” cancer treatment into hospitals, its chief executive has said, calling for the man…
      - 81 days ago, 26 Apr 18, 1:29pm -
    • Basel in the spotlight: the city that learned to love LSD
      ‘Bicycle Day’ on 19 April is the 75th anniversary of the day Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD, changing his perceptions – and the city’s futureSeventy-five years ago, the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann experienced the world’s first…
      - 88 days ago, 19 Apr 18, 6:00am -
    • Scientists solve eggshell mystery of how chicks hatch
      Protein called osteopontin found to affect nanostructure of shell, making it much easier to break from the insideIt’s been a tough one to crack, but scientists say they have zoomed in, to an unprecedented degree, on the structure of shells surround…
      - 30 Mar 18, 2:00pm -
    • Why treating your depression is like learning your times tables | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
      We can say with certainty that antidepressants are effective drugs. But don’t be disheartened if they’re not for youIn my first year of university, just after I had been prescribed fluoxetine for depression, I had an argument about it with a clos…
      - 28 Feb 18, 1:00am -
    • Kenneth Seddon obituary
      Pioneer of ‘green chemistry’ through his groundbreaking research into ionic liquidsKenneth Seddon, who has died aged 67 after suffering from cancer, was a pioneering chemist and acknowledged leader of “green chemistry”. He led the growth of r…
      - 23 Feb 18, 1:40pm -
    • Are we poisoning our children with plastic?
      The chemical BPA is widely added to food and drink packaging, and more than 80% of teenagers have it in their bodies. But how dangerous is it?Can exposure to plastics harm your health? It’s a question currently being explored by researchers after a…
      - 19 Feb 18, 1:00am -
    • The Beautiful Cure by Daniel M Davis review – how our immune system has shaped world history
      A terrific book by a consummate storyteller and scientific expert considers the past and future of the body’s ability to fight disease and heal itselfNature wants to destroy you. Evolution has been driven by aggressive forces in which organisms wil…
      - 31 Jan 18, 6:00am -
    • Tetrodotoxin: the poison behind the Japanese pufferfish scare
      The accidental sale of potentially deadly fugu in Japan has sparked a health scare – and the same poison is now found in European speciesGamagori city in Japan was put on alert this week after toxic fish went on sale in a local supermarket. Pufferf…
      - 17 Jan 18, 8:28am -

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